A Guide on How to Get a 4:3 Aspect Ratio Resolution on Fortnite Battle Royale

everyone this is press here and since I know a lot of you have been asking me how to get a 4:3 aspect ratio resolution on fortnight I thought that I should make a quick and simple video guide on it it's really easy and I'm even gonna show you guys how to get a really high-quality upscale version of it if your PC can handle it so let's move on alright so moving on how to actually get a 4:3 aspect ratio resolution on fortnight we're gonna want to begin with by opening up our Nvidia control panel and I assume AMD as an equivalent app next we're gonna want to go to display change resolution and we're gonna be given many default resolutions that we can run many of these are 4:3 aspect ratio and I consider them lower end 4:3 aspect ratios but they're really good at achieving a higher refresh rate now if you want a more crispy higher-end 4:3 aspect ratio resolution we're gonna want to go to customize make sure we check and naval resolutions not exposed by the display and create custom resolution now we're only going to want to change horizontal pixels and vertical lines I'll give you guys a few recommendations on what resolutions I had run now if you want no upscaling and you want to do the highest possible resolution with no upscaling I would do 1440 by 1080 and if you do want to upscale I'd either recommend 1600 by 1200 or what I'm currently using is 1920 by 1440 P you can go even higher but I you know that's if you have a higher resolution monitor than you know 1920 by 1080 so it's gonna make you test it and this is a duplicate so it's not gonna make me test it again but you're gonna test its gonna confirm if it works and after you confirm that make sure your monitor is set to the correct refresh rate and you're on the correct resolution and after that we're gonna want to go to adjust desktop size and position make sure we have it on full screen if you want it to be stretched or no scaling if you want the black bars on the side of the screen as seen on your left and right how to confirm and really confirm that you have these settings on we're gonna want to go to settings system display and it's gonna show our resolution on here but we want to make sure we're getting the correct refresh rate and to do that we got to go to display adapter properties list all modes and this is going to show us all the resolutions and refresh rates that we can do on our monitor and these are our custom ones that we have added once you confirm that you are on the right resolution and refresh rate just make sure you go to the monitor tab and see the screen refresh rate and it looks like we have everything we want we're up scaled to 928 by 1440 P and we have our 240 Hertz so we are set to go and what you want to make sure you do is go to your fortnight game make sure you go to your settings and you must for the window mode you must be on windowed full screen if you do any of these others it's gonna you know change your aspect ratio and put it to the games gonna control basically your aspect ratio and we don't want that we don't want the full screen we don't want the windowed we want windowed full screen and you can even see the support they added it says 1920 by 1440 P at a 4:3 aspect ratio so we're completely set we're good to go so why use a 4:3 aspect ratio resolution in the first place there's many benefits to it some real some placebo there's also a few downsides to it there's also two types of players that use 4:3 resolution stretch and black bars but I'm only gonna really focus on the stretch aspect of 4:3 resolution as black bars they're really good for gaming more FPS and for focusing easier for some players but it's only really a counterstrike thing so let's quickly break down the pros and cons of using 4:3 aspect ratio for those of you who are unfamiliar with it first off you can gain more FPS for lower end pcs but you can also lose FPS if you upscale it like I do next you get a larger vertical POV on fortnight at the expense of losing some of your horizontal POV now losing some of your horizontal POV is actually a double-edged sword you would think it's only a downside but for some people losing that so horizontal POV helps them play better since there are less things on the screen to focus on additionally targets are wider on stretch which makes spotting enemies easier but does not make their hitbox bigger and they are moving faster horizontally and lastly at lower resolutions of 4:3 it can be a lot harder to see people in the distance especially on a game like fortnight this was a big deal breaker for me until I found out how to upscale the resolution and be able to stream and record at the same time while my dual pcs setup while looking very good for my viewers those of you that have dual streaming setups like me and use capture cards but also want to upscale the resolution you're gonna want to put your monitor and extend mode and I'll show you right here go to the system display and you have to extend these displays make sure your display which is gonna be number one and your Elgato is gonna be number two make sure number one takes priority after this you're gonna want to get OBS on your gaming PC this is my gaming PC you know and my streaming PC is the one with the OBS that's streaming it this one is not going to stream it but I'll show you why you want to have OBS on your gaming PC so I have previews currently disabled I think that's gonna save me a little bit FPS if I have that but what you're gonna want to do is you're only go to your scene fullscreen projector and then choose your display that is the 1920 by 1080 obviously the one I'm on right now is the 1920 by 1440 what you're gonna want to do display one 1920 by 1080 and what this is gonna do it's gonna open up this window right here that I'm capturing right now so that's how you extend the monitor and get it to your streaming PC are gonna lose some frames though this is gonna take a little bit of your CPU but since fortnight's also demanding on my GPU even on the lowest settings I do lose frames around 20 to 30 frames and I think I'm ok with it you know instead of averaging like I was always at my 236 which I have capped at 236 but sometimes I get more dips and I think it's fine like I think I can handle it for the 4:3 and the crispy image because I like the crispy image so I can see enemies further away cuz I had some issues on the like I said the lower resolutions it was really kind of hard to see enemies far away and I think a high resolution really helps spotting enemies at a distance I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you learn something out of it if you didn't know how to make a 4:3 resolution but I will see you guys on my future videos you

36 thoughts on “A Guide on How to Get a 4:3 Aspect Ratio Resolution on Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. I just watched this to figure out a way to trick the Fortnite system to letme play stretched in patch 8.30

  2. I have a problem when i try 1600×1200 it only works on WindowedFullscreen and not Fullscreen, but when i do 1444×1080 it works on fullscreen (My monitor native is 1920×1080)

  3. so garbe i wachted over like 100 vid 0 have fuking 4k monitor 3840×2160 all this vid usless all same copy them self jesus

  4. Hey bro I have amd Radeon 5450 graphics card and when I put my resolution on aspect ratio mode I am not able to use 75hz of my monitor only I can use 60hz and when I put my resolution on full screen mode I can use 75 and 60 any help pls?

  5. Smaller horinstonial is not true it's the exact same the game just crops the 4:3 when going into 16:9

  6. bro listen i bought a new monitor and my streach had black bars its my 3rd week playing with black bars thank god and bless you for making this vid i dont have blackbars anymore and i use streach

  7. Does it have to be in 240 hz? Because im 60 hz and did everything but its still stuck as 16:9 (im trying to do 1600 x 1080) the only thing that works is the 3D res. Whenever I make it windowed full screen it says its 1600 x 1080 but doesn't have the 4:3 and doesn't look stretched

  8. my monitor max res is 1600×900 any suggestions for 4:3 res for fortnite? 1600×1080 is not working on mine 😛

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