#7 Chronic Stress, EMF and Grounding with Olli Sovijärvi Body Mind Empowerment Podcast

Hippocrates the father of Medicine from ancient Greece said a wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses there are a lot of people in the modern world who have seemed forgotten about this age-old wisdom as the Western population in particular is suffering from disease obesity and chronic stress are we doomed to perish in the urban comfort of our cities do you have to escape back into the wilds to stay healthy or is there a way to incorporate our primal bodies into the technological environment of today that's exactly what we'll be talking about in today's body-mind Department podcasts I'm your host Sealand and my guest is oily Soviet army oily is a medical doctor at the Helsinki antioxidant clinic and he co-author of the bio-vipers handbook he has pioneered the holistic health practice in Finland and is the only finished medical doctor with a psychologic philosophical integral Theory degree from John F Kennedy University we're gonna be talking about the biggest problem modern people have chronic stress and what to do about it we're also gonna cover the benefits of spending time in nature grounding yourself and also the hidden dangers of electromagnetic frequencies that are surrounding us everywhere I'm sure that after you listen to this episode then you want to reconsider how you use your smartphones or your other technological gadgets if you want to support this podcast then make sure you leave us a review on iTunes and other social media platforms but now let's delve into the world of too much stress and EMF pollution do you what it is body mind empowerment gets stronger faster smarter quicker friendlier more helpful more driven everything the body needs control your mind and only welcome to the show Thank You sim it's it's a pleasure and I like your podcast and videos they're just great thanks and why don't we start off with some of your personal backstory like what got you into this field of research and exploration after are like graduated from Medical School I was like pretty deep in that in the system I was working my ass off so I have always been working very hard you know in the medical school I was handling these all kind of like lab tests and different stuff I was working from like 69 in the morning and then go to school and also working there in the nighttime so the work ethic has been always there and then I went through the whole like basic healthcare system and I literally I have been in like 50 different places in Finland and seeing seeing how the system and how it really doesn't work and and how I I did this kind of medical like geek practice or so I went from place where there's like acute need so I was like on call for 24/7 so you can think what what that does to my stress level so I was I was like in the fight-or-flight mode nearly all time I slept like 4 to 5 hours per night and trained 5 to 6 times per week so I was going in like burning the candle from both ends at one point I was just so tired and I I had to stop it I then I I quit all the part all the work and I was started to think what what I want to do what I really want to do so that was like eight eight years ago and then I'm starting to like read and research this holistic health and functional medicine and in the crawl theory and then I went to the JFK universe that and you know things got on from there and I began hacking my sleep and also exercising less eating better you know this basic basic stuff so I was doing by hacking or by then even I didn't know about that it's called by hacking so we now have a good view term for taking care of your health in a holistic way and biocking I think it's it's like a perfect term for that and then little later about four years ago we decided to write a bio a concern buck with with the alcohol metoya and tamari nan and here we are about release it in english pretty soon so that's that's it it's in the nutshell yeah and you know definitely like this we talk a lot about how when you look at what point hacking is then it's not anything in innovative you know itself you know it's it's the it's the fundamentals you know exercise nutrition sleep but you know have you yeah you add the qualification and the technological aspect to it which makes it more appealing and more effective for the four-day for the average person and sure yeah and you are you do a deal a lot of with with different patients and clients who who are suffering from diseases or who they just want to improve their health you know what's the most common issue people have well it's it's it's all had to have to do with stress with chronic stress so that's causing like warrior symptoms may have got problems that's like the like the key point like the sender of not well-being but being being ill so chronic stress got Blom's hormonal issues mental issues they're all connected together and usually it's it's this balance of the autonomic nervous system so I go always check that in the first place also poor nutrition like nutritional deficiencies you cannot know if you don't measure so I I measure a lot of stuff I do a lot of like functional how it's actually in your gut how's the micro bomb how do you get your latrines in there and what are the efficiencies so it's a it's key to understand the systematic way of thinking the body as a whole whole system and also parts of like different systems so the gastrointestinal system the circulation