hello everybody welcome to six hours of accepting the nation's I know it was supposed to be ten hours but my last dream was like two years ago I don't stream at all so I'm not used to streaming and I gotta tell you it was really really exhausting like I was barely talking at the end of the stream so I thought for everyone's sake I will just end it early now this was the first time what I accepted the nation's for myself and not a charity so some people may not like it but it was really just for the content like just to make this video let's say even if you don't like the the whole idea you still wanna see who is number one guy like everyone is very come on you do like top five at least okay so what I'm gonna do with all this money then that I got in this video well mainly it's gonna be for new content but the best example I can give you if let's say in the future that they can add Elise like a new employee well that cost like 1 million each I could buy like 100 of them or I could just go for like a thousand just literally spend 1 billion on new implants open them for the more accurate loot it's literally just for the future content let's say we're gonna have at age 2 coming out as well there's obviously gonna be new weapons new maybe like some weird consumable items that are you will be able to buy like prayers and I just want to test out this new stuff that probably would not have been happening if not for these donations cuz I mean look at twisted bow that was like 1.4 billion okay so how did the whole stream go like how did the whole except in the nation thing it was really good because not that many people were declining donations I feel like last time when I was accepting for charity like it was way way more people declining cuz this time like people would put in like 50 million and I'm like yeah probably he's gonna decline but no I'll pretty much like so many people accepted and if you look at the trade at the bottom you can see people are just spamming trades constantly like there was not a single time what there wasn't a trade actually there was too many people were standing on to me so people couldn't right-click on me so there was a time when I was not getting a single trade and I'm like what what what's happening I was just getting so many and now like there is nothing so you would have to move spots and obviously there were fake a friends like many of them like little like 20 of them standing under me and some of them were like 126 comment alright then let's get into top 10 and number 10 is salvia now this was pretty early so I'm not sure if this guy was trolling or not because he put in like sadder goats or Bandos chess play Tassie's hamlet fut 83 million worth of items and I think in this team I said oh this guy's gonna decline cuz all I was getting like 1 mil to mil I'm not saying that those are not a lot but like compared like this was like insane but he did accept this at number 9 we have mystic spiral and he's putting some items and I gotta tell you I dearly love items because it's like a little bit of variety you know when you put in cash I'm not saying cash is bad but when you put in cash it's like okay but when you see like eternal boots amulet of torture pegasion like it's 85 million you know okay let's see at number eight we have glee and I think yes this guy put in some cash and I said that cash may not look as impressive but it is 99 million plus amulet of beauty the total value is 102 million now look at my inventory I already had 165 mil a bunch of other items and he just made it into 265 mil like without banking that's how much I got in one single inventory it's crazy oh and I think I had to bang for this one cuz my inventory is empty because this guy was just putting so many items and in the total value I was still putting these I don't know when when it's gonna start but I think yeah 108 million like so many items although when I look at these items I don't know it feels like he was picking these randomly like there is a dad ox axe and helmet but there is no full set like he missed play buddy and legs maybe they're just not what that much or something but yeah I don't know how they pick these items it is a lot of items though like this is what's one of the biggest traits probably because people usually trade like only a few items but this guy almost full inventory of really good items okay these next two traits are very similar so asana gives 114 million but you have to look at the one to two as well because the difference between the next straight is gonna be like 50,000 however this guy gave it a lien so the other guy had a little bit of edge to see like who he could beat I guess I don't even know if these guys would come competing but yeah we're getting into like hired money right now so this guy an amble specs is number five by the way Santa got so there's pandas chess played the I don't even know how it's called the Z Knights amulet I never use it I actually forgot how it's called a tortured yeah amulet of torture so this one is one one for 175 instead of one to two so it's literally like 50 mm difference however now I'm editing this video I'm looking at OS buddy price it says a 1 1 4 is $0.99 so I don't even know what I should do but I'm just gonna go with a regular in-game price check because that's how I've been price checking everything so you could say maybe oh snaa is number 5 or maybe here's number 6 okay we're getting a little bit closer now and the username is 2009 he puts in 18 million and there's Tassie's put more deals eternal boots panda chess played Z night again I forgot what is tortured yes the torture em and a bludgeon which is like what 30 something mil and the total value is 127 million again I love items ideally it really do just it feels feels more special you know receiving bludgeons and primordial you I could have just equipped everything he gave this to me cuz I did I was like switching gears somebody gave me like third age helmet I equipped that for a while okay whoa whoa whoa whoa he's not gonna give me two billion okay relax this is dr. J number three spot he was just showing that he has a lot of money so he may you know he may not mind as much by giving 150 million oh yeah this is um just simply cash thanks dr. J number two jab putting in 150 million and I just realized something he maybe because I think this guy wanted to beat the dr. J that I just showed previously so he puts in 150 ml now that equal and later he does another trade where he puts 50 mil so I think at the time this guy was winning and I what I realized maybe he was waiting until like the last hour to give like even more money so he could win I'm just up that's something I'm guessing but I never did ten hours that I said I would do so hopefully that was all that he wanted to give to me and number one spot goes to Oak State Dillon he's gonna put in 200 million and a pair of dragon claws two hundred and seventy six million in total and I think this was fairly early I think this was like second hour that I was streaming and some people like to leave messages like when you click accept and on the trade window you can clearly see he says depression hurts but your videos help keep up the good work thank you my man I hope it will get better but yeah I thought this guy was trolling because at the time I have not I would be I think the max was like 18 million or something and then suddenly go to 276 it's insane so there you go these were the the nations now the weirdest part about this is that I don't know how much money I made now you may be thinking wait that's easy when I started I had 1.2 billion and when I ended I had 4.2 billion so I made 3 billion in 6 hours not really because the day I go to my bank in a chose that is what 3.1 billion uh-oh something shady is happening a friend is trying to make some excuses no no no ok look at the end of the stream these pegasion crystals that I had these were on mine by the way it says there what 1.6 million or billion right now take let's take a look at pegasion crystal price right now 750 1 mil literally in one day because I guess they're not that traded so it's very easy to manipulate so we just showed artificial price at the time so if the price really fluctuates you know it's normal unless it goes to like 1 billion then you can ask what did you do with your money that's why I can't even tell you how much I made but it should be approximately two point 1 billion in six hours is what I made so now I just want to go quickly through in my bank and I want to show you like a few items that I God feathers right it just looks very weird because this is the first time that I ever have a giving stack that is not coins and I'm gonna keep it by the way I'm not gonna sell it I know it's for 240 million but it's gonna stay in my bank probably forever and unless I get hacked or something some Bandos pages all of them were to mind by the way except the this stack I think he gave like 12,000 or so then I have some money close to 1 billion some Santa brews for 14 million and I think I'm gonna scroll a little bit down because most of these were mine item but from this this is people's the nations right here like to DFS's the Robin Hood hat well 122,000 coat column once a that was the goal to get a white stack of cannon once and turns out it's exactly 100 million worth it's insane then $30,000 all wands there's like cabbage shields like what are these items even how do people even get these like mad until tars and you know better Kings five Bandos chest blades almost half a million watermelon Bandos five and of stassi's one thirty one mil now again I don't know what I'm going to sell them probably I'm gonna sell all the duplicates that I go like I don't need like Teresa de Gaulle swords so I'm gonna go and sell because that is what it's all about I just get money and I put that money in new updates and I cannot do that if I keep the goats wait I need to put all of these items for a nice thumbnail like just pick like the known ones and like expensive ones what are my condom wands and maybe I don't know what else to put there's like look at this like there's oh let's put the amulet of torture right four of them there's just so much stuff there's like thousands a Tanner weed and there's like pegasi and primordial eternal boats I'm gonna probably put this right here and that's gonna make a nice thumbnail let's screenshot this and let's scroll down the bank right now I don't know who would ever buy this how is it like what to park a because it's al price but these are addy these are not even the ruin like who even collects this is like the weirdest item to collect his on middle helmet there's aa doom wad hell yeah that I can Claus this black chicken like the full sets Oh to the full sets exactly it shows 0gp but it's actually what quite a lot like the full set it's worth like a couple mil I think because it's like idea the Wardrobe for one of the wells which I never tried to do wait there is a Third Age mage hat for 11 million like nine point six million GP in black toy horses I don't know probably and miss something cuz I just quickly went through the mang but I would say yeah I want to see ideally just thanks for egg again if you add up all the top donations I think they may add up to like a little bit over 1 billion so what I mean by this is that even if you donated like 1 mil or like 2 or 3 mil these really added up to like at least like 700 million because the trades kept coming in over and over yeah well that's all for this video thank you very much for watching and I'm really curious to see like and dislike ratio on this video because I feel like a lot of people will not agree with what I just did but I don't know people willingly gave the money some people may be staking or something anyway guys thank you very much for supporting me everyone who donated even if it's like a hundred K I still accepted those trades as long as there were no junk items because now I'll have to clean my bank for from like not these but like claws yeah like these I don't know why except to this but yeah thanks and bye


