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City live I still remember right before I turned 50 someone say you’re gonna get some discounts but that’s not the only good reason to be a member of AARP and Justine Connelly is back with us today to talk about that hi hi it’s great to be here good to have you so what are some of the other benefits or please do include that because it’s a bit one of the things always people say so I say come for the benefits and stay for the services we have so much AARP has to offer so I’ve brought my little handy dandy AARP membership god I just want to read some of things travel health and wellness entertainment restaurants shopping in groceries insurance finances home and family auto services caregiving working jobs magazines and resources advocacy all kind of community opportunities and we keep going from there it does keep going from there and once when you were here we talked about this I had the word seniors scattered throughout these cards right and she said well you know we serve you at 50 and up do you want me to call you a senior and I said I’m not a singer yet I’m not a senior yet either so when I’m a hundred and we’ll talk from there I’ll talk about that so 15 up is what we’re talking about and how do you become an AARP member it’s very very simple you can call when I eight seven seven numbers or you can go online at slash join and then you’re part of it an exclusive club and there are some things that you can do that other people who are not members kids exclusive benefits all right they’re all kind of exclusive benefits for instance we do movies for grown-ups movies for grown-ups they send you an email and say we have a pre-release movie coming out we saw hidden figures we saw Black Panther the wife we life as it everything so many movies but you have to be able to opt in to get that email and click on it get to go and sign up for the movie and take a guest for free for free well I was waiting for you to say for for a depo for free I wasn’t waiting for free no okay so that’s definitely a big thing and then Thursday you have another event happening so it’s Thursday we have an event one of our big areas is caregiving and a lot of people don’t know that they’re caregivers they don’t think about this it’s just what we do but if a movie called the AARP was able to collaborate on call what they had starring a Blythe Danner and I think Hilary Swank and some other folks some real big names and is talking about not only Alzheimer’s but what they had and how families navigate through those kind of things and we’re gonna be at Regency over in Regency this Thursday night but you have to have had sign up at AARP org sometimes I send you to a waitlist because our list is already full okay so is where you would go for that to be a part of that showing of that movie that could be comforting life-changing i opening exactly and we caregivers are not just people 50 and older there are people caregiving at every age and so we tell people you know share the wealth bring someone that you wouldn’t normally bring a doesn’t get out often or bring your young person your your daughter granddaughter and a son it’s always so funny and fun to see a variety of people at the movies for grown-ups that does sound like it would be a really nice evening out too especially because in some in some capacity as you said Justine you might be a caregiver and until you really think about it you realize like an enormous part of your energy goes towards the well-being of somebody you love and you don’t even think about it so one more time that website ARP dot org okay and then also I know very important we’re gonna have a chance to talk more about this too is voting and how important it is for this demographic to get out and vote so and make sure you do the back slash vote while you’re on that org vote thank you so much you are so welcome thanks for joining us Fran always a pleasure

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