system etc and putting these together we have a more complete picture of the person and of course forward to mind which which you talk about a lot that's overriding everything so if you have a lot of fears beliefs and like negative connotations it's gonna override the bottle system no you have to take care of that – yeah yeah and it's it's definitely something that most people aren't actually aware of that that their thoughts and emotions can actually cause a physiological stress response in their body I think it's a cumulation of different stressors whether it's it's from the family or from the work or bad nutrition environmental toxins and so on and the ability to like handle all the stress that's that's all around us it's it's being diminished and at the same time the stressors are going up so there's this balance between that so I think that's the key problem we need to rush me the your stress which is good stress but many are in hyper stress State all the time and at the other end there in the distress hmm so finding a balance yeah that's a key and what do you prescribe to people do for your patients for stress reduction yeah well first it's just being aware of what the stressors are hmm so most people they are not even aware of those things so finding out I I ask questions and we spend in there in my appointment or or reception at least one hour so in the anime's part is very critical so I make them feel like this metabolic screening questionnaires which go two different body parts and I I can deduce from there what is the case in the in the stress stress in their bodies but what I do I prescribe them like reading practices one simple box breathing or just four seven eight reading more just like breathe in for two seconds and four seconds out so the meaning of the breathing out that's that's activating and I show them in in the appointment how to do it and many people they please over here like okay take a deep breath just like now breathe in your diaphragmatic so that you're more body is breathing so learning the breathe that's like the number one thing but what about like I've heard that nasal breathing is more parasympathetic and if you breathe through your mouth then you're actually stimulating like the stress response in the true might be I usually breathe through the nose like all the time no she's meant to be the breeding breeding like airway not too remote most is more for for reading so it might be might be that I haven't seen any research but I haven't actually looked so yeah that's that could make sense and if you for those of you who are watching this podcast on the video then you can see that only is actually standing outside in in his backyard the natural environment fully immersed with the elements yeah I wanted to talk about nature because you you you've said a lot that the nature is actually one of the best healers for the body and can you tell us about how does natural environments affect our physiology and and why it's so important yeah if you think about our history as a human being so we've been living like 99.99% in a natural environment and only like 0.1 or 0.01 percent in this urban environment so there's a clear mismatch so for example in Finland only four percent think that there are like purely urban people so 96 percent are more or less more like forest people or or being in the nature so so just being in in the environment that's been encoded into our genes into our bodily system so what's happening if you go outside in the nature for example in the forest it takes only five minutes and your pulse rate is going to slow down your breathing starts to slow down and spend a little more time and you feel that the stress response is going down spend like one to two hours you see that your cognitive performance is going up and if you spend a night in the forest that's that's actually the best thing you could do for lowering your stress lowering the blood pressure and just you know inflammation so chronic inflammation that's a huge thing for many people you don't have to take any supplements or or even you don't even have to change your diet but just go the forest of course I I can I could to recommend that you eat like anti-inflammatory diet but just by going to nature and spending there a few days we lower the inflammation response mm-hmm but what do you think it is why do you think it is so like eat it like this some sort of you get exposed to some sort of physical you get you get exposed to a much better environment or reason something like that works on your subconscious mind as well yeah that I think there are a lot of different very variable so first has to do with the air air quality and also the harmonization of the different senses the hearing the seeing so it's it's a it's very harmonic outside it's not like rough angles there's stuff like that also I would say the electromagnetic pollution it's usually lots less in the forest and it's here many different things mmm but I I can you know when I look outside I can see some green pastures some leaves some clouds and such and but but I do stay in the urban environment as well from time to time so how could people you know what could people do who are living in this city to you know get more nature into their lives yeah that's a good question and we have actually a solution made in Finland it's called Nava that's all–that's that's a green wall it's a green wall which is breeding these roots are purifying the air and it also brings the