A Rant About Societal Expectations

what's going on everybody Jeff holiday here and I figured today I'd do something a little bit different there's got to be kind of an off-the-cuff rant on a topic that is kind of important to me I'm not even gonna bother with too much of a fancy set up just me one camera a couple of lights and you so let's get into it the standardized notions of proper behavior and proper conduct is something that has always really pissed me off even as a little kid when I was growing up in a very Lutheran household I rejected the notion of automatically having to bend my will to the aims of what other people expected me to do and in that way I found myself I embraced encounter culture as I grew up it just seemed very attractive to me this is how you're supposed to behave in society well fuck you but it's not just simply like societal behavior regular regular standards of you know it's societal pressure you have to conform you have to behave this way you have to convey yourself in a certain manner don't use certain words don't say certain things it's not just that either it's more simply a system of control and I believe that control in and of itself especially when you're trying to build something like a society is important but for the individual I usually routinely deny people the pleasure of telling me how I should behave and in this way I think I've managed to at least stay more honest to myself than many people managed to do but where does this whole thing necessarily come from well Howard Bloom in his book the Lucifer principle says that there are basically two main functions in society when you want to talk about conformity there is conformity enforcers the people who put societal pressure on others to act the same way which helps to achieve society's goals and maintain some sort of cohesion in the group and then there's diversity generators which are people who shake it up and help that society evolve and find new avenues to then enforce new conformity and by and large I totally accept this as a reasonable summation of how this usually works but the problem is intent the problem is always intent and it's not really just like societal pressures that does this either I mean it's religion too it's a very nature of something being sacred if something is sacred that means it is beyond it is beyond question it is beyond criticism or trying to break it down into and to figure out whether it works or it doesn't sacred means it has to be it just is it has to be and I hate this idea I loathe this idea it's one of the reasons why I've always rejected organized religion as soon as I had the bravery to pull myself out of it listen to say that I had to then go full-blown into some other type of ideology like I don't know some of the more angsty and obnoxious fucking atheists out there you know I didn't have to go that direction I simply just had to reject the thing that I didn't agree with simple as that but you see this in cultures all the fucking time not just in cultures even just simple belief practices like with pseudoscience in the health industry there's the whole counterculture that is not really much of a counterculture where you don't believe in biomedical science because you have a problem with the pharmaceutical industry well that's great I have a problem with the pharmaceutical industry but that doesn't mean I'm gonna start sticking crystals up my ass to try and heal my eczema for the record before anybody asks no I don't actually have eczema okay every single aspect and in topic is something that should be evenly considered as objectively as possible you possess the most brilliant machine on the planet to be able to make up your own fucking mind what you believe what you want to to go for the things you want to put your effort your energy into it's your choice but we always find ourselves in these traps whether it's with organized religion whether it's with cultural and social groups that we have to behave I don't like that and I don't agree I don't agree you see it today in these the cultures with our political climate if you are identifiying even slightly with one political ideology obviously you also believe in the absolute worst parts of that ideology obviously obviously you have to it's just a rule fuck that fuck you fuck off no no no no no no people have a wide brilliant diverse range of opinions and that's a good thing not everybody should agree all the fucking time that's a bad idea a horrible idea because that leads to control but it also comes down to identity politics as well you know you you have to believe a certain type of thing if you are Pro LGBTQ you then have to be Pro non-binary no no you don't know you fucking don't you can believe whatever you want to believe and the concept and notion of just simply shaming somebody because they disagree with you or they have a nuanced opinion is authoritarian and that's exactly the fucking problem you also see it with certain types of black culture black culture whatever the fuck black culture is supposed to be but the very notion that somebody wants to embrace some notion of black culture or white culture is is it dumbing down it's an authoritarian ideal trying to say that if you are blank then blank well no I'm sorry but that's not the fucking case I know vastly vastly many fucking black people who don't agree with standardized social societal norms and they have their own minds their own free thinking opinions they embrace their own individuality and that's amazing and they don't have to necessarily fall in line and as far as white culture goes I mean have you fuckin seen me and then there's this whole notion of geography too because you see when you live in places like America America is such a huge huge fuckin country compared to most places and you have this this really fucked up thing that happens in America where everybody believes that the rest of the world believes like America believes and they don't they just fucking don't a good example is I have never met a Mexican from Mexico who has a problem with somebody wearing sugar skull makeup or wearing a fucking sombrero never never fucking happen however I have run into at least three different people who are half Latino or latina in the case of the girls is two girls in one guy who absolutely shit the fucking bed because my friend wore a sombrero and was a Mexican desperado for Halloween one year totally shit the bed Mexicans in Mexico don't care over privileged college kids in America they shit the bed day shit the fucking bed the world is such an incredible diverse place and there's so much room for all these different types of opinions so when somebody tries to put pressure on you that you have to think a certain type of way tell them to fuck off tell them to fuck off because your opinion is your opinion if they want to try and change your opinion hey great have a discussion have a debate have a full-blown argument who knows maybe you'll get your mind changed maybe you'll change theirs that's ok but if we all think alike and if we can always use something as stupid as shame and guilt to try and push for what what we think people should think or say or what they should wear or how they should act that is absolutely the worst case of authoritarianism it doesn't serve society as an help society it doesn't help you and it doesn't help them it's just simply somebody trying to get power over you tell them to fuck off tell them I said fuck off you need to pass the buck on to me that's ok too anyway that's just kind of like a random off-the-cuff unscripted on you know seat of my pajamas kind of video I did have a different video plan but it's actually gonna have to wait a little bit because it's Halloween and I am gonna go do something tonight surprisingly enough I'm gonna subject myself to society mmm we'll see how that goes anyway thank you so much for watching this video I appreciate it as always and I will see you guys next time bye

