Abbe Turner Sheep Dairy Farmers Forum Presentation 2014

you Welcome [and] after lunch for tomorrow so can’t keep it moving forward ladies [antic] Turner And I ho chi center with lucky [any] [part] creamer, and this MJ is talk about our to Austin I’m on Sarah Graham was a farmer rancher grant a Couple of history talk about what we did it and then we’re going to talk about what happened since then obviously about [9-10] and Lovin Few Years ago and It actually very good thing it allows us to see What never investment that they’re made really what it’s turned into which is fantastic so many people priors there and we do the harder everybody has a 100 he quote which is Never doubt that we located in visuals to change the world indeed. You know the only thing that ever has and he were a part of a Summit the sign of Summit throw as you act 2009 and whose second I thought it for anybody? Okay, so they they belong products and ward funding two Closets that are voted upon by the community that is they are back in a far better would face partner So everybody’s supposed to be there that is there are going to get one vote? And with little stickers on projects to get funded so full the roots an open and say I’m interested in love I’m a contingency intervention. I’m interested in geez I’m interested in whatever the agricultural Project that they’re interested in and that people go back one so let’s say watch sit so You go to the corner that everybody wants oh spinning going over to walk Then you’re kind of creative projects all right out of rock so over to Dalton I project it was created by Branch flatter myself was Ohio Cultures at and she chases That was stuck up on the wall Oktober 2009 to Try to create a project that we using conditioners, Ohio cultures to make cheese Okay, that’s where the project started and laid it last a joke about 25 minutes We’re like well this might not end up being something this commercial accessible because it’s very you don’t want to make it doesn’t see it They’d be very hard work with [both] [arms]. So you know what is another gary are scaring work The next English eat cheese there, huh wow senator uh oh Hi was a wonderful wonderful opportunity to changes at time there were no days She all right no archie. Jesus that were were made hopefully on Mark First Korean, Sir we’ve [been] simple back here sent a poco burrito. They would first go to get license and up Down at what a peep on staten where we talked about here today? so does mine never done, so More people came over the group of chef James Parker Bosley Kathy feeling came over move forward with parasite resistance in sheep Sarah Horowitz came over from the Ohio israelite cultural Initiative ah Because she like Stephen is real has a great or very cold and You know if you’re small market, and it said around Kaitlyn said what can we do to? You know build sheep daring and I’ll hi So talk about it then got 400 our ideas and so together 10 people We had like I think some stickers again today. Oh Everybody else’s and all the other projects were hunting so if the book, what are you a catholic until the Santa Grant thereby coming up semper third October nine and She said let’s consider applying for it who wants to take the time to write the great? Well unfortunately, I’m a fundraiser by free and I said okay. Oh, and it’s going to eat your home and I went back [to] hurt quote know about a committed group of individuals Anything’s happened Everybody’s a draught work. So certainly before group of five people from a variety of different places on ethical half that met We talked about the ignition. We wrote the break and We’re delighted to find that. They’re actually did find this room and The Grant was based around the fact that man says she doesn’t it and In Ohio, we have a wonderful raw material to make you Wet the water. We have a fantastic planet great We have a completed to go ahead and do this it nobody was learning stuff so the Sarah Grant which I’ll get a rush or anything Like that on the ground Reports are all syrians get that Okay So who was to the goal of the hydrogen illegitimate? business Or you can’t know an act under the fair grant was turkey so the production [which] she felt how I am to sport obstinately value-added processing in the local artist Jesus and Partisan dairy products the archivist and expanding wire to butter ice cream Therapy’s Sort of are requesting not fluid help Look I love that, but the great pirate said to make [Ignis], we Talk Farmers and talk consumers We did a lot of work with a variety of events from Brighton different places and then we had Nonprofit partners as well so this grant had a movie able to see difficult grant in the budget had a variety of Outreach opportunities our birth Outreach opportunity was something that we did at Osha Hard to see oh, it’s great. I haven’t brought in a New Thursday, who is there a wolf it out? She [dairy] [ashford] come and speak to Folks in Ohio that we’re interested and if they long workshop at the Thursday there Sooner I vegetation we have a pet at [Elliot] pumpkin rock who unfortunately passed She can’t talk about a rotor bury their Grant that of people geez haven’t been added over the five years And we had a day off She’s making my sauce nutrition race management and at this Workshop 85 people In addition hey briar. We had a all these lectures seek to the Students at och guy like Brittany thin sheet. What’s so had a long section and when I go back and I look at attendees from that workshop I’m delighted to say that okay aight businesses that are, Ohio right now They’re actually working with sheep