A chat with Cyrano cast member Grace McLean

I’m Grace McLean, and I play chaperone
Marie. I play Roxanne’s chaperone, which is exactly what you think it is. I
scurry her around places, and scold her when she’s not in line as a chaperone
might do.. and then, you know, sometimes, I’m not the best chaperone, and I’ve got
things of my own that I want to do, like eat a treat, or chase a boy..
you know, I have my own life. Yeah I’m just really excited to be working on
this piece, first of all, because of the creative team, like it’s just an amazing
group of people, The National, I can’t believe we are seeing their music on
stage, it’s so beautiful and like.. full of this beautiful like.. ache and longing and
I am a lover of longing. Yeah, it’s just.. it’s been a great room, and it’s a
beautiful story, and I love that we’re telling it in this way. I really like the..
the sort of flavor of this particular production of Cyrano, and the ways in
which that flavor sort of like changes throughout, there are very clear acts, and
very clear like.. feelings and colors throughout the telling of this story, but
it’s all punctuated by this beautiful sort of like.. just amiss of.. of these
loves who like sort of mingle for a moment, and then sort of fade away, and..
yeah it’s gonna be like perfect for the fall. I mean, this is a story that will
never not be relevant because people always fall in love and people will
always fall in love with sort of the wrong person, and maybe for the wrong
reasons, and people will always sort of miss each other, and that’s like.. that is
the story, that’s like the best kind of story, I think anyway. Again, I love
longing, and yeah, it’s just there’s something about this kind of like people
almost getting together and missing each other, like that’s just like a beautiful
kind of ache that.. I think it’s.. it’s cathartic for us to be able to watch it
not work out for them. So, hopefully, it will work out for us. I have heard a lot about
Erica from a lot of friends of mine and I’ve wanted to work with her for a while
so it’s really great getting to work with Erica Schmidt as well. I had a show
that I wrote at Lincoln Center earlier this year and.. that was.. the
hardest thing I’ve ever done, and like.. and also I’m so glad that I did it,
because I have.. I feel like I have a greater knowledge about the whole
workings of a show, and what it means to like have a concept, and have so many
people come together to make that thing come to life, and now it’s really
wonderful being back on the other side of that and getting to be a cog in
somebody else’s wheel, and getting to know how important it is to approach
that with a sense of like generosity about like how.. how is it that we want to
push this wheel up.. up whatever mountain is.. like how is it that we want to tell this
story, and how can I be.. as generous and open and collaborative as possible,
to make that happen for somebody else. I mean, I’m happy to be like one little bit..
one little bit of a spark of that alchemy to support somebody else’s
vision, like it’s.. it’s a.. it’s a huge gift.

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