A Shift In The Atmosphere

Feeling a shift in the atmosphere,
uh, right now and things are starting to
change in my life for the positive. Um, this breakthrough that I’ve talked a
lot about. It feels like it’s happening. Things are starting to work. [inaudible] happy Friday y’all. I’m here
at the cityfam offices. Uh, just kinda wrapping up my day and I wanted
to make a vlog before I head out so I can stay consistent. Continuing
to document the journey. Uh, so this would probably
be a fairly short one, but I want to talk a little bit about
what’s been happening in my world and, uh, just came coming off of something called
Innovation Works Boost Program. So, uh, I’ve talked a little bit about
it. What’s up Brian? Um, what’s up DJ? So cityfam was selected as one of the
social enterprises in Baltimore to go through the inaugural Innovation
Works Boost Program. And
it’s basically like, um, this, this, that they were the first,
Baltimore was the first, uh, city, uh, nationally,
uh, in America that launched this
thing that by the Miller center, which they go around the world and they
help people that are trying to bring positive change to like third
world countries and stuff. So they decided to do it here in America
in Baltimore was the first place that they are doing it. And we were accepted
to be one of the social enterprises. There was like 20 of us, like maybe
25 of us out of like, you know, 50 some people that applied.
So they got a bunch of smart people. Some of them have deep pockets but they
just really care about Baltimore and are trying to bring change. What’s up Kimmy?
Um, so we were there for three days. Jenny and I, it was like, you know,
from early to late, not too late, it was like five o’clock but we were
there and it’s just very intense. They teach you a lot. And I just really realized how
little I know about all this stuff. And it really helps you get your, your messaging down and,
um, your elevator pitch and, and quantify impact. So a
conversation that I had with, uh, the team shortly before
this was, hey, look, I’ve met with a lot of important people
over the, you know, the last few years, people in the government,
Governor’s office, people
have with the Ma, the mayors, mayors office.
Actually the now mayor Jack Young, I met with him for an hour and you know,
they liked it. They were like, wow, this sounds awesome, but I didn’t
give them something that they needed. And I said that. And I’m like,
look, we need to say, Hey, look, these are the problems that
Baltimore has right now. Here’s the solution that city fam offers.
Here’s how much money we need. Here’s what we’re going to do with the
money and here’s the impact it’s gonna have on those problems. So I was already having those
thoughts before I went to
the, uh, innovation works. And that was basically exactly what they
said. They’re like, if you want money, you gotta be real clear on your messaging
and you got to know the impact that you’re having. So again,
when I look at the problems, not only in Baltimore
but just in Maryland, even like specifically though with the, with the opioid epidemic and the crime,
you know, like they don’t know what
to do to fix the problem. And the problem is that a lot of those
kids are bored and they only had nothing to do and they probably don’t have,
you know, people around them necessarily.
The best influence is all the time. Maybe they don’t have
a great support system, people that they would let
down if they messed up. So cityfam can provide those things. It
can give them fun things to do, you know, because it kind of crowd
sources the solution to the
problem. It’s not like, oh, Hey, uh, Baltimore city’s going to put on
these boxing matches, or, um, you know, we’re going to have this festival once
a year. It’s like, no, everyone’s good. We’re going to empower everyone to create
events and we’re going to create this culture that pulls people up
through social and service events. So we’re getting closer to getting
the messaging right and once we do, I’m going to start
knocking on doors again. I’m going to start meeting with people
and we’re going to get some money and we’re going to make this thing go. Um,
you know, faster than we have gone. And it’s exciting because we’re
getting closer now. We’re, we’re, we’re tapping into the networks
that we need to be in. And I mean, we were in a room with some really,
um, really cool nonprofits that are doing
some really amazing stuff in the city and now people are starting to see
city fan for what it really is, not as just the social group, which is so frustrating over the years
because that’s how people look at us. It was all, does that social group?