nature element to the office so for example we have in our by a Kerr office one novel wall and also in our medical clinic we have one wall so it's purifying the era but also brings the nature element and that's being shown to lower the stress response like immediately if you have some nature elements mm-hmm wow that's that's quite good good like it's like you're it's like they're ordinary plants but they're on steroids or something well you could call that you know with like quote-unquote steroids it's it's interesting because the the roots are actually the part that are cleaning the air so when I go to the office it's it's kind of a different smell that you then we'd go to normal opposites better oxygen levels its interests people feels better of course you have to take care of it if you don't take care of the ball it would be crowing so mold and that's nothing either so yeah it's the it's it comes to show that there are these things that we cannot see and feel that much like for instance the novel wall but what I'm trying to point to is also that were also surrounded by a lot of invisible electromagnetic frequencies and radio waves as yesterday in the city like this is quite a new new field of research but it's you know research is showing that showing the EMF has a lot of negative effects on our health can you tell us a little bit about that like whether or not it's true it's true yeah even though the government or or something like hey instances are trying to say that it's not but there's more and more research coming how it's like detrimental to our health so some people are more sensitive and some some people are not that sensitive or or they are not aware of effects III can sense if there's a lot of pollution so I I intend to go the place that there's there's not but of course we are there's there's a we are like consisting of energy different different wave forms of energy everything is energy so it's a quite stupid to think that electromagnetic waves are not affecting our body because light is and sound is so why wouldn't that be so it might be causing like increase of cancer cells like disruption in the body homeostasis like chronic oxidative stress creating these free radicals but it has to have to got to do with the frequency of the devices so they're pretty like very high frequency devices like jigger or even terahertz magnitude so that's that's what I would recommend to go and of course if you ground yourself you're diminishing all the effects of the EMF that's around you okay do you know any like long-term studies or research on people's volume biomarkers and form hormones linked to emeth I haven't seen any long-term studies because I I think it's a rather like new research area but one interesting study that I came across is that people who have this amalgam like do you deal what's amalgam yeah like yeah yeah so it it's an old method of like treating the carriers and so you could put this amalgam comes in your mouth so if you're very close to a Wi-Fi router like like tourists and emitters it will actually release mercury from the amalga whoa so that's not a good thing a lot of people have liked it especially if they were like 40 or older they have a lot of amalgam in their heads and motes so I don't know that that has to be a big issue I just came across that study and I've been thinking why so many people have high end mercury and it's not only about eating too much like fish or or whatever so I think that has to do with it too I've actually heard like that the geometric and also lower testosterone in men is it true yes it is it's true yeah I know if you have like a laptop on your on your lap yeah so that's not usually a good thing so you're radiating your chest go sweet with frequencies that you don't want to so yeah it's it's lower in the sperm count also lower in the testosterone production and III definitely don't want that yeah and but of course like if you're living in the city then you can't block out all EMF around you because you know neighbors and it's it's everywhere but practically and what can what can a person do to reduce the negative effects of EMF on their health yeah well go outside go into the nature more and just like detox your and that's I could call that like electronic detox also so what you can do is that you stand you stand barefoot like on the grass or so so then you are immediately crowding them the flow of electrons it's like that's an antioxidant system so you can diminish the the oxidative stress that's being caused by the EMF just by standing on the ground for like 10 to 20 minutes so it's it's usually clearing all the negative effects of the EMF yeah but definitely don't wear a smartphone in your pocket at the same time that's that's probably the most stupid thing to do so about smartphones especially if you're moving so it's constantly constantly find find different like these are called connection points so I would recommend you that you switch off if you're driving traveling more or whatever I keep it in offline us as often as possible and I only opened when I when I use it so yeah I even like when I found out about these things then I even you started to risk I stopped using it near my head as well you put it yeah speaker and keep it away from my brain for that least like a few centimeters so that I wouldn't send it to the head yeah I that's that's very good advice and I noticed that many years ago I was wondering but when I was speaking on the phone why did my