A Family Defends Its Honor

none of this is pleasant for any of us it's horrible to have to do this to speak up against my brother it brings sadness to me this isn't just about Paul this is about our family I think my brother has traded a lot of the values we had ethic at our kitchen table I couldn't be quiet any longer nor should any of us be we got to stand up for our good name this is not who we are it's intervention time an intervention time means that you go to vote and you go to vote Paul out my name is Tim Gosar my name is Jennifer go sir Gaston go sir Joan Gosar grace Gosar David Gosar Paul Gosar is my brother my brother my brother and I endorsed dr. grill dr. brill dr. Brill and I wholeheartedly endorse dr. David brill for Congress I'm dr. David Brill and I approved this message

24 thoughts on “A Family Defends Its Honor

  1. this is either a joke or should be a joke or this is the worst fucking piece of shit family of all time.

  2. I already knew that Paul gosar was a bad person from the vice interview. But brill Making an ad like this makes me curious about how cold his policies will be if he gets elected if this is any reference.

  3. The swinging dick on this guy. Lol I have no clue what you are for, but that was the most bad ass campaign add I've ever seen. 😂

  4. Is this a cult ? this is like taking a page out of scientology where the family has to cut ties to the "sinner" if they want to stay in cult.

  5. What kind of human garbage are these people? Why don't they just kill a child? Oh yeah – they DO! DEMS ENCOURAGE MOTHERS TO MURDER THEIR OWN CHILDREN BY ABORTION EVERY DAY! They murder millions of children, and then invite others to follow them into hell. No thanks, babykillers! The blood of innocents is on the Dem's hands. Can't even TRY to take the high road when you slaughter infants.

  6. Damn no wonder it’s been so sunny in Az this video took all the Shade!! Just your whole damn family being against you…you really must have fucked up….like damn you take their bike or something and they just went “you know what MF one day” ohhh boy that is bad

  7. Would you allow me permission to embed this video on our radio station website at mix1063fm.com? It would link directly back to you. I won't use it unless you say it's okay. Thank you!

  8. A lawyer, an engineer, a couple medical professionals and a PI; people who require the bare minimum of critical thought in their professions, disagreeing with not just the political views of their sibling but who he's become as a person, that's strong.
    Anyone saying it's disgusting that they're going against family like this, think about what it would take for you to turn against your own family?

    Do they believe that vaccinations don't cause autism? Do they agree that the German women raped by Russians as they took control of Moscow in 1945, should have had a choice whether to have the baby or not? Do they believe that the Civil War was fought over the South wanting to preserve and spread slavery? Do they believe that the world is, contrary to what you learnt in school, a sphere? You'd probably disown them too right?

  9. What a bunch of pompous jerks. It is one thing to disagree with your brother. It is another to do it with such vitriol. Those are some hateful people. I hope they think it is worth it. What are they going to do when one of their children disagrees with them? I shudder to think what they will do to a child.

  10. I didn't get what Paul did wrong. Did the ad tell us this or just that we should take his brothers and sisters word that he's a bad person?

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