A Day in the Life of Stephen Sam ’19

Hi, My name is Stephen Sam and this is a day in my life. I have a workshop this morning which I’ll
be running, a few classes lined up, and a general body meeting for one of my organizations
so come check it out, come take a peek. So, today we’re going to be working on a computer
science demo. Essentially teaching kids concepts of computer
science and hopefully giving them a foundation using hands-on activities
This is my DMD class, History of Digital Culture. We’ve been talking about different ways social
media has an impact on our life Right now we are heading to our CSE class
on contemporary issues where we talk about different concepts in computer science whether
it’s cyber security, drones or the dark web and how these issues affect us every day.
This is Theory Computations class, 3502. So we’ve got a midterm coming up this Monday
so we’ll be reviewing things in the class as well as going over a few new concepts.
Right now we’re going to be doing a GBM for Brother’s Reach in our society. I am the president of this organization. We’re going to be focusing on black jeopardy,
a game where we talk about black athletes, music, historical figures, the whole nine
yards. Last stop of the night, headed over to the
Scholar’s Center room, 117, to get some work done. It’s been a long day, I’ve got some work I’ve
got to finish for tomorrow and an exam I have to study for next week so I’ll catch you guys
later. I’m out.

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