No, we’re, we’re the answer. You know, we’re bringing change. We just, we just
do it really different. So it was cool. It was,
it was exciting. And we’re going to work a lot with the
mentors there and really flesh this thing out and hopefully, um, you know, if
we could get a grant for, you know, a $100,000 or some of these people were
asking for millions of dollars because there’s people out there that care and
they had the money that want to do stuff, but it would just change everything
about the organization. You know, we would be able to have a full
time employees instead of, you know, volunteers that are doing everything
they can with the little time that they have. So it’s, it’s exciting. Um, launching a course this Sunday
called how waiting works and, uh,
I’m excited about it. It’s something that I’ve been
working on for several weeks, a couple months actually with a,
with a coach of mine. And it basically is helping
people that are, you know, waiting, you know, going through this, uh, this season of their life and how to
maximize that time and really become the best version of yourself so
you can attract the highest
quality mate and faster, I believe, at least because I do believe that that
God will take you through a season, uh, because he’s trying to do something in
your life. He’s trying to, you know, either change you into the kind of
person that you need to be or accomplish something suits, uh, through you.
And the sooner you can do that, the faster you’ll make it to your person,
I believe, which is very motivating, honestly, to become a better person
and to, you know, have impact. But I’ve learned a lot through my own
personal journey of waiting, you know, like I’ve just, um, figuring out
what I really want it, you know, what I wanted most in life and
maximizing my time and, you know, getting my morning
routine on point and just, it just really taking that energy to
become the best version of myself. So I’m excited to kind of teach that
to people because I see a lot of people that are waiting and they’re
literally just waiting. They’re just sitting around on
their ass not doing anything, expecting you know, God to drop somebody
in their lap that will fix them. You know,
not everybody’s like that obviously, but I do see a lot of that
and it’s like no, that, that, that season that you’re going
through, it needs to be, you know, it could be the most productive season
of your life because you can just be selfish and just work on yourself
and your vision with that time and, and you know,
things are going to change. Obviously when somebody
else comes in the picture, you’re not going to
have all that free time. So it’s really about being very
intentional with it and hourly really. I’m excited to share that. So it
launches this Sunday. Actually, the course closes in about 30 minutes. So if anybody out there once to do it,
um, we’re doing a Beta course
starts Sunday night. It’s $97. I won’t be that low again.
You can message me. I’ll give you more information about it, but I’m really just feeling
a shift and the atmosphere, uh, right now things are starting to
change in my life for the positive. Um, this breakthrough that I’ve talked a
lot about, it feels like it’s happening. Things are starting to work,
you know, like, um, uh, I don’t know how else to describe it,
but a lot of things are starting to work, you know, and I could feel myself,
um, uh, it, it’s not as hard. Life isn’t as hard, you know,
I don’t feel as heavy. Um, I got a new car yesterday,
not a new car, but a 2005 use car. Uh, but it’s, it’s a lot nicer than the car that I
had than driving. My mom actually, um, let me some money to get it. Um,
but I got a 2005 Nissan Murano. It’s got air conditioning, which is awesome because I’ve been
driving a car without air condition. Um, and um,
I got a concert series coming up. I still can’t tell you the venue yet,
but I will, we’ll share it as soon as I, the agreement is signed. And it’s just
things are, there’s a shift and it’s good. It’s, it’s something I’ve waited
a long time for. I’m still not, I haven’t fully achieved the
breakthrough yet. You know, for me that means I’m a little
bit more financial stability and, um, you know, finding
that right person, um, or bring that right person
being brought into my life. So I’m not quite there yet, but definitely
things are changing for the better. And, um, it feels, feels
good. Um, my, like I said, my finances are starting to improve. I’m not like literally trying to figure
out how I’m going to make it to, uh, you know, the next month I’m
going to be able to eat it. Uh, which is nice because it severely limits
your options when you don’t have money. Like not only are you not having sex, you can’t even go out to dinner with
your friends because you’re broke. Like, that’s hard. And honestly
that, that’s where I was at
for a long time because, um, I just wasn’t willing to trade
my time for money. You know, like I had such a clear vision of
what I believe God wanted me to do. And what my purpose was that I was like, I just wanted to work on it.
