A tour of the British Isles in accents.

Received pronunciation is the great
communicator as soon as you deviate from that and you
go into London speech for example then you lose a little bit of the
communication. cockney is based on East Anglian Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, this is
often by actors confused with the West Country
where the R’s come in and then you get Dorset and Somerset get into Cornwall.
Devon’s slightly different it goes into the nose bit more like that then you go up north to Yorkshire it’s nice
if you get a word that’s got one on the predominant
sounds in it like yark sheer then you cross the Pennines into Lancashire
where he gets much more flexible and fluid in the mouth Liverpool is there too, you know, it’s
Scouse it’s a mixture of all kinds of sounds one of
those is Northern Irish with the rising
inflections but you don’t get the rising
inflections down in Dublin where it has that poetic quality which is
sometimes thought of as being not different from
Highland speech which is also quite poetic and almost
Scandinavian and then you come down to Glasgow and
into the Lowlands of Scotland where you get glottal stops and things like that.
Then you come down the west coast and you’re in Wales, North
Wales where it’s breathy like that and down
into South Wales where you get much heavier and Welsh people who sometimes even sound a bit drunk.

100 thoughts on “A tour of the British Isles in accents.

  1. Magnificent video, always wondered how many regions had different speech. One of my wishes in life is to move to the UK, Scotland and Ireland would also be fine.

  2. Really thought he would do more of the Irish accents. Like as soon as you hit the west or south west the pronunciation goes crazy. Mind you he has very flexible vocal chords though.

  3. I will reclaim the north as i am proudly irish. Frick england from stealing my country. Fuck the british rulers.

  4. It’s funny how you could drive 30 minutes in England and encounter a whole new accent while in America you’ve spent the last hour in highway traffic

  5. I’m disappointed you didn’t go to Birmingham and start shouting “YOU SENT THE MESSAGE FIRST, YEAH. I LIVE IN SMETHICK BIRMINGHAM”

  6. Forgot Geordie and Brummy. And To hear Cumbrian would have been nice. Although I'm a few select both and raised in Cumbria have It.

  7. the british isles is it? prick got me balaclava on already ready to go the war with u lot again were are the the republic of ieland not the british cunting isles

  8. Funny how he sounds convincing until he gets to YOUR town? The scouse is way off. not mix – ture, it is more mix – tair.

  9. I'm french, and i didnt see any difference. So you anglos are all the same. Welsh, anglos, scottish and irish people are all the same.

  10. Fuck sake. Can anyone who is not from Liverpool, stop trying to do a Scouse accent please. No matter how good you think you are…you aren’t good,

  11. What about the midlands im tired of us never being mentioned wtf. You didn’t have to include the other countries just to do one on England

  12. I'm from South Wales, but moved up to Yorkshire as a kid, but moved back down as an adult because of of the drink. Alreet boyo!

  13. I can't believe you missed the Boston accent.
    A small Lincolnshire market town that inexplicably has its own accent that sounds like nothing you hear anywhere else in the UK.

  14. No matter who tries to do an irish accent they can never get it quite right.. always sound like that generic american leprechaun, who is always concerned about his lucky charms

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