up the majority of them both has been kind of some of the same kind Initiative sixteen thousand Dollars total of it Secretly honorarium recovered by fair that we with educational pile producers on making fantastic email Again, remember, it’s time. We will be doing it and We felt as stare that there was very possibility here well there’s a planner of 150 Era she climbs in the United States and They’re all But it would be sheep very far the unites states silk imports 66 million pounds of sheep milk cheeses a year As a fantastic amount this [mountains] [of] [those] [receipts] by creating billion dollars of it works Very hard people shoot up into the night estates is You park, so we went chefs next with the survey survey we put up a certain honey, and It I’ll ask questions to the gorge By sheep geez it has questions to farmers are you considering a very milky operation? Are you hoping right now? If you have sheep, but you know what I kind of stand your operation. Well, it’s okay of 263 Responses okay [epis] response is Thirty-five percent open [fires] ten percent one from the food industry four percent will retail Fifty percent if you want the fabricant over to you 49 ages but we found that eighty-six percent of people so they came off remotely produce cheese and interestingly of the people that were farmers oversee our concerns and said that they starting a dairy sheep operation So this gave us a little boost that said okay. What else can we do to? build to carrying out loud Alton Island Rounders, brother Well, we had the ability to bring home beer diction and we had a big class at Sylvia Zimmerman’s at whole food service and an opportunity to bring folks on what we need small that’s A small Mass report it or no the cows in here Okay, so we won’t even go cheap in here 1 80 votes Okay, okay good okay, so working on some planets Regardless of the quantity of milk that you’re working with the science rinse the same anniversary Madison I was sitting next to a gentleman who worked for gentle, and he does even a six-month combat, okay? That’s rick big You know I don’t think it about bought this thing, but even if you’re holding thing I’m so tough okay The science is the same all right These are the soldiers of the offered by few small bruises that were? Engineering, [we’re] [two] very tough to learn I work on small Fam um He averaged calendar Thomas bed Okay for 255 the ever so to college A good goes a gallon right okay, and the average sheep [ok] so ah ok hey, that’s sweet. That’s a Gucci. That’s Offensive desideri right right. Yes So so the answer for a good cow gives you 1400 pounds Ok go down eight point six ounces and it will give you sixty nine pounds seven ounces of lactation So sam of equipment that you’re going to be working with is when your narrator and these are some of the things that we did you can talk about during the early stages of our Of our educational offerings for this arrow, hi ocean of the keys initiative great so We determined that there wasn’t and we determine that that was in room, and we took that there was distracted me So next year to do was continue. Here’s their conference and We did this in a core 11 with a secondary workshop which is about 30 people intended and that was posted by Our parts of our president a hard one yr, cindy and [their] [top] [of] crazy man electrician and about Small I believe up these have been divisive shooters that Talk about the different things to consider when starting a a gary sheep operation a little beverage for them were very very important and that fruits Know is is the variation option [that] I? Don’t get across today for today a little more support right for half what she comes 8.9 [okay], 81 hockey on Saturday 268 could be three words to poor parts you know that love work for your personal and you want to make sure the points are in a Big airship operation that you have the right genetics or they are working toward right genetics? this obviously can be seen from Budgeting and business planning that you are doing in the beginning of your Exploration of this mission okay, it’s hard enough to make money With the best genetics and the best nutrition and the best land and the best [chess] and that’s our pit You really want to make sure that you’re sacking you’re on deck in [your] own favor, and that’s by going with the recognized Thurs Denix would be related united states of the woods headaches. We do have available to us for guarantee any books will foster or Bri up with East region oracle and other folks over the lossy to gym Okay, yeah another booking freeing some additional cheap genetics at this time so genetics are very very important Thing I had one of things that we did cover up In addition to know producing small women and then I should be head of [fried] budgets, okay? you want to have nice that you [have] very realistic projections in your budget for for the cheap help and we had a great workshop by A Birthday in Specific numbers, okay, you know what the other feist, how about going 400 lee here are 25 okay 20 to 25 What’s the address that’s for every hundred pounds of cow milk? You’re going to make twenty tWenty-five dollars. That’s right Okay for both with the average price for going up Okay, first one yeah, Madhuri, [okay]. I’ll you I can say that I I can say that it’s between 25 and for dogs What about 40 based on politics bill? [oh]? [she’d] [know] the average person Anaconda Chanel is 8 haha, alright in York it’s upwards 210 All right now remember that’s not like a lot of money right okay, but when you’re pulling it up There’s much smaller quantity as well the