And I was like, I’ll scrap and scratch and scrape and do
whatever I can to survive while I chase this vision because I know that when I
get there to this thing that’s in my, in my mind, I’ll be happy,
I’ll be fulfilled, not
happy, but I’ll be fulfilled. I know will be happy to. Um, but,
but I was like, I’m not gonna, I don’t want to work on anything but that.
So I’d rather just, I’d rather be poor while I grind. And
that’s what I did. And like I said, I’m still not out of the woods yet,
but things are improving. And um, it’s cool because when you step into
like that place of purpose where you’re actually are now doing what you
love and you’re getting paid for it, that’s a pretty good place to be.
I’ve actually never been in that place. I’ve always, I’ve always, you know, like honestly I did like promoting when I
first started, I really did like it. Um, it was a passion of mine. It turned into
something that I ended up hating, um, because it was so destructive. But I
did like it in the beginning. And, um, but anyway,
I say that to say like that’s where, that’s where I’m stepping into this
place of deep fulfillment where I’m, I’m, you know, I’m doing what I love. I’m
starting to get paid to do what I love. Um,
you know, I’m going to Romania at the end of July
to speak at some schools over there with the pro life movement. I’m going to be speaking at this thing
called the safe single summit and Women Wilmington,
Delaware on August 10th. I’m actually going back to Romania
for the whole month of October. They’re paying me to come, putting
me up, fly me over, you know, taking care of all my expenses and
paying me. And it’s, it’s like, you know, it’s pretty good. It’s pretty
cool. And I do feel like, you know, more these opportunities are
going to increase as, um, as I get the book out there. So I’m
starting to work, work with a coach, and he’s helping me sell the
book, which I really, you know, I’ve sold probably about, like I said,
800, maybe 850 copies up until now. So as the book sells, thanks
Andrew. Appreciate it man. Um, as the book sells,
it’s gonna create more opportunities, I believe for speaking engagements, it’s going to create opportunities for
cityfam’s to start because if you haven’t read the book, I’m actually
going to be given the book away. So if you’re watching this, don’t even bother buying it because
soon the book’s going to be free. Um, I’m going just going to give the ebook
away because for me it’s a win on a lot of different levels. One, it
explains the concept because again, there was a time in my life I
didn’t understand waiting at all, just did not make sense to me.
So it explains it. It breaks it down very practically. The second thing it does is
shares the Gospel. You know, Jesus changed my life and I want to tell
as many people about Him as possible. So it shares the Gospel,
which is a huge one. Third it, it tells the story of CityFam and why,
you know, if you’re going to do this, why you need
this, because you can’t wait alone man. Like you need community, you need real friends if you’re
going to make this journey. So it really promotes cityfam,
which is my heart. And then, um, it gives me an opportunity to,
to retouch that person again. And maybe maybe they’ll buy a course, maybe they’ll buy the small group
curriculum. Maybe that’s something. So I’m just going to give the book away
soon. So I’m really pumped about that. Um, and I, I, like I said, I’m working with a coach that’s
helping me figure all that out. So that’s really it. That’s
what’s going on in my life. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else. Next event is a Renegade at Bo Brooks,
we’re at the Tiki Bar, I think July six. How you
doing Sandra, Sandy Pascoe. Um, we’ll be there from seven to 10. And then our service
event is a end of July. We’re, we’re, we’re at a school,
we’re fixing up a school. I don’t know all the details, but it
will be on the city fan website. Um, I’ll read that book. I’ll check
it out. Andrew. Um, and, uh, that, that’s it for now. So
plugin guys, you know, we’re out doing things in the community,
um, you know, socialize and serving, and we are more the merrier groups.
So would love to have you guys jump on. That’s it.
See it.

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  2. God bless you Rob. You are just such an inspiration. You are still committed and so dedicated to the cause. Keep moving forward. I love to see you happy and smiling☺. Love you dude.

  3. CityFam Renegade July 5th (not 6th as Rob said, lol, your forgiven Rob) | Cornhole @ Bo Brooks Tiki Bar


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