  1. sorry A Friendm but you now scamm a lot people.. i dont know how you can doo that.. on mine channel never scam ppl

  2. Koat67 tried donating and you declined. He was a loyal less fortunately player! Koat if you reading this add me ing Zerker Steve

  3. I think if your stupid OR just like the guy enough to give a bunch of stuff (in this case gp) to someone just because they are a youtuber or popular than you deserve to loose it but you were willing too… so why does it matter he never done this before and even if he did he dosnt make a habit out of it. he didn't force anyone to give him shit. so why does their stupidity OR how much they like him matter? They wanted to give it to him and he was very clear that he wasn't doing it for charity or anything but for his future content… vote with your dollars if you don't like it don't give him anything. The ppl who gave him shit wanted too that's only on them not you and is their decision not yours…. so get the fuck over it or maybe fuck off.

  4. Somehow people think donations are some sort of obligation.
    It's a donation for himself you dipshits. He made that clear also. If he would've used it on skilling, scamming vids or on cocaine & hookers it really doesn't matter. It's his personal money.

  5. change the titel beeing selfish taking donations like those noobs do in 301 because ur a friend rofl go fuck ur self dislike 🙁

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  8. Lame man. " GP & items " to make new content? I call bullshit.

    You don't need virtual items to make new content/videos in real life.

    It would be nice if you actually did this for a legit charity. Not for your own self greed.

  9. Guys can I have donations too? I want to train some skills, do raids, go for infernal some day etc may I get some?

  10. Soooooooo you either gave 150m to a scammer or you rwt 150m in your new video… such a dick move. Like I said in the "scam" video comments I'm done with you and I already unsubbed, I just had to come back to this video to see all comments left by concerned fans. Not cool dovy, not cool.

  11. If any scaper deserves donations I guess it would be this man right here. LITHUANIAN GANSTER DOVYDAS, Just don't say sitting on your ass playing one of your favorite games for 6 hours while collecting 5 grand is stressful though. Even if it is. C'mon.

  12. im glad i unsubbed from you once you started doing 10 minute video, sad that your quality of videos went to shit. I really used to like your content.

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