A guide to Scorned Families | Tutorial on how to fix scorned families in Imperator Rome

whenever you sought a new save of Imperato Rome you're probably going to notice a pop-up saying scorned families because most nations at least every nation I played you start game off with scorned families what our scorned families why they a problem and how do we solve this problem it's gonna tell they're from Rome I have a lot of families that consider yourself scorned the list just goes on and on and on if you're new to the channel make sure to press that subscribe button for all the future in broader content guides tutorials I will make so scornful families of families who don't have a job or they don't have enough job family will be scorned unless the total income of its members received from jobs and offices are at least two percent of your national income and what that means is if you have a character and he don't have a job he will be scorned if not other people in his family have job that it reaches a limit of two percent and if you click this icon you actually get to the Carib there are some families and this one you can easily find every scornful family and every family with a red cross a families that are currently scorned the effect are belonging to scorned families that they will start losing loyalty so if you click this guy and if we go to loyalty as you could tell loyalty changes by minus 0.30 in each month due to then one of these was our school families that's the biggest one we'd minus 0.1 loyalty each month and that could be huge because when characters gets a disloyal they might start rebel and do other and nasty things to your empire and this affects each and every single family member so if you take a look at them school fool and even if you go to this little kid that's very very young is one years old and he's already scorned family loosing loyalty because he imagined when he grows up like in many years from now if he has had that ticking – zero point each month is he's loyalty will be gone and for this you can clearly tell it's worse for you if a big family scornful compared to a small one let's see if have any great examples here yeah look at this family with one two three four five six members mad at this one a scornful was with six people are losing loyalty compared to if this one would have been scornful when it's only one so the bigger the family the worse the cases if they are a scornful so this way you know what families to prioritize when it comes to trying to fix things by the way if you enjoyed the content my Imperato guide make sure to press that like button and it helps me out and it shows me I should continue doing content like this so how do we fix this well the only thing we have to do is give them jobs so let's pick a scornful family here and let's see we're gonna take this morcilla guy Quintus Marcia Olympus and to give him a job for example in our government and now he is going to pick somebody he may not be a great in this position but there's a good tell if you how're the loyalty fatality is scornful so right now of course did this is a nine and he is much worse you probably won't give in this job in real life and also I'm just replacing somebody now I'm not checking out his family may become scornful because of this but by doing this and you can tell there Marcia family for from the bottom if we now used to play the game I tap in lace-up actually the Marcia family is and no longer scornful I don't believe any other family popped up but we can tell now the Marcia family is no longer scornful they are making the money they are happy and a lot of jobs you can give them for example as I showed the government you can have them researching technology you could assign them as generals to armies you could give them control over and Navy you could appoint them as a governor what I'd done in this game and I played this game for quite some time in a few different saves is I haven't found that score families to be that big of a problem what I do is I kind of naturally fix this first of a go through my government and my researches and just replace people if they are stronger but after I've done this I basically let's have the game have its natural pace cuz whenever somebody dies cuz a lot of people will die in this game I try to replace someone else let's say these this guy dies and I pick a new one and then I try to see of course as high skill as possible and then a prioritize scornful maybe I gonna pick a level six if it's corn fall over a level seven but how do you fix all these people that lose loyalty well after a while when they have become disloyal this one will pop up the following characters have loyalty below 33% which means they are looking to start a civil war and clearly civil war is a scary thing and this guy happens to be the party leader of a faction to which could make it even worse so what I usually do because I'm a nice guy so just bribe them I paid them off now they're no longer loyal but maybe you are a little bit let's say you handle things with a firm steady hand maybe you're going to impress them they're maybe going to execute them do some that nasty stuff but I've just been a few guys that becomes disloyal I've always bribed them and it's always solves the problem never had a rebellion and as I said I handle this court full of families all the time they get a fewer and fewer because as people die off I replace them with with the guys that are scornful as long as their skill level is at a decent level of course not going to pick a level free guy a school fall over a level 9 guy that's not scornful so here I have a safe that when playing for some time and how a nation is huge we still have the scornful family message but even though my nation is big we only have two scornful families and actually during this same I've been down to having only one family and even not have a single scorned family at all I could probably fix this ASAP I just like changing around the governor or something like that and the massive thing with this is take a look at these families compared to the Rome's say that the unit started where most families were tiny with like one two members take a look at these families they are huge and still we only have two of them who are scornful so just by thinking about scornful families when you assign new jobs and Dave will be gone in no time so if you followed these advices I'm sure you're going to be perfectly fine when it comes to scorned families if you have any other tips when it comes to scornful families how do you handle them maybe I miss something out or maybe just have a question make sure to use the comment section below thank you for watching

