A Warthog Spa – Banded Brothers – BBC

Warthogs are a common sight around these parts, and they’re not to be messed with. Their tusks are formidable bits of hardware, used to fend off attacks by predators such as lions and also fight between each other. They are very powerful pigs in these parts. A power that shouldn’t be underestimated. An adult male warthog deliberately walks up to the banded brothers. The mob stand their ground. A mongoose could be seriously hurt with just one swipe of the warthog’s tusks. And even a simple injury could spell the end of any mongoose. Still, they boldly head straight for it. As it turns out, they run a bit of a racket with the local warthogs on Mweya. It’s a cleaning racket. By allowing the mongoose to climb all over it’s body, the warthog has it’s ticks
removed and the mongoose get a protein rich meal. Although the family do have to watch
out for 100kg of falling pig every now and again. This is a unique, symbiotic relationship
between two mammal species, and one which benefits both parties. The banded brothers make pretty quick work of their cleaning duties. Eventually, the warthog checks out of the
mongoose spa.

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  1. If you loved this and want more incredible nature videos, have a look at this amazing story of a young stoat who tries to take down a rabbit ten times its size! 👉 https://youtu.be/HNbqvqf3-14 👈

  2. At the pinnacle of his relaxation the mongooses walked away, hog cried out " come back, give me more". Mongoose replied " next round and make sure you got more fleas".

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  7. Finally I came to know TIMON is a "Meerkat" and PUMBAA is a "Warthog". Feel like have achieved something.

  8. Should a leopard spring out of nowhere, then everyone will be flying to different directions😂😂😂😂

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