8,000 Care Packages Handed Out on Day 2 of Aid To Humanity Event in India

After distributing the 15,000 goodwill bags to the residents of Visakhapatnam and the giving of financial assistance to some institutions, the next day (September 28), the representatives of the Church Of Christ immediately traveled to the next stop of Aid to Humanity in India. After almost two hours, a huge crowd of poor residents of Vizianagaram showed before us. If we compare those who were given aid at Visakhapatnam to the residents of Vizianagaram, the population of the latter is poorer. Most of them are indigenous people here in this place. Many people are poor. People living here are calculating. Sources are very, a little bit, marketing, business people are there. The Aid event was conducted near the community center of the indigenous people at Bondapalli village. This past time at Vizianagaram, is just like this. Thank you so much, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo We have a good opportunity from you. Thank you so much. Through the directive of the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo Brother Glicerio B. Santos Jr., the General Auditor of the Church of Christ, led the distribution of 8,000 goodwill bags. Thank you very much, Church Of Christ! Thank you so much! This gained the attention of many religious leaders in this place — the aid conducted by the Church Of Christ here in India. This is the biggest program in Vizianagaram’s history. The Church Of Christ is doing this big program. The Church Of Christ’s is conducting this program is really good program, the people here are so happy. It [The Church Of Christ] is doing a good job. So I feel happy. And many people are happy with this program. Before the day the Church Of Christ arrived here, there were a lot of religious leaders from different religious groups have examined the teachings upheld by the Church Of Christ by attending worship services and Evangelical Missions. In this instance, their knowledge increased about the Church Of Christ’s history and its rapid growth in different parts of the world. I started all the video [about the] Church Of Christ. This is very, very good help for poor people, brother. Because in [the] Bible’s scripture [it] says also Jesus helped many people – so [it’s the] same – the Church Of Christ also they are helping poor people-really. God bless! As a result of their prior study of God’s teachings, and of the activities launched by the Church Of Christ that they personally witnessed, a big number of pastors of Protestant Churches already made a decision. The Church Of Christ’s teachings are good, and its telling the truth. That’s why some pastors joined the Church Of Christ. Yeah, I’m attending worship service already, everything is good, the preaching is very well, it’s based on the Bible. Teachings are based on the bible. Many of the people there are joining the Church Of Christ’s Ministers. I am also [to] join the Church Of Christ, why, because I like [the] doctrines. The Church Of Christ’s doctrines. I like [it] so much. They don’t want to tell anything, just depend upon the Bible [Scriptures] only. So, for that reason only, I like the Church Of Christ, and as well as, they’re helping poor people. And this ministry is going very, very, helping Andhra [Pradesh] so, that’s why I want to join the Church Of Christ. After the successful Aid to Humanity in Vizianagaram, we will once again travel for ten hours for the upcoming big project in Vijayawada. From India, I am Brother Montriville Boy for Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.

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    SA Panginoong DIYOS Ang lahat Ng kapurihan.

    #mabuhay ang buong Iglesia NI Cristo SA pangunguna Ng Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan Kapatid na EDUARDO V. MANALO.
    At SA mga tapat niyang katuwang.๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Blessed this People!,
    Salamat sa Ama At sa
    PAMAMAHALA ng Iglesia Ni Cristo,


  3. At least sa ibang bansa they really appreciate our Lingap and are eager to learn more about our doctrines.

  4. Nakakatuwa lang isipin na yung halagang inihahandog mo para sa lingap, makikita mo kung gaano ung saya nung mga tao na natutulungan. Kaya hindi talaga nakakahinayang maghandog kahit malaki. Makita mi lang yung ngiti nung mga tao na kahit papaano alam mo natulungan mong maitawid ang pangangailangan nila.

  5. The church growth in India only showed that God is with us! India is known for big religions like Hinduism but God allowed the true church to come so the people there will also hear the truth and be saved๐Ÿ™

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