like this ear felt warm mmm I'm pretty sensitive do all all kind of energy so after that I began researching and okay it's it's might cause some like a braying prank cancer and it's changing the metabolic mean in the brain so I stopped using that four years ago so when I have phone I usually were like this no Bluetooth just which is wire and there's a microphone here mmm that's why they beautiful white color but so like Bluetooth headphones are also like quite bad for you right not that's bad not nearly as bad as speaking like the phone in your head but it's so it's also a little bit of radiation so if you if you want to diminish like all the radiation then then it might be good you don't have a bluetooth either so yeah yeah it's it's werden yeah but I also wanted to ask one of one of my friends actually asked me that are there any negative side effects to grounding can you do too much of it I think you can you can do too much of like everything and I seem a few pages mine what I've been like okay go crowding they're like being there about for two hours and they actually feel worse so that might be due to the effect on the autonomic nervous system so it might be going to too high in the parasympathetic node so but usually that's the case with the patients that they have like low sympathetic activity and if they go too high in the person the activation it's it's actually making them feel worse but usually those people are suffering from this so called chronic fatigue syndrome or or Emme so I think fighting like the good balance good homeostasis is good and if you if you feel that okay now it's enough then just that it's it's enough what you have to become aware also how your body feels so yeah yeah I would also think like there actually might be some some small benefit for some mild exposure to EMF pollution like it causes so that your body would could build a tolerance to dealing with it in the future like let's imagine if you if you put like a caveman from the Ice Age in the middle of New York Times Square and then the they're gonna get this massive headache because they haven't been exposed to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ever before yeah you know they're gonna get anxiety and information but modern humans they've you know built some resistance to it so it's it's it causes like the smaller for me tick response yes or Mattox treasure so that's very good point we discussed that also in our biocking stress MOOC that's that's forthcoming next book after the Baracus and book so yeah of course if you just like leaving the cage and just don't exposure yourself to anything then you are not gonna build any resilience so that's that's a good point and of course everybody's everybody has to deal with some EMF so what you can do is to build build your resilience of your old body by doing this different Vioxx that you can do so yeah are there any signs of maybe too much EMF or too low testosterone that person can recognize too much EMF might cause some like symptoms different symptoms headache dizziness low energy that usually those those are the symptoms about testosterone you might not get any symptoms but but I'd recommend that you go and measure your total testosterone and free testosterone and days SHBG and LH and estradiol tested just to make sure that your urine safe side and robbery in the upper side so you don't necessarily feel that of course if your libido slow and your energy is low and that might be due to the low testosterone but it might also be due to different other things mm-hmm but by measuring its that's that's there probably the only way to find out it comes to show that all things are connected like your sleep and testosterone they're also affected like need and it weakened your immune system at the same time and these things have a clear consequences on all areas of your life and you as a doctor also are you know involved in these types of things and how can i how can a person identify a weakened immune system without without any real medical examination of course if you get sick often and that's a good sign of it if you get on the flu that's that's you know around there and there it's it's always a good sign yeah well that's that's like the most basic thing and also if there if you get the flu and it's lasting like for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and you don't recover so that's that's a clear sign that it's not really functional well if you don't get any fever ever like you have a low temperature iron you don't get fever that's that's also that's a good sign because the fever is it's rising the temperature and it's clearing out the microbes so it's a natural phenomenon and you might get like well in just a few days it get the fever well lack of energy is also a sign of a weakened immune system because it's affecting also also the energy production a lot of different symptoms like having like a running nose all the time sore throat and most people have like these mild symptoms that they are so used to do that they don't even even like notice or beer or they're not aware of those and when you ask okay do you have these and it's saina okay something is not that's okay there might be something going on I've heard actually like that like that's been the vast majority of your immune system is located in your gut how does how does your gut Hill affect your your let's say your sickness and immune system yeah I have a very good question and you're leading leading the