A Holocaust Survivor Recalls The Day He Was Liberated

– I had nightmares, of course, for I would say, for a couple of months. Waking up thinking that
I’m still in the camps. I was so happy that I was in a real bed. (serious piano music) In order to have a little bit of pleasure, let’s say, which is, there’s not too much of it in the camps, I made friends with two Polish kids. We didn’t get too much sleep,
and we used to just get out real early in the morning
because in the barracks, it was just crying and screaming, and praying, and it wasn’t
unusual that a prisoner, who was laying next to
you, to go to sleep, when you woke up, they were dead. In any of these camps,
everything is so the same day in and day out that when
anything unique happens, that is not on the schedule, you always immediately try to talk about it. Is this good news or bad news? One morning, we came out
and the first thing we saw was that there no guards
in the guard towers. So, we are sneaking between
the barracks towards the gate, and lo and behold, nobody’s there. We get enough courage to go to the gate, and we notice there’s a heavy
chain with a padlock on it, and it’s a very, very, foggy morning. We are just dumbfounded. All of a sudden, there’s a
break in the fog, like a mirage. All you see is two horses with a horseman. As he’s coming closer, one of
the Polish kids says to me, “Look at his hat,” and it was
a red star, a Russian soldier. He comes to the gate and he says, “I’m advance guard,
nobody can leave the camp, “because there all sorts of diseases, “you’re full of lice, “and you haven’t been
washed in four months.” But he says, as he takes out his gun, shoots off the padlock, “Doctors will be coming,
medication will be coming, “food will be coming very shortly.” So the three of us, as fast as our skinny legs can carry us, we go to every barrack in the vicinity, open up the door, in every
language that we know, just yelling, “We are free, we are free.” And you’ll never forget that moment, the sounds from the barracks. Those who are able to walk
out to the sunlight walk out. Those who can’t walk, crawling out. I have to pass through a little area where there are little bungalows. This is where the SS
families who are staying, and they must have left in a big hurry, because I go into one of the bungalows, and I open up the closet,
there clothing in there. Open up the pantry, food, and then I go into the bathroom, and I turn on the water, hot water. Fluffy towels, shampoo, soap
I haven’t seen for a year. I make a little victory dance on my prisoner uniform. Get in there and take my
first hot shower in a year. It’s wonderful.

100 thoughts on “A Holocaust Survivor Recalls The Day He Was Liberated

  1. I honestly don't know how people think that the Holocaust didn't happen
    Listen to how the man tells his story
    You think that that's not real?

  2. Dear all those people who think the holocaust didn’t happen,

    How in the living hell could someone make this up? Hm?

    Yours sincerely,

  3. This is all made up, there is no evidence of mass extermination of populace by the germans, even after the enigma code was cracked. Not to mention there were more jews worldwide right after ww2 than before it. And imagine the horror of Auschwitz, the hospital, the brothel, the soccer field, the theatre, what shocking things must have gone on then! Surely the germans had a magic incinerator that incinerated 6 jews per day, which isn't possible even with modern crematoriums today.

  4. One of my close family friends (she’s very old/ passed away now) she would’ve been in the camps/shot if she wasn’t chosen to be taken to take care of the kids.

  5. Just read the book "Man's Search for Meaning" it'll change your life forever. Its about holocaust as well.

  6. Question…. What are the building design benefits or payoff
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    level upstairs like they are Auschwitz Birkenau crematorium 2 and 3? You gas
    them in the basement; they need to move in an upward direction to put the
    bodies in the furnace. Regardless of what you think of the Germans of that
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  7. What a feeling that must have been, to live through hell and finally be liberated. Pass this down to your children,teach them this history,as dark as it is. Never let this happen again.

  8. My grandfather died in the holocaust….the machine gun tower that he was supervising was blown up by the Americans

  9. I have one talent in this world, and that talent is my ability to watch someone talk, listen to what they say, and then be able to accurately determine whether they are lying or not. That is how I can tell this guy is lying through his teeth. Someone is paying him to embellish. Either that or he just gets off on misleading people.

  10. no matter how many movies we see, or how many books we read about what these people went through we will never have an idea of the hell they experienced and what they saw…. it has to be the darkest or one of the darkest moments in human history.

  11. I am an angel I was raped in 1965 in 1974 they did something to me both times they took my memories away from me how I don't know I'm 60 now they have persecuted me for the last 25 years in and out of jails had stuff stolen from me I'm still in my Holocaust

  12. I survived a work camp. I put on a Nazi uniform and went around marching and shouting Heil Hitler so they would think I was a guard. Turns out they all knew I was a prisoner but they let me live because I made everyone laugh.

  13. Bin Lids still whinging about events of 75 years ago. They're not the only people that suffered injustices in history. Time for them to shut up and move on.

