A Better Way Series – Family First

after my our pants divorced I never lived in one place for more than three years so to graduate high school he went over ten schools you know so we I just moved on a lot after I graduated I worked full-time retail and it was very stressful and then like it my mom taught me to you know I'm 20 years old you can have much as fun as you want between 20 to 30 that's where you want it to come in narrow things down and I'm trying to focus on what you want to do and when you have 40 years old that's when you want to master and become very good in what you do it's trying to learn all these tricks but you know what we cannot stop right we kind of continue to climb up to the top I was really motivated to just to earn money I was working three jobs and one of them was a retail store when I was there that's right and then we've been married for 15 years now so when I met Christopher we talked about how one day I want to just stay at home to me the most important thing is family so to be able to watch our kids grow and spend all that time with them it's amazing that we're able to do that or three their kids I mean they are very special to us the oldest one her name is Mina she is 14 years old right now and she is sizzle queen she loved sports like gymnastics to compete once he gets her – something's very committed fit it stuff pretty well or middle son it Christopher and I named them off to myself and you know it's my first boy he's ten years old he is a brain guy you know he loves studying he was become engineer when he grows up and my youngest son is uh is a clown his name is pace he is six he's very special when we were dating I asked him what he did and it was just on the side and he told me oh come along and come to me being and I okay so when I first was introduced to network marketing I was very excited about it because of my background you know when I was seven 1/2 years old with my two little sisters we moved to the foreign country and and we still live with my mom so we were raised by a single mom however – mom mom – put a food on the table she had to go out to work and with that we only got to see my mom when he wants to twice a mind will race by babysitters and I still remember when a 7-up years old my two little sisters crying asking for mommy all the time and I had to be the one comfort them right so during those time I I told myself that you know what when I become a parent I'm gonna make sure that we're gonna be able to be there for them so when I was introduced to network marketing I just knew this was my opportunity I have somebody like an average person like myself it has an opportunity where to make a good income to go to watch my own kids when you go there you meet all these things very positive people with a lot of energy and it was so different from working at where I was working and it was just like kind of wow what is this and when I went to the first meeting I saw this an average person was making 10 15 20 $40,000 on mine and they told me that your experience doesn't matter your education doesn't matter I mean I went college but I didn't finish college so when I saw that I was like man this is my opportunity here so after that I just hang on to this opportunity and I just know that you just have to learn the skills to become good at what I do network marketing it's it's not easy it is easy but it's not easy at the same time first three years I spent fifty thousand dollars and going to seminars and trainings and again I was making 126 dozen here but that's not where I wanted to invest into myself and my knowledge so what first three years I struggled but I just knew that I took that is that's my university and after my thirty years that's when I stopped making six figures in this industry and then I said to help other people do the exactly the same you want to enjoy the journey why are you along with it and you know the things to come along with it the personal growth people skills on all those things I learned to me I'll just never take that back from the moment I met and we've been always thinking about the good in things but just I feel like I the years pass on he learned so much from people I he wants to learn he's he always wants to grow the people I surround myself with it's like I'm another huge family he'll uplift each other this motivate each other and we've got each other's back and we all cry together we laugh together we party together it's amazing it's amazing just to watch the whole process it was really great because he's become really incredible at what he does and even as a person I think he's really grown I'm Chris cannon I am husband I am a dedicated father I am achiever I am a leader and I will network marketing professor I'm Liz cannon I'm a wife I'm a mother I'm a supporter and I'm a network marketing professional ladies and gentlemen my West for you is that you'll decide to become a network marketing professional and you decide to go pro we have a better way now let's go tell the world

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  1. Perfect example of what we have to be and do!! I wish I could do the same with my son´s kids in the future!! 😉

  2. inspiring…thanks for sharing… (shame that the music is so loud as its hard to hear them talking) otherwise its awesome

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