way where it gets I like that so I wouldn't say most of the immune system is in the gut there's this specific image system called GI LT so of course every like mucus area as they're all like microbiome old only in fact like immune system in the nose in the mouth in the skin and also in the gut what the effect of the gut microbiome it's it's of course huge to the immune system so everything you eat if there's some like toxins or microbes say it get will get destroyed by good microbiome so if the biodiversity is versatile in that in the gut so that's usually a good sign so for example when I measure these got studies I always get this diversity like Graham usually people have it's very low and then we think okay what can we do to hire your diversity and one-one thing for that is this like soil based organisms either in food or just like for example a prescriptive robotic devotes is very good for like getting the diversity up but what I recommend is like eating like a wide variety of different vegetables and plants so that's like the best was made to feed feed the good bacteria different kind of systems get into your bloodstream and they cause an immune reaction if the immune system is functioning well it's not they might cause these chronic diseases like Lyme disease and different like Eckstine barbers becoming chronic and chronic mono necrosis and stuff like that so that's what I why I say it in the beginning that they help the center of the health is in the gods so yeah that that's a huge thing to take care of and I've seen your videos that you recommend like sauerkraut and like fermented pickles and stuff like that and they're very good for for your gut health it's just implement these like daily basis and you will get a better immune system also mmm yeah we also talked with the yoga in our previous podcast also about these gut health and he recommended actually fermenting these wild wild plants like nettles and those yeah I'm definitely going to have to start you know trying out them next season to to see how how it's how they taste and work yeah actually like amazing I I got from yoga this bottle of like different wild herbs fermented wild herbs and I ate it in like a few days because it was so good and I haven't found anything like that after that but I use sauerkraut and like organic sauerkraut about daily and also I use these raw Alpine Jesus like like raw goat cheeses my parrot is montipora which which is well order the winch favorite from from the from like 300 years years back so that's like a living organism it's got like it's very like very strong smell and you can see that it's alive if you compared like this processed pasteurized normal of Jesus they're they're dead so there's no nothing alive in there so I don't take any probiotic supplements anymore because I these cheese's and these fermented things so and they feel a lot better and what I concentrate all also is prebiotics so I want to feed the good bacteria more so we just say like that the processed regular sieves so the supermarket's that it's not that useful at all no it's it's not not useful at all it's probably destroying the guts for example is from like a normal normal a one-house that edan crap and being like highly processed and organized and you know just destroyed the whole whole thing that could be very healthy yeah and what about some other tactics to boost the immune system I take a lot of adaptogens my my favorite is seasonally chugga finished chugga high ORAC values so that's like the basic thing in here but I also like this more exotic reishi like wild purple reishi from from Tibet that's that's that's more for the stress but it's also good for the immune system so those are probably my two go tools and I try and test a lot of things and I go intuitively on the bond base of that I really like finished pros root or rhodiola and that's more more on the stress Seiden HPA axis but also good for the immune system seasonally I also take like pure white MC from like Amla like a highly bioavailable zinc that's that's like a staple for me and of course if I don't get any Sun I will take vitamin D which is so combining in the in the fad formulation I used to go like five times per per year to Spain but not not that more anymore but in a month we are going to for two weeks in the cameras canary islands just to get some Sun and relaxation of vitamin D so that's that's like probably the best boost for the immune system for me especially people in the northern climate they tend to have a lot of vitamin D deficiencies and because of that I would imagine like that they that the effects of stress are that much stronger on them as well so how do you overcome this Virna burnout state how did you overcome your your fatigue working less that was the key key point resting more sleeping more and getting better quality sleep I also what I noticed that I ate too little at the time I was like also in the periodic state like all the time because I ate a little and trained too much so I was like in getting catabolic state so I was pretty I would say skinny I was too muscular about like under 6% body fat like just to to raped to like to dry so by eating more better quality food resting more it's just you know simple basic stuff and also taking care of my gut health that was a huge thing so I began measuring all the variables and I found out that had no living like the person lie in in my gut and also my bifida bacteria pretty low so that's that's a it's usually