20 thoughts on “A guide to Scorned Families | Tutorial on how to fix scorned families in Imperator Rome

  1. had to kill of most characters to save my self from a civil war. played for 9 hours without looking into characters at all. had 62 characters backing a pretender

  2. i have a tip: for each big army(10000+ men), i create 2 other small armies (about 1000-2000 men) for 2 reasons, first for each small army i can give a job for a memeber of a scorned family, and second when i go conquering a province, my big army will go after ennemy armies and my small armies will occupy undefended cities that i can easily and quickly take a province

  3. Every male that's of age being employed stops scorn. Being a general counts as employed. I just made a bunch of 1 stacks and made everyone a general

  4. Sorry, but the popup is not really related to civil wars, combined with many other factors it pools into a big lake, but if your only problem is characters, then it doesn't lead to civil war.

    The only problem with disloyal people, is when they get low enough to spawn an army, but that doesn't matter either, unless the 33% unrest civil war factor kicks in. Anyway the army will just walk around until the leader stop being disloyal or die, not worth much effort to deal with it. The real problem is that you most likely pay for the army.

  5. I just make a bunch of one cohort armies and appoint useless scorned family members to them. All the better if their troops become loyal and I don't have to pay them as they aren't really a threat to my real stacks lead by good generals. It feels cheaty to do but the mechanic isn't worked out in a way that gaming it isn't just the best option

  6. The bitchy thing if you kill unloyal guys is u end up without having a guy for a job. I ended up with missing dozens of govenors and generals…

  7. Big question if to kill off or keep conquered families – if you keep them, there shall be advantage to unrest, conversion and integration

  8. Ok so i managed to conquer Epirus, folks at dalmatia, Corsica and sardinia and sicily. Moving onward to Gaul first then start a third punic war to take Carthage. Would it be best to take some of the conquered families? granted i have been playing Rome for a total of 23 hours now. 3k gold, 70k manpower as of today lol. im beginning to feel comfortable playing the game

  9. Game penalize you if you have a lot of national income!! "A family will be scorned unless the total income of its members received from jobs and offices is at least 2% of our national income" – this need to be fixed.

  10. Ya i was kinda worried about this in my 1st ever playthrough still the same one btw since its only been 8 hours since i played the game. romans start with alot of sconful family (other factions that i only looked at is Bactria and Seleucid) but after awhile i kinda get that its a long term problem thing hiring too much will also caused money issues, which can lead to another issues. Best to let things run at a natural cause new ones will be born as the old characters die. Watching this vid put the argument that i keep on having on my head to rest 🙂

  11. I keep getting disloyal generals because they hire many cohorts of personal retinue. How should I fix this?

  12. This mechanic sounds cool but it is a really stupid one in my opinion, when you replace someone with a scorned dude the other guy's family gets scorned instead, it isn't a fun mechanic at all to play with.

  13. Should i kill all the families that i conquer if i already have too much scorned families?
    Also, should my ruler govern more than 1 province? What are the advantages of controlling more than 1 personally?
    Edit: ok, so it's because of the capital province, nevermind

  14. Hi, I like your video and I have a suggestion for you, don't make more then 1 video a day, if you do that people will forgot you and your videos, btw nice videos =)

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