A chat with Cyrano cast member Josh A. Dawson

My name is Josh A. Dawson, and I play Le Bret. Le Bret is Cyrano’s best friend, he is his confidant, his voice of reason, and he
has an interesting place in the show in that he can say whatever he needs to to
Cyrano without getting killed, and he’s a great fighter. He’s.. Cyrano is his mentor,
and that’s an interesting position to be at in the show and they have a really
interesting relationship. I think that, so many times, we think that, like, our Prince
Charming has to look a certain way and oftentimes, most times, it doesn’t.. it
doesn’t appear to be that way and.. yeah, I just.. I just love the story. I love.. I love
everything about what this, what the story teaches. Erica is brilliant, that’s
why. No, she is.. she has this ability to sort of bring that.. that text to the
modern sensibility and what I find to be really great about a lot of classical
texts, just in general, is that they do translate and they sort of.. they bleed
over the.. the time periods. It is about not judging a book by its cover,
that everyone is worthy and entitled to love.. and the music, I mean we’re working
with The National, it’s one of the.. one of the best alternative rock bands that
there is, so the blending of the music, the.. the staging, and the text, it just.. I
think audiences are really gonna connect with this show, yeah.

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