two things that you have to get like elevated like the most passive and bifidobacteria just you know basic basic by hacking things usually usually the thing is that the you have to find out what you want to really want to do so I did that and what you really like to do it and not to do it too much yeah and yeah it's a good point to talk about some of your other activities you're involved with you know because you're you're not just a doctor you're also an author a biohacker and entrepreneur and also an athlete am i right yes to all so so how do you manage to live more stress-free and relaxed life in the modern world while still handling your job your family and the toxins in the environment yeah it's that's that's a very good question and sometimes it's not that easy but I go by by the way I feel but also I measure with with this or during my recovery and sleep so it's giving like like this objective data for example today my temperature was a bit higher than usually so I won't I don't like any heavy training session today window I slept very well and the HRV is pretty good but you know just by having this objective data and also how it compares to how I feel I feel pretty good now so I will go for for a walk walk and stuff like that but of course sometimes I'm very stressed and I've seen also that the god health has to do a lot of bit bad so my diet is I go very low fodmap diet because it's not really good for my gut I've tried like eating a lot of kills and stuff in that and I get this brain fog for two days so that's not for for my mic microbiome so keeping the diet very like stable and finding out what what's really good for you it clearly effects by cognitive perform performance and also my emotions for example now I go intermittent fasting every day but this is what I drink its salt and just mineral sparkling water and a little bit of coffee so I I fast as long as I feel good and then I break the fast it's some broad bone broth and we have this great ice cubes so they made from this wild reindeer contras and I mixed with turmeric and ginger and and some vitamin C and apple cider vinegar and some salt so I practiced with that usually of every day do you like milk milk down the tubes or sorry do you milk down the bone broth cubes yes yes it's in the in the freeze freeze fridge and it's about this size cube and I melt down that just pour some hot water and all the other ingredients and just stir and drink and drink the odds I can feel like at the moment that there are some ketones in my in my mouth it's it's this job quite quite yeah very metallics taste and I actually measured I have this kiddo breath test so it's in the mild while ketosis one I found out that that that's very good for my mental health very good for overall energy and and I eat carbohydrates but it's in the evening and night time but I still get get into the ketosis in the morning the daytime so mmm so it's like this is like something like the core a clothing or something yeah I would say that not have been cutting it down a little bit more so it's it's going under clearly under under 100 you might be even under 50 mm 50 grams but I cycle it by the way I feel if I start to feel like lethargic I might go a higher hmm so just going by the feel of the body and the mind it's it's a good way to go because I used to be like that but I've like this very strict schedule okay training Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday and then then even on Sunday I'm but I don't do that anymore it's or by feel and that's why I train train at home I have a patient basement gym and I trained all of outside yeah I saw you send me like this Facebook clip of you doing some queen and jerks with over 100 kilograms and hand was quite impressive so what does your training look like in general how often you do it and at what intensity yeah it also over eyes I I don't really count how often I do yesterday I did like very short intensive like bodybuilding training I use this like triple super sets just to get the time under tension and also the metabolic load very high but I only do like three movements and three sets so for example yesterday I did like heavy heavy double bench presses four repetitions of six then some fat grip bicep curls for repetition of 14 and then like this band band tricep extensions for reps of 25 so so I combined like versus strength movement then more or least this hypertrophic movement and then it's more like this inverse movement I did that yesterday and also a day before that and today I'm just probably go for the long walk but I will show you this just a moment I have this sand back in here so what I do is I do a lot of clean and jerks with this sand back so it usually looks like like this that's that's my favorite tool the sandbag it's not stable it's more like if you're actually labeled lifting something yeah and yeah you know I provide I do what I feel feel like but it's it's more have to do with the explosive power training and and some heat training every now and then but still keeping these certain phases of training mmm okay so on actually now transition over to you more into your personal routines and habits a bit and when we were at the summit at the Bayaka summit then you talked about that you that you shoot some red light into your nose at the morning a little bit about how do you do it and you know what's the purpose of that yeah well first in the morning I usually my wife Rings it to me I I sleep in a little longer