numbers very quickly in change One of the Avengers were cheesing perspective is that Gg’s up to two milk because of the higher parts and Solace tends to give you a hired guilt So one gallon of she felt will make more cheese than one gallon goat milk or one now So the numbers due to take a little bit This edition book was also very very keen to make sure that we talked about uh about nature that there was properly processing capabilities, but that there was a distribution, okay, and the Grant the original see money about 60 Pathology months of 16 gates uh Really was fantastic save money it ended up, Scoring, Ohio educational offerings people’s interest and people do really dumb pimples were started prior to The wholesale funding correct, but you guys on cam along with us in terms of tens of the educational offers As of this moment that I know I would visitor eight or nine businesses that are using [sheep] milk in some way back in terms of [licensed] farm buries its possibilities memories and Those that might be rephrase ingredients So when the brecker certain oktober 2009 to this very moment? There are eight businesses that didn’t exist right prior to this kicker Brain So I was 2009 Rule 11 In 10 I wrote a secondary grain we should not get two thousand times before we here, but another visible 2010 much for everybody on terms of funding question 2010 we learned secondary Grant which was to build more infrastructure back to take the Ohio single cheese initiative and To formalize it into something that continue to offer educational offer Every time we didn’t get that grant 2010 and I say that Because I I don’t know how many of your considering writing a grant to fair or any other thunder but if you get a ding or no, I’ll continue to apply as a first 100 wrote many successful grants and also written many fail friends ok sure p be able to go continue to write and Write that application all the application guidelines get it in on time. Make sure that your father’s clear make sure hunger is Appropriately funny what you want fun? but [the] sir Grant for us was a wonderful opportunity To to build an industry and have a variety of farmers were okay? That mention this was a farmer [for] the farmer rancher grant so it became some farms not so businesses So our farm life depended farm was one of the farms Finance water and Al junction farm Town producer in science hall tonight. This is another farm corrective birth who is no issue extension [asian]? They were raising up in and get that had they were trying to help it churros a while and So one of them there was one more farms. That was a happy you should research on parasites So this is where before harmer’s that actually got together work on the ground those monies were Divided based upon people roles responsibilities will voting one person kind of [encouraged] me the upshot all of it is is That now we have it very healthy and growing sheep initiative in terms of businesses in Ohio that are That are providing keep of Jesus providing whether the internship returning officers at variety on Farms and providing fantastic quality product to the chefs So where do we go from here well? One of the challenges is that we build a product and you have successfully built in line As I mentioned something at eight dollars one hundred weight that can you’re going to a shop and you’re saying this cheese wholesale is Eighteen nineteen twenty all the time and I know what you do and look at question of a wife so I by backpedal you know instead of Microflora now I have 3 29 wholesale and use a little argument there’s so needs to be a group of chefs and folks and and without a portable pumps and value of supporting industry so that’s one of the things I see is our challenge right now and maybe wf you should share process trying to build market I know that again Mrs.. Last year. I had excess inventory. I know that the tissue parks that I work with this year are There a replacement. Why should you are what you have so I know if I go home. I’m going to add last year I had no real [a] [shit] how [to] deal with this Want to grow one bro, but you make sure that there is a market for the product that you will be produced Again that goes back to your business plan although business plan required for this particular Fair fair project We did crack one small business line for Prison she parvati but it’s a very important thing and it forces you to answer the questions that My answer or that you [consider] your life? You want to go through why? I should join a way to reach this product language suited this product works in a box You know and can I do? so We’re looking at your venture. I can’t strongly enough to suggest you Just important business Offline which is nipping plays their part of use I use business [micro] but Bob there is a online One that is simple free which is about the brain training partner the Answer that was that yes there are many to take a look online and food should sign up But it is important because one of us to be harder to get a fairly you want to make sure that make money on your class because although a lot of time this we’ve been talking about sustainable businesses and The definition of stability from the protective film on are paying our workers fairly Save all tambien sustaining in terms of being business, and you know start a project you don’t continue. You know truly So business planning up again, I can’t Image to not be importance of it. You know for our equity that we’re our 14th version of our business plan and I Want to make sure that we’re doing the right strategy be able to grow not only our