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  1. Infiltrate established organizations, sub-cultures, religion, parties, fandoms, etc seed newer uninitiated persons with hints that they are special.. and a target for being special..then gradually turn them against the whole.. agitate rival reactionary sub-factions and when they react, declare to the host orgaization, " They're attacking Us!"

  2. For the greatest disturbing, distrupting assault on a societies stability it takes organizations that are convinced, and effective at convincing joiners, that their cause is a necesary good confrontation to some grossly exagerated boogy man.

  3. I'm diverse too! I'm in a wheelchair, you have no idea how many idiots tell me I need to comply. I rarely if ever drive on the footpath, I've been told more then once TO MY FACE that I'm stupid for driving across a football field to get to the post office.
    There's a difference between breaking rules and being suicidal. I cross the road near here, frequently against the lights, why? The road is empty or near to empty when I do it, and as there's always a wait for the lights to change and my SAD almost has me at breaking point, it's safer to just charge straight over the road.
    The gradient of the crossing cut is also an absolute bitch, it eats battery like there's no tomorrow, and there have been a few times I've rolled straight onto the road anyway because the brakes couldn't hold me. I've done that more then once, ended up blocking traffic across 2 lanes As it's the way to the bus and the train station, there's no way I can avoid the crossing.
    I also live alone (no assistance) and to my own standards (NOT to Housing standards) and I have 'pets'.

  4. I heard that if you chant "Jonathan Davis" three times while looking into a mirror, Jeff Holiday appears & strangles you with his cultural appropriation (the dreads).

  5. Hey Jeff, since you're familiar with Bloom's concept of belief systems as self-defending, self-propagating memes, let me run this past you. Identity Politics is a memetic self defense mechanism of (neoliberal) capitalism. After the market crash of 2008 when income inequality started becoming a hot ticket, it was IdPol dogshit that created division in the OWS camps, drove away common support, and bogged down everything with 1000 intersectional issues when every single one of those issues would be aided by just addressing income inequality already. When you see who is pushing IdPol (children of salary workers and the investment class,) and what it is, (a system of social capital that places value on people in relation to existential attributes,) it becomes obvious. Social Justice is a counter-revolutionary force perpetuating inequality by superficially presenting itself as an equality movement. It's capitalism defending itself through spectacle.

    "Never mind that everything you own was made by disposable slave labor. Never mind that the people who used to make those things are suffering. Never mind that 38% of the US economy is just people moving numbers around, creating value out of bullshit and blind faith. We're going to have a lady president! Isn't that exciting?" Sorry unrestricted global capitalism. It's not. Now go away.

  6. Jeff Holiday 1 basic fundamental conformity……basic human respect…I know I know just a dream…but it is something I do impose upon my children

  7. Found you from your guest spot on Some Black Guy. I totally enjoy watching you. Valid points and such a clear and unique voice. You should be a. . .voice guy? Voice actor? Lol. Cute style, too. Subscribed.

  8. You're very well spoken an you have interesting ideas. I'm here from Some Black Guy's channel, I think I'll subscribe.

  9. Mr Holiday, I'm currently watching you, live stream, and I don't have you on chat…. Were you thinking of Carte Blanche?

