8/26 “Christus vivit” through the eyes of young people: Hélène Plancher from France (ChV, 202-208)

Hello to everyone! I am Hélene. from France. for me, the experience of synodal
pastoral care is first of all this journey together Whether one is disabled or not because disability is something
that is important to me. That’s why I work with L’Arche
and now, I am living this synodal pastoral care, in everyday life, in the concrete gestures of eveyday life. For example, we will celebrate birthdays,
and we will set aside some moments to pray together, and I never cease to be surpised at the simplicity
with which people with disabilities talk about their relationship with God. That’s when I realize
and I tell myself that I complicate life, while this relationship with God
is really very simple. And this is good!

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