business But I think sure [they] will work to one of dr.. International fockers that work So what is it? I thought? It’d be explore our farmers and support those if I gave processing with us and Working with us in terms of participation of the opposite a beautiful time Okay, I wanted to take a little bit of time to talk about about the survey again Now the survey was very important, but obviously it was something that Put efficiency for you one side it because targeted some of our Farmington ar harm can one of those important things that we found was the ability for people to the Wilderness paid work for a local and it with all the Pokémon box we can [offer] but People are going to pay up to thirty percent to Idle and This is a particularly important We are producing a value-added product that is not 30 watch what the average causes, but in my dances it wouldn’t know What the modern price you know for? Cheese x in a supermarket may be all right why? Well, we don’t that local foods people going to save up with this I don’t Spring farm that it working with or supporting a little community it makes them feel good So we want to make sure that In our marketing that were thinking not You know what we’re doing. He’s single that way you can justify their their their ability to pay what they want their Yeah some of the marketing messages to use positioning statements in terms of the things that you do for your CSA growing up um We do things like problems with our seat. We also do a Vespa CSI so really that Reconnection with people so they can see their food that lovable transparency that you have to have when you’re marketing local product I mean in the case of our sheet dairy or Cheap Darius parts N cheese, so I mean we like to talk about? That from birth odd. We’re growing the fee for those animals like everything is happening in our control this So physics very have a great work one in terms of amenities Talking about their marketing and he mention park city ok so Artisan cheese or farmstead cheese parts and cheeses are native produced at the location where the Cheapest way our partner the [war] [in] [fact]. Nope. [they’re] the pieces are made there and I distributed out into For the rear echelons or more in service or armor? That slightly different artisan where things are so sylvain’s So they primarily by hand in small batches but the animals not asserted and in Ohio, we ever are wonderfully smooth even have made our producer here many marketers and It’s it’s a [wonderful] thing to let it customer out the gas yard. Yes, I am It is very important thing at once again justify that you [squash] not tell people why they should spend a little money for survive some folks don’t understand here the high cost of raising Livestock and challenging to educate inform to be able to have folks Understand what price affections of this in that way? Here we help our survey that the customers are we do So where work is all better go from here well? our original intent was to understand the opportunity for sheep of juice in Ojai and understand The partnerships that are not far many institutions would break and We also started to understand our consumer in terms of their ability to support and hope oh Hai Ji was it cheap though? Water Buffalo, and if there’s only one person might be water buffalo that didn’t go very far very fast, but But there are least 100 that good luck that I hope But so took a look at that, and it was movie this kind regards you more in that [capacity] RC perspective many folks who need free sheet I’m just gonna get there is if I thought she was like it was very interesting because many folks when I went something my Shepherd symposium or we don’t have a cheap day on anything say a lot of genomic sheet. You know it was a form of sheep as Wool, or meat that we forget that this animal? He did was get one more gift and that is Beautiful high-quality nope okay? Hiccup is the highest in vitamins Is there else is the highest that this highest virtue correct to right? Oh? Ok well the company because I always tell people even up at a bat ma’am Okay, actually years ago in 15 years ago. I heard miss Jackson on Spin the idea of me Max Not something I wanted to give you know that you know whales. You know animals there It’s hard when you call your dairy women supplier that when you say filming Any limit is an important thing Especially what you’re doing this on events and one of these not commonly milk and There are wonderful even you know I am I see a sea change in terms of The ability people can answer your questions in regards to no longer Okay When I first started you know go in do whether it be a father or a book person? I talked about open areas. They like what you know, why would you know? Well if we can make two bar top shape and I don’t get this much well Different milk and profile that needs assistive need from the chef’s wok So because [of] that is something strange and fine food Manufacturers, there’s many online, and there’s any vocal on here said we have accomplished you in the right direction for equipment, and And people that will be helpful for going on smaller share because they put there doesn’t need to be right size Because you’re doing with much less. Why? So we make sure that considers after this in including do something that you want to say about working with a Fair and a funder in words to our Grant of their many changes along the way that we have and there was great in terms of time turning on time or let us take them to kick your opportunity some of us went to the Toddlers running around Conference and Claire and the opportunity