A chat with Cyrano cast member Peter Dinklage

My name is Peter Dinklage and I am
playing Cyrano de Bergerac. He is quite a personality, he… he’s a
wordsmith. He relies on his wit to get through life,
and it sort of gets the better of him, when he falls in love, he… he has this
great pride in who he is and he cannot bring himself to tell the woman he loves
that he does indeed love her, even though he has the tremendous skill set, and then
some to convey this to her. He finds a young handsome soldier named Christian,
and he uses him as his mouthpiece to get to Roxane. In the course of that, he
becomes very close friends with Christian, which then complicates the
situation even more, but it really is all about how your pride… if you hold on to
it too tightly, it can kill you in the end. It’s… it’s sort of a play with songs
and each one is very very different and unique from.. from… from the next. It’s like
the blood of this production, it’s inter woven throughout the whole show. There’s
a lot of underscoring, underscoring only, only drops out in a few moments during
the show and I wouldn’t even call it a musical. It’s sort of this… this band, the National, that wrote all the songs and the, the underscore music for are just…
I’ve always been a huge fan of of them, and then, Erica Schmidt always had always
thought of them because their music is so romantic.
it’s very journey and Matt Berninger ,who writes the lyrics, it’s all about love
and the complications of love and, and… Erica Schmidt thought of them while she
was adapting at the same time, so it was all one and the same and approached them,
and they loved the idea. It’s really physical, because we got these, these…
Jeff and Rick Cooper Minoru are choreographers, or these brothers who are
just, again, non-traditional sort of. It’s not really
a song and dance musical, so what these guys have done is like, sort of done this
super stylized version of what onstage fighting is, and it really is beautiful
and it works so well with the music and so it was a great, really real
serendipitous way of how it came all about. Theatre’s a real, very bonding
experience You’re more well known for your TV and
film work, but most of us start and there’s nothing better than to
constantly keep up that muscle and keep going back to it, because it’s just…
there’s nothing like it.

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