A chat with Cyrano cast member Nehal Joshi

My name is Nehal Joshi, and I play
Ragueneau, the baker, among other people. Ragueneau is one of the few people in the play
who can consider Cyrano a friend, there’s very few people in the play who are friends with Cyrano.. he also owns a.. a kind of renowned patisserie which becomes the
setting for the second scene of the play, or act 2 if you’re a purist. Cyrano is such a
beautiful play, it’s a romance, obviously, but it’s also a play about, in its heart, a
kind of.. about an adequacy. I mean, all the characters in the play have this longing
to express themselves in a way that they can’t, with what the world has given them,
you know, Cyrano with the way he looks, Christian with his intelligence, even
Roxane with her.. her need to express her love, but she can’t really express her
love except through these letters that she writes with Christian. Ragueneau is
a baker, but he also wants to be a writer, and he can’t.. he’s not a very good writer,
and that’s why he’s sort of friends with Cyrano and why he looks up to him, and
every character kind of has this sort of longing to be more than themselves, and
it’s a very human feeling. We all kind of long for something that we don’t
always quite capture, and I think that’s what keeps us going in the end, is
people. We have the Kuperman brothers as.. as their choreographers, and they’re so..
inventive, and plainly inventive and a lot of.. a lot of movement is very.. human
and very.. pedantic in a lot of ways, but it’s so evocative in how expressive it
is in its plainness, and we’ve been playing around with that, and then, of
course, Erika did this amazing adaption of the show, and so we’ve been trying to
discover the world of the play in 2019 for something that was written so long
ago, and I think that’s been the journey of what we’ve been doing, and sliding in
The National music while we can, and enjoying just sort of living in the
world of the music, it’s kind of like right now, we’re kind of dancing with it,
just to figure out what the steps are for all of us until we really actually.. we
start to groove.

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