Learned, and you know taking a deeper in terms of a Working there is the part will get ahead young on round here an opportunity to go to parachute school and swimmer, Wisconsin, and it was april and I quickly learned that I I Probably, not girl [did] okay. You know 400 feet twice day in 10-degree weather, and what’s not? you know if you learn these things but it did was hands-on experience to Really? Bring something back [to] Ohio that started Eight what I would be the right and growing industry so I heard you’re You’re encouraging apply for rubber Buster’s Take time do it if you occupy the first client plug-in talk about the second time equation because there is an opportunity shift is a wonderful example of how did you go from something sticking out 28 businesses that are not contributing to you I economy with I want to make enough amplified questions, so this one planet for questions and The question is how can farmers fine whitesides equipment for smaller than a dairy? and dairy association of North America put on a Wonderful comments area and in creatures They are all right Factors that that few things for quality women or 48 Shoots small parlors So I’m fighting she go and Search and we’ll find a few different things and places there also [are] at conferences such as this popular often is with manufacturers that will make a Cake for tea. I am not going I’ll have aggregator and a little bit of this pasta verification up to total brain so There is happening so but right hi C squared. Yeah talk about Is unreasonable for a person to think that they would do this by can [uh]? You can note C by hand for like yourself That’s enough sheet body and make me if you go There’s a this a [poking] [downloaded] from this time all the reasons pretty much about Wisconsin. It’s a little out for now and then if you scale kind of like Under-20 cheek, you’re probably gonna move my hand up to 100 your volume milking buckets well But fuck it is with a pneumatic pulsator in natural law a lot of that you’re going to start milking in right lines, we’re actually we’re in the process of putting in a pipeline Sophia first sheep pipeline out as far as sourcing equipment There’s a lot [of] stuff out there a lot of junk First of all as that we bought they sell them at any dairy supply place. You can go into you. Can my own, they’re Manufactured by the worst tolerance is ever which may clean and everything a nightmare, but that’s what they look I won’t mind say. What is but that’s what they’ll tell you if you go into any number of, Ohio area code bases we’re actually having Clause sent from Germany for our new high line parlor and Dealing with that The distributor said it full of wait for the next container on the boat Will realize that this [is] like 20 pounds of stuff and so when I said well, that’s awesome I’ll call a farmer friend in France you can go to do anything about for me, really oh, we can get in your little and So the equipment is I mean in general though Other than your actual set up hooker facility Clause and stuff are really the thing that is the most unique p animals we’ve made use of a lot of What you would call in and waited cow milking equipment In terms of not many people put in a part of it by person acting haunted house anymore, but receive it works So and there’s speak luck because of the collapse of small family dairies in this country so So we can’t give you Can bootstrap to be okay, and that’s what we we’ve done. I mean we started out buckets and we had a six-game That’s head skates and then we we kind of built our whole thing to eventually be a Double ten parlor where we can build and the base thing that I don’t hear about movie cheap It needs to be done in about an hour If your sheep goat nuts an hour you go nuts, you make mistakes and There are some people we’ve run into her life and it’s saving milking cows You’ll run into people were like oh it takes meeting. I actually Apprentice is working on we need a new system and account takes him five hours a day Five hours of milking to know all this house and I so learn He’s going to robots You know if not? He’s going to get into cheese like a kid’s and get in trouble never smiled We’re going about 100 this year Um we we have seven seven acres and then run aground It’s not all avoided oisin and by having that kind of offer We can meet me gross manual cover crops as we can great We can either plow down or raise them so I mean in my kind of what I’ve changed We’ve had in Ohio crazy you Gotta be flexible in Which sheet daring because it’s so geographically diverse in this country when you go to dishonor or something I remember when we went to the Sauna first time you hear about these guys grazing this many on this this You all of that kind of information is so geographically diverse you have to take a great soldier at the scooter research station The research flocking sponsor they graze 300 years on 30 acres of your grade classroom Doesn’t very low rotation they move every 12 hours. We move every folk arts integration season To get [it] the kind of flavor profile consistent thing consistent [died] everything most grazing area firms So your distance you need to open for a fact it looks It looks crazy too, because you dopey trying to see 100 sheep on this tiny little thing like What what’s a person doing the photo shoot with a 20 little puffier control? Has an answer? political the charge thing in The butt rotational grazing assist he added him a lot of heat with parasites are it up Healthier animal is in the quality room, so I production Buffalo colonel so that’s first and foremost very well