A New Society

Why do I think the world needs to
think about social progress? Discrimination is a world wide tragedy. The fervour with which racism has found expression, I would like to think that this is the dark before dawn. Our political leaders don’t really understand what’s going on. Propaganda is not limited to communism. Richness is each day in fewer hands, that have no names, that are corporations. I’ve been following the work of the International Panel on Social Progress for four years now. We started thinking of the IPSP in 2013, and the situation in the world has worsened quite a lot on many fronts. The war in Syria. The Islamic state. The rise of white supremacism. And all of these problems can be traced to some mismanagement of human affairs. With their collective knowledge, the IPSP hopes to bridge the gap between the world of academia the world of policy and the world of NGO’s. We’re all alarmed by the fact that we can’t really control what is happening in our societies, we are exposed to forces that are bigger than we are. We want to take stock of our journey on this quest for progress. Why do we settle for this society? Why do we listen to this society? Can we make a new society?

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