A message from the Tulsa Community College NSLS Chapter president

Hi guys, my name is Veronika and I am the
current president of the National Society of Leadership and Success here
at TCC. This society is focused on training future leaders as well as
building networking opportunities and relationships with other students. As
you join the society, you have the opportunity to build your leadership
skills and not only learn about it, but having opportunities to enforce
those. With that in mind, you also have the opportunity to network with other
students and build relationships which genuinely will impact your future. Upon joining this society, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $85 which
sounds like a lot, but it’s really not, because you are a lifelong member to the
National Society of Leadership and Success even after graduation. What that allows you to do, is you have access to thousands of scholarships,
an online personal recommendation, a custom job bank, as well as many other
discounts to different brands and stores. So, if you’re considering joining the
National Society of Leadership and Success, feel free to click on the link

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