6 Work-At-Home Jobs with Flexible Hours Hiring August 2019

hey guys in this video I'm going to show you six work at home jobs that have flexible hours hiring right now for August 2019 the first company this that I want to show you is called site caster or Zeke caster not sure how to say that exactly but it helps connect people to events communities and activities that you can go out and do of all sorts and if you go to Zeit caster comm that's their home website you can scroll down to the very bottom and it will say we are hiring if they're if they have jobs available click we're hiring when they have that and then you can basically just scroll down here and they have like a one and they have like one page for their jobs that pretty much just has you do like a general application so it's a $15 per hour job with flexible hours part-time up to 20 hours per week and data entry you know you'll be doing stuff like that pretty easy type work it says live in or are familiar with Berkshire County Massachusetts you don't necessarily have to live there but you need to be familiar with it you submit your application to site caster at this forum on the right side and basically what you're going to be called your job title is a's editor so it's basically data entry type work and then you can of course read more about the company and everything here but they are hiring right now for a fairly easy very flexible part-time work that pays $15 per hour another website to check out is called CrowdStrike and CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity technology company and they're known as a very good place to work so you might want to check them out maybe after this video but CrowdStrike is at CrowdStrike calm as you can probably guess if you go to company you can click join our team then you could scroll down to view open positions you'll see some of the awards they've gotten for being a good place to work and then you'll notice that they have a lot of different jobs around the world so they have India is one of the top places they have Romania United Kingdom Italy United States Australia so they have a lot of different jobs around the world Singapore some of these are remote some of these are not some of these are in an actual office but Spain there's another country so you might want to just kind of scroll through here whatever country you're in scroll through here and see what they have available they might have something that's worked from home in a country outside the US because they have a lot of other jobs outside the US as well all over the world so the job I want to show you for them is a systems engineer production remote United States or you could work in an office in Sunnyvale California or in that area but again remote United States is one of the locations they're accepting applications for so pretty much anywhere in the US and you work from home so some of the responsibilities like you need to know Linux engineering and administration expertise with virtualization administration troubleshoot server hardware issues and things like that key qualifications five plus years of experience working in a large-scale production environment excellent written and verbal communication skills as pretty much every job requires two three business-related trips per year for group meetings and Python experience is a plus chef experiences a plus threat intelligence and mobile technology would also be a plus and then benefits they do have good benefits like market leader and compensation and equity awards so they're known for that competitive vacation policy health benefits plus 401k paid paternity and maternity leave remote friendly environment flexible work hours all that stuff you can apply by clicking the button at the bottom of the page and this of course is CrowdStrike again go to trick CrowdStrike com2 check out the company or you can go to the show notes where I have a link directly to that job another company is called arrive you can go to arrive calm to check out the home website of this company they are a mobility solutions company that helps with navigation systems websites and all sorts of other things along those lines and you can basically just go to the bottom of the page it'll say jobs under the company section which you can also just go straight to arrive comm slash jobs click see open roles there on the left side and then you'll notice what they have available so the top of that page see when you click that it takes you straight to their open roles but you can also go a little bit above that and it'll tell you all the different benefits they have which they have a lot of really good benefits now some of these are mostly for people who work in the actual location but some of these also can be applied to work from home as well so it just depends on which job you get but this right now they have a bunch of them like in Chicago but they also have a remote customer experience agent part-time flexible hours and you'll be bringing a laser-like focus to customer support via telephone during daytime hours that's basically what you'll be doing and you know you'll talk about some of the things you need most of these have to do with your personality and things like that over just a degree or a specific amount of experience is a remote position again flexible hours no office time required so this is not like you no work in the office a couple days work at home a couple days this is actually no office time and you do have to reside in the state of Illinois in the United States so you don't have to be in Chicago or near Chicago just need to be in that State so they'll tell you more about shifts and stuff like that and you will be required to work up to 25 hours per week you can apply by clicking the green button at the bottom of the page and the next one is at Vox media so you can go to Vox media comm if you go to voxcom it'll just be like the website the blog that they have because they're a digital media company so they have as you can see if you go under networks it'll show you all the websites that they that are part of their brand they have voxcom they have the verge SB nation recode polygon eater and kirb as part of their media brand so if you go to careers up there in the top right just go to career openings under the drop-down and that'll take you to where you can look at their jobs you can also click this orange button here kind of a little bit down the page where it shows you the employee benefits and you'll notice that they separate it by the website that they own and the jobs available at each of those websites so they usually are you know like New York DC and San Francisco or remote something like that so occasionally you'll see other locations but you'll notice that they have usually a few remote jobs available instead of just one or two they usually have like one you know at each or every other one of their brands or something at any given time so or then they have something like this where if you go to product technology and design you'll see a ton of remote jobs all under that section so SB Nation usually has a lot of freelance contract type jobs for writers if you're into sports but then the main job I was going to show you today is a full stack engineer chorus remote DC New York this one has very flexible hours and you'll notice that if you scroll down to about working at Vox media it does have a it's a full-time position permanent excellent benefits again I showed you where you can go look up their benefits but