A dive into Hokkien food and culture

[Applause] in Singapore we have a term that says 50 cents is bigger than a bulldog hartwill so this term actually tries to depict the value of money back in our olden days so it was from this term that we conceptualize the event because we wanted to bring audience back to the OE Rob Singapore and to teach them the value of food the event was conceptualized to introduce local cuisine local culture and local history back to our local diners and also to tourists at the 50 Cent's fest you can try a series of wood starting from no more than 50 Cent's and to a maximum of $2 to $3 Hokkien is the largest island group in Singapore it constitutes about 40% of the Singapore population this year we have more than 50 dishes that are from the Hokkien culture we try to bring back food that even Hokkien people may not have tried these days so it gives me a piece of their history even if you're not Hokkien and you're not from Singapore you can come down and try these dishes it will be something different for you

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  1. Wow! Singaporeans are far more sensible than those Idiot Hong Kongers. See your brothers on the other side of the world.

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