  10. I grew up Lutheran. My outlook on conforming to what my family told me (religiously) was the opposite. For what it's worth, I think your outlook is the superior one.

  11. So, Jeff…Why don't you tell me how you really feel about it.

    Levity aside, I could not agree with you more. Love you, man! (no homo)

  12. I had a Mexican guy suggest that I wear a giant sombrero, because I work in the sun.

    Couldn't tell if he was fucking with me or not.

  13. Jeff: Look, you've got it all wrong! You don't NEED to follow ME, You don't NEED to follow ANYBODY!* You've got to think for your selves! You're ALL individuals!
    U-toob Crowd: Yes! We're all individuals!
    Jeff: You're all different!
    U-toob Crowd: Yes, we ARE all different!
    Shitposter: I'm not…
    U-toob Crowd: Sch!

    * Not actually Jeff's words, please DO follow, subscribe, etc.! D:

  14. The only thing that pisses me off is when people call texmex food Mexican. It's not Mexican food! At least call it Mexican inspired or fusion. lol 😂😃😅

  15. The Lucifer Principle is an amazing book. >.> It is one of the strongest thinking for yourself generators ive read.

  16. Goes for everything, really, all the way up to love: you can't demand it, you can only inspire it, but some people demand it just fine and some inspire it for all the wrong reasons.

  17. Diversity is always good. To conform and think the same as others makes us all the same, and that would be horrible. The whole point of being different is so that we all something to bring to the table.

  18. Ha! Sticking crystals up your arse won't cure your eczema! You have to put them in the moonlight and dance thrice widdershins around them- naked- to charge them!

  19. When you say you have problems with the pharmaceutical industry, would you admit that it is more good than bad? Would you consider that propagandists try to link big pharma to things there is no evidence they ever did? One societal pressure I have felt is the one that to stop using pills and to also to condemn the pharmaceutical companies as a global evil. Sometimes you will accept the opinion of your friends if you don't care about the subject matter. I would encourage you to do further research on just what those links are that big pharma has to say; making natural drugs illegal or distributing poisoned merchandise to 3rd world countries. The links are not as strong as you have been led to believe Jeff. Otherwise this was a great video.

    I love this point of this video. Scratch your ass in public & 10 year olds deserve porn. Fuck your society.

  20. I live in Mexico and my wife is Mexican. People here encourage me (the only white guy) to dress up as a stereo typical Mexican. Honestly the people here are not in the least racist in anyway. They don't give a shit what other people do. It's only fucking american college students and they do it for power.They really don't give a shit about the people they claim to care for.

  21. This video is one of the main reasons I like Jeff Holiday. I haven't heard him say this explicitly before but from his other video its pretty clear he thinks this way. Also I not sure how to explain but there seems to be a strong over lap between people who dislike forced conformity and those who are very open minded.

  22. So what group does that author classify people in that don't fit the two groups? Cause I don't care about others falling in line nor am I shaking things up.

  23. As the great philosopher Ill Bill put it;"Without order nothing exists, without chaos nothing evolves" Meaning, if people aren't willing to break societal norms, cultures stagnate, chaos is a source of new ideas.. but without societal mores limiting excessive deviation from the norm, the very stability that binds us together crumbles into unpredictable chaos, and people can rely on nothing. Both things are necessary for societies to function properly.

    He then goes on to say, "Now get on your knees so I can stick this gun in your mouth.." Meaning, he wants you to get on your knees, so he can stick a gun in your mouth. For reasons.

    ..fine, he might be more of a rapper than a philosopher if I'm being perfectly honest. But still, he might be right about the first thing.

  24. seriously just found this channel. after watching the Tre Melvin video… favorite channel hands down! So intelligent, well thought and well executed!! such a fan.

  25. This is the one thing i fucking hate about groups/community's if you say you agree or like something about it you have to start defending all the shitty things they stand for or at least the people who identify with that group do.
    and if you don't defend this shit they say "ah ha! you and that group are fucking wrong"….. so sick of it.

  26. I think we need both influences going alongside each other. The many 'communities' (a group of people defined by a propensity for interaction with each one other around location, behaviour or ideology) within a society each finds it's own balance between conformity and change and bounce off the other communities as it does so. Even people within a community will have varying degrees of the two qualities.

    Some people like being controlled, others don't. I think both are OK. I think the mix of the two is important. And it's great for Youtube Drama too :D.

  27. My parents who grew up in a small town in mexico legit laughed when I asked if they thought white people wearing skull makeup was racist

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