than than she does and it's a international infrared light called view light to device so it's improving my circulation in the brain especially in the deep ventral areas so I get a good boost of dopamine and also it's also actually if you have a higher stress response in the morning it's lowering that too so there's this 10 health hurts pulsing light also so I do that then I just go outside and take some like fresh air and if it's not like super cold or super super much snow I go also bare food for a while I go inside and drink a lot of water salt and like lemon and I was our vinegar and just I get the nutrition hydration going on and I like vibration so I have this pretty good like portable vibration plate so I go on that for a few minutes just to get like the vibration on the cells have some bright lights like this see support for like preventing any seasonal affective disorder have this very very clear like white light so that's cutting off the melatonin that might still be there is it like something similar to the human charger or yeah it's similar but it's not going into your ear but it's just through the eyes so it's like regulating the superclass my neck knuckles in in the deep deep layers of the brain and hyper telomers so I want to like tie my circadian rhythms of course in the summer time I go outside in the Sun when there is Sun mmm after that I play a little bit with my my daughter she's almost two years old and then I go to the infrared sauna for a little bit of sweating and like small exercise there but it's it's pretty pretty like it's one one person infrared sauna so I don't really get to move there a lot after that I take a cold shower for few minutes that's usually that's not usually when I feel the best it's after that it's like like like feels just so good and you know a lot of these things that just get my body and system waking up and so I don't have to like go training I don't really like to Train in the mornings because I'm more like a night person or evening person so why the energy goes up usually towards today mmm yeah yeah so that's about it some coffee with cinnamon and vanilla a little bit of MCT or brain octane and I don't usually eat anything maybe some amino acids I tend to take some ei in general I'm you know as its if I feel like okay I might need some boost in their cognition and another thing that you only briefly mentioned that the summit was a nitric oxide and that is also like a quite a new emerging topic and I'm curious yeah what it is and what effects it has on their body yeah well my two cockshott is it's it's a molecule that's orbiting the blood vessels and they and in detail you mean in the blood vessels so it's a very critical for for the circulation and you can actually get the nitric oxide pumping issues just like doing small movements you cannot go go for a few minutes like this and you feel this tingling like after a few minutes mm-hmm they also you can prevent from getting getting you a heart attack and stuff like that and just getting the heart pumping also opening up the vessels in the brain mm-hmm so it's over overall very good it's also been found to be anti-inflammation agent so you can stimulate nitric oxide by using this might arginine and okay this other combination I don't recall what what was like that but we have this supplement called in a way to finish supplement so it's called combining this I will get you that after the podcast you can check it out okay I'll check it out but other any other supplements you take you mean in the morning or over all over oh yes I experiment with a lot of things so but they're usually like cyclic for example today I began using this d-ribose just to feel if it has any any like effect on my energy levels and I feel pretty good you know it's just it's a like replenishing the ATP that's we used in like training and overall I like working it so I vitamin D in the winter times I use I use quite a bit of magnesium might go even to one gram per day I use this pure magnesium glycinate and nothing nothing else in it today I took some Dube Aquino it's like activated Co Q 10 I took this rushmore cell which is like boosting this not plus so it's an energy production some adaptogenic herb combinations like rhodiola and so on mmm enzymes I use the syrup test enzymes every morning and also localized and just to break down all their all the unwanted scars and and so on so and enzymes it's it's pretty huge for me probably some something else I don't recall yeah why didn't see I'll just pour pure vitamin C what about creating or oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yes every day 5 grams I might take some breaks but I be using that for like 20 years so I actually notice if if I have a break and start using it again not only the strength goes up a little bit but also the cognitive performance goes up so that's that's clearly affecting that so it's it's a stable stable for me yeah it's I think they're shown that improves memory and yeah stuff like that so I think like we've we're nearing the end of this show and we've you know delved into the mind of only for quite a while now and I'm going to asking like a few of my last questions from you yeah and you know the this podcast is called body mind empowerment and which involves both your physical and mental aspects of your life so what would be like two of them important and most effective things anyone can do for their body and their mind well breathing number one is conscious