  14. 💓💓 It’s wonderful how people can share there story’s of true events that happened. Im still sad that the holocaust happened ⚡️

  15. I'm heart aches for him and all who suffered in the holocaust. I just want to give him a hug. I can't believe there are people in this world capable of such cruelty. And to think there are people who don't even believe this took place. 😢

  16. This subject has always crushed me. Whenever I hear about it or learn about it I always tense up and I get angry and I want to cry. But I always tell myself to stay strong, because so many others had to. I love and pray for everyone who went through and had to endure and live through and lost family and friends due to the Nazi Regime. I’m so sorry for what you have been through. You are my inspiration and I will always stay strong for you.

  17. The fact that people were so sick mentally that they put all of these innocent people through absolute HELL is absurd I wouldn’t be able to look at someone and think that they are with nothing and worth torturing like the Nazis did. The way these people were treated breaks me into peices and every day I thank good that this wasn’t me because no one should go through this. When he started crying it definitely broke me. Humans are real things with REAL feelings and with a beating heart. Every person should be treated like they are someone and something that is loved not to be killed because of what they believe in. And to this day,you don’t have to accept their beliefs but you shouldn’t put them through hell just because you don’t like it. I can’t imagine being in the place he was in. “ we are free!!” That is heartbreaking to never be able to say that. I hope that everyone who put all these innocent people through torture, that their bodies burned and rotted in hell.

  18. White people mass murdering there own doesn’t and shouldn’t surprise you the white always do the most outrageous stuff disgusting people

  19. Given the political climate today thanks to people like trump, we need to listen to these people now more than ever before, to remind us of the absolute hell that they were forced to live through, all because of ignorance and blind hatred. It just burns me up inside that even after the Holocaust is over, we’re going right back to where it all began, and didn’t seem to learn one damn thing, from unspeakable accounts of horror and cruelty, done to millions of people for no other reason then which God they choose to worship. It absolutely breaks everything in me to hear these people stories and to know that despite going through all that, we’re heading down the same path again, and people wonder why I have lost all faith in humanity? It just makes me sick, physically sick to hear trumps rhetoric spilling out of that hole in his face, it’s always easiest appealing to the lowest common denominator, ignorance. The more frightening part is just how many people actually support his room to sleep racist sexist and hateful views. I honestly don’t know what the answer is anymore, because if we didn’t learn anything from the holocaust then we never will, it’s times like this I wish to God I could get on a spaceship and leave this planet for good, because I have absolutely no place in this society, and I have zero tolerance for the behaviour being demonstrated that was the cause of the slaughter i’ve millions of innocent people, I absolutely refuse to be brainwashed into believing anything Trump or anyone like him says. I know in my heart that we are all exactly the same inside, we all have the same wants and desires, we all share the same DNA, so what difference does it make which God we were ship, what gender we are, whom we choose to love, Or the colour of our skin? It’s a question with only one answer, there is no difference, so to compensate for their own hatred soon insecurities, they blame all of their countries ones on the most vulnerable Group of people, without home your entire economy would collapse. Think twice before listening further, if you truly love your country and what it stands for, then put down your guns, put away your hatred, and learn to embrace humanity, because if you don’t, there’ll be no more humanity to embrace.😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  20. Look at this Jew. The size of his nose just displays what a great hoaxer he is, these schizophrenic k1kes lack empathy. Great acting skills.

  21. Amazing testimony! We should never forget about these people so it won’t happen again ! Human kind could be so cruel!

  22. Stop the lie about Germany and the German people. The lie needs to be stopped! Investigate this lie on your own from various sources around the internet to find out the real truth.

  23. Its unimaginable. To even think to some degree this was a was a reality: yet we let syrian refugees starve and sleep in the dirt… were human, how can we be so inhumane…

  24. Sometimes I hear people complaining about not getting what they want and waste water and all over the world kids and adults are firing because they had no food or water. Everyone should be thankful they have food, water and a roof over there head.

  25. My great grandad escaped a prison similar to this in Germany at young age and walked all the way from there to Poland.

  26. But the thing is that it's not like this owners from ford made that decision, it's the next generation! Like we should pay for black people because of our grandparents! ( and if it is the same owner shouldn't we be buying from them.

  27. And to think… people on the Left. Are saying This NEVER happened.
    If you are Democrat. You NEED to re-think your views.

  28. For people who say the holocaust didn’t happen ask your self this what happened to the eight million people who went into those camps and didn’t come out were did they go

  29. My god how can ppl do these things to other humans. We are all conscious we are all self aware. Why are we killing each other

  30. I have lost some family members too in Yugoslavia Ustashe killed thousands of Serbians,luckly for us we are from Montenegro so my grandfather and his family was sent to Albania,he lost brother and a sister there.
    We should pray and thank Soviet Union for liberating east Europe!

  31. My grandpa was a holocaust survivor and always had an amazing view on life. He passed away last October and my family and I always have him in our hearts.
    Before, he wrote a book about his experience. It would mean so much to my family and I if you give “Out of the Holocaust” a look.
    You can find the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
    Have a blessed day.

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