8 Musicians and Bands Who Deserve Their Own Movie

The Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody,
opened worldwide and grossed over $285 million at the time of this video, already beating
NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton, which made over $200 million at the box office. The rap scene has its fair share of movies,
the classic rock, and the heavy metal scene, however, need its moments in the sun. With the trailer of Elton John’s musical
biopic out, let’s look at ‘The Rock Star Cinematic Universe’ candidates and other
musicians who deserve their own movies. But, before we move on, take some time to
subscribe to our channel and for good measure, hit that sweet little bell icon. Kurt was the enigmatic lead singer and songwriter for Nirvana. The grunge group shot to a fever pitch of
fame with their second album, Nevermind and brought alternative rock to the mainstream
media and the public consciousness. He resented the pressure of fame and couldn’t
reconcile with his underground roots to being called the spokesperson for a whole generation. He often felt persecuted by the media and
the accounts of his private life sensationalized in the press. Later in life, he developed a heroin addiction
and was clinically depressed. He was found dead at the age of 27 from a
self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head. His death has been a topic of debate and fascination
with fans worldwide and is one of the significant addition to the 27 Club, a list of musicians
who died at that age. Mystique still surrounds his name to this
day and I bet it makes for an intriguing movie. Perhaps call it ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
or ‘In Bloom.’ The pioneer of thrash metal, Metallica broke into the genre in the early 80s. The early Metallica albums are considered
the gold standards of the heavy metal scene. Their hard-partying drug and alcohol-fueled
antics were legendary and out of control, and their lead guitarist Dave Mustaine was
such a raging nuisance, they kicked him out of the band three days before they recorded
their first album. In fact, Dave Mustaine went on to create his
own band, Megadeth and challenged Metallica. We already have a well-documented story with
two dynamic rivals of the heavy metal scene. Not only that, Metallica lost their godlike
bass player Cliff Burton in a bus accident. Now I think it makes for a particularly interesting
story and will serve as a glimpse into these two heavyweights of metal. Black Sabbath is undoubtedly the pioneer of heavy metal music. Ozzy Osbourne, the notorious singer, dubbed
the Prince of Darkness, famously bit the head clean off a bat live on stage. They took inspiration from the dark side of
horror and dabbled with devil imagery which led to their band’s ominous sound and dark
lyrics. A story ripe with rock mythology. The blatant and excessive use of drugs and
alcohols led to Ozzy’s removal from the band, replaced by none other than Ronnie James
Dio. This could serve as the first half of the
movie, our main protagonist is down, and he comes back in the second half with his own
solo career. I bet you can see the movie unfold already. It could be a really dark movie with heavy
symbolism and horror elements. The flamboyant singer and songwriter’s explicit lyrics, eclectic work and extravagant sense
of style made him instantly recognizable anywhere around the world. The Rock Hall of Famer’s albums caused controversy
and full-blown hysteria when the government went to war with his music. One could make an entire movie just based
off of that. After the dust settled, Prince starred in
the movie, Purple Rain, and released an album with the same name which became his most critically
acclaimed and commercially successful release with over 20 million sales. From his contractual fight with Warner Bros.
to his death in an accidental overdose, this artist lived and died writing music. Prince’s biopic would be a treat to watch
even for people who have never heard of him. Perhaps the band that most accurately defines the modern hard Rock and Roll scene, AC/DC
burst onto the scene with electrifying high voltage rock in the 70s. After the recording of the band’s critical
album, ’Highway To Hell,’ their lead singer and co-songwriter Bon Scott died of ‘acute
alcohol poisoning.’ They brought in Brian Johnson as a replacement
for Scott and dedicated their next album ‘Back In Black’ to his memory, which became their
most successful album. The Angus brothers who started the band described
themselves as “a rock and roll band, nothing more, nothing less.” If ever a movie is made about great rock music,
it needs to feature the powerful band and their musical legacy. Elton John’s upcoming biopic Rocketman is all set to release in 2019. The film will focus on the legendary singer’s
early days as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music up to his eventual musical partnership
with Bernie Taupin. Fans are calling it The Rock Star Cinematic
Universe. The revolutionary singer is considered to be one of the most influential singers of
all time. The artist constantly reinvented himself and
his music with Space Oddity bringing him into the limelight and Starman giving birth to
his alternate flamboyant persona, Ziggy Stardust. His album, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
and the Spiders from Mars,’ gained him widespread popularity in the 70s. There was no one bigger than Bowie in the
70s; he almost had a cult-like following both in the States and the UK, perhaps helped by
the fact that he starred in the cult film, The Man Who Fell to Earth. A writer could perhaps choose to write about
his early years, or his years as Ziggy, or his White Duke persona. The point is, they have enough material to
make a trilogy. It would be a welcome addition to the Rock
Star Cinematic Universe. Led Zeppelin tops the list of almost all hard rock fans and critics alike as the number
one band in rock history and rightly so. The band’s unique guitar-driven heavy sound
led them to be cited as the father of the heavy metal scene. Robert Plant’s bluesy vocals and Jimmy Page’s
power riffs led them to the echelon of the rock scene. Perhaps their most iconic album, Led Zeppelin
IV also featured their most played song, ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ and led them to gain widespread
popularity. Their series of record-breaking tours earned
them a reputation for excess debauchery and partying, and led to their drummer John Bonham’s
death from alcohol asphyxia. The band disbanded shortly after the incident
and came together intermittently to play a few reunion shows. It’s actually insane that their story has
not already been adapted as a feature film. It’s obvious that we have left out a lot
of other influential musicians and singers. What musician’ story would you like to see
in the movies? Let us know in the comment section below. Drop a like if you agree with our picks and
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44 thoughts on “8 Musicians and Bands Who Deserve Their Own Movie