they have flexible hours generous parental leave and those types of things you can apply by filling out the form at the bottom of the page but as basically you'll collaborate with teammates across design use a research community and product and project management to create and improve the products for Vox media's digital brand build publishing tools for writers editors etc what you'll bring proficiency and at least one major language and framework so Ruby on Rails whew dot Jas something along those lines or what you'll need to bring to the table and then a lot of the rest of it is just kind of who you are as a person so that's another job with flexible hours that you could get right now if you have more of a you know coding background another one you can check out is called voice hub and you can go to voice hub comm they are a broadband phone service and virtual phone system company so you can work pretty much anywhere you start around well pay does vary but it just depends on which job you get but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page which has a lot of random blank space for some reason you can go under company you have jobs right there you can also check their Better Business Bureau rating if you need to you know a lot of companies like to do that just to show that they are a widget company they have a few different jobs available what you are looking for if you want to work from home is it will say anywhere under the name of the job so you have social media jockey and Regional Sales Executives that are both work from home right now so I have just the social media jockey one of on here and you'll be doing Twitter Facebook Linkedin all of that kind of stuff part-time and you'll basically manage the social media for the company and do some kind of marketing and just constantly be posting good stuff and you know be entertaining but also related to the company and what it does and hopefully maybe even get some new customers for them you'll have flexible hours work from home profit sharing and bonus programs full and part-time contract work available and there you go so they're a again virtual phone system company and broadband phone service so that's voice hub and then last but not least is an SEO company called web web FX so SEO is search engine optimization so it's a type of internet marketing that has to do with content usually they do a lot with blogs and YouTube channels and you know some social media they also do pay-per-click advertising as well web FX does so if you scroll down to the bottom the careers section is under resources so bottom right click careers or go to web FX comm slash careers go view 30 plus job openings and they have these different sections here so they have internet marketing social media media and copy and those different categories right here so if you when you end up on the first page here it'll be the internet marketing page these are not all the jobs that they have available it's not like a one you know all-in-one job page it's actually by the category so like they don't have any social media jobs right now but they have some earned media and copy jobs that are work from home so you know just depends on the category and what they have available at the time so as far as web FX a lot of their jobs are fairly flexible they actually tell you how much you're gonna make and everything as well so like this one remote copy editor 31 or 37 thousand dollars annually flexible schedule requires 40 hours of remote availability per week so if you want more of a full-time flexible schedule then here you go so desired skills they don't say a whole lot about this but then you go to responsibilities right and edit an array of content types from blog posts to sales copy work with over a thousand different publishers and the web media except etc location fully remote again worked from home and they'll tell you about your training and some of the other things as well compensation they also have bonuses of up to a thousand dollars hourly rates start at fifteen to eighteen dollars per hour for this particular job $180 monthly step in for your work from home office and everything flexible schedule so all of that kind of stuff then here's some more benefits down here that they offer and then you can apply by clicking this or by filling out this form and clicking submit application at the bottom of the page so that's as far as the different companies that are available so next I'm going to show you a few websites that you want to probably go to to learn more about these companies so before you apply you want to know as much as you can find out so as far as how much these companies pay some of them tell you some of them don't you can get a ballpark estimate by looking up the job at payscale.com if you go to like I put in systems engineer it as an example they average around seventy seven thousand dollars per year now that's in the United States you know check based on the country you're in and you're applying for but if you go to job and then you type in the job here and click search salaries you can do that or you can type in companies and then type in the company search salaries and they'll tell you the average pay for a entire company so payscale.com is good for finding out your potential pay if you want to read reviews from people who have actually worked for any of these companies go to Glassdoor or indeed or both glassdoor.com go to company reviews type in a company and click search and they'll tell you the reviews right here like CrowdStrike has one hundred thirty-eight and they also have awards that some of we'll post on their profile for being a great place to work they have a 3.7 out of 5 star rating which is really good so that's an example right there then you can also check indeed.com under company reviews and then click the name in here and search fine companies so Vox media has a 3 point 9 out of 5 star rating out of 18 reviews so again just check different reviews check the pay scale and all that stuff to find out more information about these companies before you apply and then if you want more work from home jobs maybe you're looking for something else maybe you're looking for something that's non phone maybe you're looking for something full-time something with benefits whatever the latest work from home jobs are all posted here at online jobs under self-made success.com and I post them here and I list when I post them the date and links directly to the job so they're easy for you to find and learn more about and apply so check that playlist right there that should be popping up at the top right of the video as well for the latest work from home jobs that have come up in the last month or so and more information about them where to find them and then also check this page as well which will be in the show notes so hopefully this was helpful for you and I'll see you in the next video

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  2. Amazing video this is great for people who want to create a 2nd or 3rd income source . It's not time consuming like a regular job and is highly scalable and it's effort based how much you can make I love what you've shown here in this video. Thank you .

  3. This is a great lead for those who have problems when it comes to time or shift. Flexible jobs are hard to find and when you find one, you can work at anytime or anywhere. This is also good for students who want to build their experience.

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