A Day in the Life of Ruby

okay we’re about to go in and wake up Ruby. happy Valentine’s Day happy Valentine’s Day
Jesus guess what I mean are you excited Oh bully I’m making her a firt pancake
this morning I thought it would be fun to surprise her except it’s Valentine’s
Day we’ll see if it turns out what is he doing when I put your hair up
okay just video of you I’m gonna follow you around today is that okay yeah like
a heart well mornings are pretty uh they go
pretty fast so I love her brush her teeth
well I brush her hair and put it in a little ponytail and then when she’s done
when I’m done with this I’ll go finish up the brush in right make sure you get
those teeth nice and clean excited yeah no any pushy you’re going
to be ready today yeah that’s nice okay forefront a breeze in a wheelchair and
Ruby likes to help push her down the halls welcome to a day in the life s bsk
original series that follows individuals living with a diagnosis for an entire
day to show that every human on this earth has value purpose and is capable
of progress we were given the opportunity so without further
hesitation get ready for a day in the life hey Ruby are you ready for your
question you want me to call you Ruby Ruby it’s good to see you again Ruby now
your first question is where are we at school do you like it here yeah what’s
your favorite part of school really cookies I think it helps both of them definitely
being able to push Avery is special and then also for Ruby to kind of use the
wheelchair as a guide for her kind of works for both of them what’s your
favorite thing about Avery oh it’s super sweet I think we had told Ruby that
Avery was going to join our school it was just last May that she came here she
moved here with her family and so kind of the lead-up to Avery coming was
really exciting for her to have another girl in the classroom the majority are
boys in the class so she was really excited and I just think that they just
immediate had this immediate connection and just loved each other from the
get-go who’s your best friend here tell me about Avery she’s doing nice to me
you have a husband Avery yeah why do you hold Avery’s hand I just hold her hand she wakes it
Avery what’s your favorite thing about Ruby she wants to sit by me BAM hi my
name is aimy aanenson and I have the pleasure to be Ruby’s speech and
language pathologist shine out sing me you make me happy when skies are a
strong voice when Ruby came here she had a difficult time answering questions
within an average length of time so we wanted to shorten that up so she could
have conversation with others so she works a lot on questions and answering
right away and also engaging with others when do you need to wear a seatbelt well but what does a phone do and when
did you buy easily Ruby has a strong desire to learn and a strong desire to
connect with others and I think that’s the most important thing they ready for this one short your hair
is not short you’re correct so what is your hair is your hair it is long can
you try saying the L a little better long yes hey ya her language has taken
off as far as interacting with others and connecting with others and
responding within a reasonable amount of time and so she enjoys that connection
and so her language has taken off which is thrilling to see I’ll see you later
all right let’s go bye bud we need you to play the quiet game in speech today
did you answer right away yeah I loved it I loved it
that’s a good deal who do you think our guests speak readers sons oh well you
don’t know me booth I answered some Christians and speech do you have fun
doing it yeah there’s no ot so today I’m going to be
reading the book have you filled a bucket to day your bucket has one
purpose only its purpose is to hold your good thoughts and good feelings about
yourself you feel very happy and good when your bucket yes fall I feel so good
when she gets on that bus because it’s every second up her day is gonna be
amazing from the minute she gets on the bus her bus driver is awesome to the
person who takes her off the bus is awesome she goes to class and she has an
amazing day there the bus driver has pockets too you could invite the new kid
at school to play with you that would be a good way to fill somebody’s bucket and
you feel very sad and lonely when your bucket is empty you I don’t want
I don’t want enough to be about you you wanna pull bucket laughs not get
feelings mom you but just knowing that she’s surrounded by people who care
about her and really want to take care of her needs it it frees me up to be
able to do what I need to do during the day and not worry about her at all
all day long we are either filling up or dipping into each other’s buckets by
what we say and by what the words from side to side let’s go
to the rack believe in who you are Davi do not going spend the other way let’s
bend the other way I think Ruby can teach the world to be kind I
don’t think I’ve ever seen Ruby at she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body I
think just she kind of leads by example and and kindness just kind of exudes
her news article a baby oh you just build her bucket how do you feel then
you feel good I know cuz you felt somebody’s bucket how about you oh how
do you feel about that he’s so excited about everything we talked about and she
wants to carry over those skills and do it and I think that makes her proud that
she’s able to do those things independently too and that’s what we’re
trying to teach her is to you know carry over those skills outside of the
classroom and to be independent all right Avery do you want to feel Ruby’s
talking so happy yeah she said you’re funny he’s
not happy every speaker felt me John did your wife in the under hallways
yeah yeah what is that that’s my boy yes for you
mom and dad I love you thank you for caring for me thank you for getting me
to school chocolates you’re carryin words will fill their buckets right up every a new best friend
oh she’s quite a ways behind us she’s my best friend
I know but she’s behind it’s all kinda gonna slow down and wait for it what is
this place this is connect right now so we gather
together and our primary focuses that we make connections with our kids so this
particular group is my responsibility just to make sure that their experience
your it’s love and everything that they wanted to be so what are we gonna do
take you on a culinary plan to come up sing our song choose singers on after we
finish eating our treats we have a few rules with Ruby so the first one is
always eat with a napkin the next one is to never talk to her when she’s eating
or drinking oh yeah we have a lot of words you can’t say Ruby is such an
amazing student she’s such an inspiration to all of us and I’m sure
you can tell that just by the attraction of kids to her when she comes in she
lights up the room with her excitement she loves to be included in everything
that we do one two three I’m an aunt Ivan is I have a cat I’m a
cow Moo Moo I’m a dog I’m a dog he’s your Indian result I always say that I’m probably learning
more from Ruby than she is for me if so I would assume that would be the same