  1. How about a trilogy of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (Judas Preist, Diamond Head, Iron Maiden, and/or Def Leppard)

  2. Ac dc movie should mainly focus on its era from 1973-1983 with Bon's death as the turning point in the halfway of the movie…….and the production of back in Black album with BJ………also thunderstruck, Brian's retirement, Phil's legal troubles and Malcolm's long illness should mark the end, while the epilogue should show Malcolm's death,axl's coming and cliff's retirement and acdc 's future…………cast should include Alistair Kinnear, mutt lange, George young, Margaret young,Bon's parents and the young brother's parents…

  3. GnR??? Focus on mainly Axl Rose's abusive childhood, failed relationships and teenage years, then appetite for destruction with Slash, duff, Adler and Izzy………riverport riot, failing band, Chinese democracy in a brief, ending with not in this lifetime tour……..

  4. If they ever do Metallica please make it a series not a movie for just leading up to Kill em all should be a good hour.

  5. I think ozzy deserves his own movie but only the first hour should focus on black sabbath and the rest throughout the 80s and show how randy rhoads impacted his solo albums and life as his bestfriend who died in a tragic accident and then ending movie around the time ozzy stopped doing drugs in late 90s or early 2000s and metallica could have a good movie ending around the time jason newsted left the band.

  6. I suggest a Van Halen Biopic Movie, maybe Richard Madden playing David Lee Roth and Robert Downey Jr. as Alex Van Halen, I don’t know, give suggestions

  7. A Nirvana/Kurt biopic would start in the mid-80's with kurt and krist's teen years and end In 94 with his suicide. Another persone who deserves a bio-pic about Dave Grohl

  8. and i also want to see AC/DC on the big screen i listened to their music since i was 5 years old now im 14 today and still going strong #NEWALBUM2019

  9. We need a Marilyn Manson one. Call it ether the long cold road out of hell or Antichrist superstar. Oh also a System of a Down biopic

  10. Metallica, Megadeth, and Black Sabbath definitely need biopics. They all have been through so much and have made their marks in history.

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