Let’s head back even one step and has healthier animals and the quality of your grazing and I’ll usually they thought that I reform so It happens. You know in magic in this way it is a holistic and In order to have the highest quality cheeses You know highest quality coming from good forage and now anyone who backed up one second about on the As I mentioned Booby-Trapped starting with how he started milking Goats until tyson and Monica And I worked a little bit the sale Copy [Okie] for power cheap, whatever How many you can build a set amount of time you know I have a comfortable milking 40th time on yourself? Wants us to pass that I just didn’t feel was comfortable for me We are hurt by things have been hectic, but in like a sheep situation We’re starting out with five balls on a [high] [line] Harder because of the speed of milk out of a sheep One person home without on my cluster removal can only handle [my] [business] [claws] So it’s those kind of things and the informations all out there about designing and harbor Milking is one of the worst things you can do But it’s fast. I mean we’ve [had] we have [we’re] also owners and cheese producer be my couch remote from degrees in [their] glass and first time how people watch a sheep farmer milk cheap and harder It’s so fast and like even the sheep like that was kind of Mosey and they walked through the decades and this and that and I mean you have to design your sheep handling for rides because when you’ve opened the Gate going out of parlor they’re taking off And actually one of the problems. We achieve in one of the health issues. We deal with our sheep every year is Wii mote Ninety-five percent or mass tax cases have been because we’re doing it’s our parlor And they will shoot somewhere and get an injury or something like that, and that’s what you said to try to have I actually now Basically don’t let anyone in the parlor In lots of Cal old dairyman swear by same Routine the same people it’s not a spectacle These animals are working Kinda like the difference between up re dog and a guard dog and your pet that grills up on the foot of your bed These are working animals part of giving a humane environment to farm animals even accessory So we basically no fire so we have kids do Good [okay], so a great place to start doing some research is There’s no competition Will we see it will turn is called principal. She daring and often of America It is a university of Wisconsin publication. How they sell it but if you get hard on a pdf Ok so you’re going to be [getting] this oh? basically up [okay], so so principles of cheap earrings So that’s always a great place to start to a nice publication so get your wheels turning on the right way Welcome to Pacific [Lawrence] today people who oh save a lot of uh We have two farms that are milking that building sheep and then create a juice then we have three farms that are milking sheep and turning it over to processes to make Not that are Probably we get that question a lot of farmers market Usually it is a question that from a person who has never had she’d smell the majority I mean cheap smoking Is mostly native cheese and yogurt? There’s really no Work, or actually are areas on test which means we have Dhi Fest and We had animals last year approaching nine percent butter fat in six and a half percent protein It’s high test milk. It’s not really It would be kind of like drinking most people that in my apartment people only at that ass man said we’ll look I’m [60ml] [break] yeah a lot of last thing with a over there asking for you [okay], Bob you’re talking earlier [businesses] business even recommend Matters Okay, wait the name of the hotel business Model canvas Ascolta Beams Essentially it came up business plans [like] a 50-page business plan and it’s tilted in the swamps are Three very easily look at Career resources for your customers West your value proposition Less your own industry and it gives you a very good representation And that is called the business Model canvas Lean Startup, Eric, I have seen it there are exactions of you Just able to crystallize all of your thoughts olds lacerations on page And then sometimes we’re out people They’re actually business and trying to design a hollow thirty percent I think one of the pricing things that when you talk because I remember my Earliest in the early 90s the University of science in looking at how much she’s been imported and even back then The thing about the importation seasonal products in this country lots of them are from Eastern Europe or Quasi second Third World countries where Where they’re bringing in very cheap stuff We had a distributor one time who brought in stuff from Eastern Europe and he was asking about Fed up He’s like I didn’t bring fed to dogs pounds were like right and I hear that as well to it but I could get that juice for x and you go right ahead anybody get to europe like in italy lots of Pecorino and stuff we work with a distributor who only carries American artisan cheeses and [that’s] [his] like you get him going on the imPorted European nate people Jesus equal flip because he’s like people could not realize those are industrial cheeses like the non branded Pepperiness as industrial cheese is not some quaint woman to Rockhopper [devil] Smoking 20 C by N Make these beautiful areas you know that might be the picture on the way well more than no worst thing Is that or is that it’s where they take you on what I hate? Tennis swimming Champion these are meant to generate more discussions. So I hope that the bad you you you

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