A chat with Cyrano cast member Jasmine Cephas Jones

My name is Jasmine Cephas Jones, and I
play Roxane. Roxane is an outspoken young woman and a firecracker who loves
love letters and poetry. It’s really hard for her to live in this world, because
the society kind of brings her down and the stakes of how she wants to live her
life. She ends up falling in love with Christian, and she thinks Christian is
writing her these beautiful love letters but it’s actually Cyrano the whole time.
It’s funny but it’s also heartbreaking and deep. It’s such a beautiful piece and
a romantic piece, and the role of Roxane is just… she’s so much fun,
and the way that Erica rewrote everything, she just stands up for
herself a little more. She sees the world in this
very, very colorful way and she doesn’t want people to.. to speak for her, she
wants to speak for herself and she wants to be heard. She kind of says what’s..
what’s on her mind, and she’s very very confident and.. and strong. She wants to
find love not just for the way that somebody looks, but.. but more than that,
for.. for their heart and for their soul, and she ends up finding that. Working
with Erica, she’s so open to your ideas and your input on character, as well, so
it’s really a process that involves all of us and I’m working with some amazing..
amazing, talented, beautiful human beings that are just so nice and easy to work
with, which is really really lovely.

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