breathing for me that was like the I think that was like the key element of coming out of the stress because I I began consciously breathing consciously like doing this like deep breathing sessions every night because I had like insomnia so that helped a lot so that'd be like the best best thing to go on and you can like widen that perspective into mindfulness and then to into different meditative practices so for example yesterday I did loving-kindness meditation and after that I did this more of consciousness widening expect like this meditation by Ralph Messner meditation and breathing would be like like the key things to go also being aware of your like beliefs and negative specially negative beliefs of course we we all have a lot of different beliefs a lot of like we have been programmed from this since we're bored so coming out of those but it's usually very interesting to like talk with your parents about this because just by seeing what what they do you usually have those two so that's what's coming like I dream outs like I think it's like those things laid the foundation to being aware of your condition and your your individual blueprint whether that be your genetic makeup or the programming of your mind you know raising awareness around that so I think that's also like a key yeah and I think you you you have a lot of upcoming things as well in your life with the boilermakers handbook as well maybe you can tell people about what it is and the hope they can they're hands-on on this book yeah so boy hacker's handbook is a five-part book that's consisting of of mind sleep nutrition exercise and work it's a systematic way of approaching different like body systems and how you can measure them for example in the nutrition side we go through these all different food groups and it's not about any diet it's about how to pick like the quality from from the bad quality of course we have things like how you can like exercise yourself like bigger muscles or improve your anaerobic conditioning or how to hack your memory and how to improve like working memory and how to get in the flow flow state but also what you can do and how you can quantify it so it's it's a book that has not been written yet anyone but now it's over 1,500 references so it's a scientific based as highest can be it consists of 538 pages it's visually very very appealing very beautiful not like any normal book it's actually a piece of art you like to call it you can find out more about more in biohacking book calm so there are actually four chapters that are out in a book we have this special chapter on invincible immunity the sleep chapter is free so you can check the quality just by downloading the free free chapter on sleep we are releasing the print book some some like month early next year I don't know it's January or February and it's gonna be distributed to Amazon of course eBook there is this bundle offer it's only like 47 dollars to get all the books and all the print versions and every stuff with that we are coming up right so it's it's a we print it on ourselves there's no publisher and we do everything ourselves so that's that's that's the work let's do it get your hands dirty yeah no compromises not whatsoever you can follow my facebook that's if you google only sabi army and facebook you can follow my facebook I do this every day by hacking videos of course it's in Finnish but you can use the translation for that I probably will be doing it in English next year so I do 365 videos one video every day I have a blog I haven't been really writing there any stuff lately but it's called all only as integral live.com so they're there like a lot of writings from 2010 2011 and 12 and 13 about the integral philosophy and like the body body mind stuff so it's pretty interesting reading also how you can use the integral model they all call model to to like research different areas of humanity mmm yeah that's interesting and definitely a whole lot a podcast topic for for the future so I want to thank you for for coming onto the show and everyone is interested in optimizing their physical and mental performance then definitely the barbecue sample you know must read for for for everyone thanks all the again for coming on the show and do you have anything else to say for our for our viewers just a notification that I'm having a little savoring so that's that's a good for your health so you're activating your brown fat formation by having this called thermogenesis show this quote but it's only like a t-shirt on and I'm not moving so my body is going becoming too warm itself while shivering so that's that's one thing you want to do go go outside get get cold dissenter evening yeah also keep warm yeah all right thanks Odie thank you see him yeah but just so this is our square meter yard well she stole which is pretty old yeah all right that's it for this episode I hope that you now begin to take these things more seriously that EMFs they aren't this hocus-pocus but they're actually a real thing that have real negative effects on your physiology and I would also suggest that you go outside and you know have this short grounding break for at least five to ten minutes but other than that that's it for this episode make sure you do some review if you already haven't stay tuned for the next one click the like subscribe blow to the teacher bill as well like always my name is Steve stay grounded stay and powers

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