80s Hamburger Helper commercial

a cheeseburger macaroni specialty don't know what to do with hamburger try a burger helper cheeseburger macaroni children plate and hamburger into a hearty delicious meal that will please your coolest customer it was great van g5 who just subtle fruit cool

15 thoughts on “80s Hamburger Helper commercial

  1. OMG…I haven't seen this in 20 years…my BFF from junior highschool & I used to tease her younger brother INCESSANTLY when it would be on the television. Why? Because it had "Hands Diner" in it and he was at that age in a young boy's life when they spank it around 20 times a day. (Hey, we were 13 year old girls…)

  2. i'm never buying hamburger helper again! that stuff is so nasty. i havent bought it in over 6 yrs and man they really cut back on how it taste. it's just gross now. like chedder cheese melt was my fav, and now they only have the cheese pack in it and not the season pack.

  3. They sure are proud of their cheeseburger helper. There are better ones though; that one isn't all that great.

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