with the student helpers one it just maybe changes their perspective of life
and maybe makes them thankful for you know what they have Ruby is a student in
the class she sings with the soprano section and she has two seventh-grade
friends that sit with her and help her with what’s going on they help her when
she comes to the concerts especially for walking in on the risers and help her to
walk to that spot and the same in the classroom Ruby sings um and she loves
music she gets very excited about it and she participates very well she does a
lot of listening and picks up the words and lyrics that way I think Ruby really teaches people that
it’s okay to be different you don’t have to be perfect in whatever society deems
is perfection to be loved one of Ruby’s friends told me that they
loved having Ruby around because when she’s around there was no drama and in
thirteen-year-old girls there is plenty of drama but Ruby can’t participate in
that drama and so having her there kind of helps cancel that out for them Ruby who are you standing beside what’s
your favorite thing about her wow it’s too loud when it’s not too loud what’s
your favorite pair that’s aw they have really come together around Ruby really
ad they have their own little name that they made up
with a combination of all their names and it starts with Ruby um and they just
love her so much they lunch together every day they hang
out on the weekends and before you know it
Avery was going to lunch with Ruby and the girls embraced Avery and now they
all eat lunch together last summer her friends were sad they
were worried that they might not get to have lunch with Ruby and so they each
wrote a letter to the principal and asked him if they could be in the same
homeroom which meant that they would be in the same lunch and the principal
honored their request and so those four girls are all in the same homeroom and
lunch together this year they even have like a chain a text chain
that they have which I am on and is like her proxy you know but she her iPad some
days I’ll go in and she’ll be hanging out on her iPad and she’ll have like 15
messages on her iPad so we’ll sit down and not lead them to
her and let her know that our friends were taxiing heard what do they write
they’ll talk about what they don’t think they want to do just general chat your mouse over here took weight and
right here just like you wanted and they’re really a good group of girls
they’re sweet and they understand Ruby they understand her limitations but also
encourage her like I do to be as much as she can be they’re just kids what do you
and your friends talk about at lunch Debbie think cutie
Ruby she could say wall she’s a cutie Ruby so Ruby is in an adaptive fayed
class and there are also gen ed peers along with her in that class that help
out I’ve been having happen started turning turning every you did to people they play
softball they play kickball they do all the all the same skills that are done in
a regular Fayed class just with a little bit more support it’s really hard for me
to know exactly what she can see because she doesn’t really know how to describe
things for me in a way that I would understand but what I’ve noticed is that
she can see light she can see like shadows vision does vary a day to day so
like she’s having a really good day it seems like her vision is better if she’s
kind of having the tired day it’s almost like she runs into things more often she
just can’t describe what she can see and what she can’t enough to do like a
vision test of any real accuracy he loves everybody for who they are and
I think having a friend like that gives people just such a sense of hope and
belonging that they might not have in their other friendships I’m not personal what’s the biggest thing you hope Ruby
gets out of her education gosh I think I want her to learn functional skills that
she can use going forward in her life and I also want her to have a lot of fun
I think learning should be interesting and really exciting and I think that’s
what is happening here movie you ready to go home she talks to sell all the
time even when they’re not in the same room sometimes when they’re not in the
same location it’s tough when Ruby gets home from the school all she wants to do
is just chill out on the couch and use Stella as a pillow
luckily Stella’s usually pretty patient but she’s getting older and sometimes
she moves doesn’t she what do you think Stella was thinking
about what’s it like to see the lessons she learns that school resonate at home you say that I love to see the thing
she’s learning at school it just means that it’s really sinking in Riley and
Ruby have been friends since they were in third grade so it’s been about four
year four to five years now where are you sitting with Lenny Riley tell me a little bit about Ruby oh
she’s probably the nicest person that you’ll ever meet
and she has the kindest heart ever and she’d never do anything or say anything
mean to anyone so sometimes after school Riley comes over and hangs out with Ruby
and they will bake together they’ll do work boxes together sometimes
Ruby even goes over the air after school why did you decide to be friends with
Riley I made cookies but now why we’re friends cause we make cookies yeah yeah and how more happy okay oh he’s feeling
me don’t you’re with her just no matter how bad your day is going or how bad
something might seem she can just like brighten your day whenever you’re with
him he’s gonna see me how to do it she’s taught me that you need to accept
everyone for who they are and everyone’s different and unique in their own way
and that everyone just like deserves a chance and everyone kind of wants to
just be friends with everybody else and you should let them be so at the end
of the night when Ruby’s ready to just relax and unwind she gets free time it’s
Ruby time and so I set her up with her iPads send her off to her bedroom and
like any 13 year old she is content in there relaxing and watching it for hours oh are you tired yeah okay we get it all
did we get him off yeah do they feel clean yeah all right what is Stella
she’s probably nan the coach well she’s taking it to Estella should we say it
when we get in bed yeah yeah I’m good should we go get in bed I do feel like
repeat was put on this earth to send a message of hope to people and to show
people that love really does conquer all you know Ruby is pure love and
acceptance and she gets that in return from everyone she interacts with and so
I just hope that when people see that her life is pretty typical they they
know that she’s all good like her life isn’t worse than anybody else’s it’s
it’s a pretty amazing life that she has you have a best friend easily okay okay
here’s the bucket you’re gonna have to find what’s hidden in there get those
hands way up there we go okay you say good night you know did Stella came off
she thinks that Stella says goodnight to her every night but really it’s one of
me either my boyfriend or I making a Wolf’s advocate oh yeah good

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