6 Ways To Get Rid Of Pigeons

6 ways to get rid of pigeons get rid of pigeons for good hi it’s AlaskaGranny I have been fighting the
battle of pigeons pooping all over my roof the problem with pigeons is each one can poop up to one pound per
week so that’s a lot of nastiness the pigeons spread they also spread diseases I went to the Dollar Tree and found these 2 rubber snakes
I am trying to get rid of pigeons went to the Dollar Tree and I found these 2 rubber snakes
you can see that birds don’t seem to be alarmed by them at all they are wandering around some of them even
perch up on the side look at the snakes take a drink next I tried water
balloons with a slingshot and without a slingshot to get rid of pigeons naturally how to scare the pigeons away next I tried a beach ball I blew it up tied some fishing line on it and then I
tossed it up onto the roof and I could make sure it didn’t get stuck up there I
could pull it back down with the fishing line and this helped chase some of the pigeons
away next I bought a a bobble headed owl scarecrow scarecrow I put that up on the roof and
you can see the pigeons are still there some of the pigeons are still there it
seems like no matter what you try there are a few pigeons who just are not afraid I went
to the Ace hardware store and picked up some Victor rat traps I climbed up
with my ladder and I placed the trip where the pigeons were being a nuisance another tip for how to get rid of pigeons get rid of pigeons naturally and get rid of them for good and I made sure that this string was
hanging down so that once the trap had done it’s job I could just pull it off of
the roof it works I new technique but I’m trying to get rid of the pigeons I’ve bought a Scott Pet Products double door pigeon trap so I built a little platform and put it up
on the roof where the pigeons are roosting I left the trap there about five day with
it all open and bait in it so the pigeons became familiar and comfortable with it
after the pigeon seemed like they didn’t mind but they enjoyed the bait I set the trap with more bait in it and within
five minutes look I caught one pigoen if you have one pigeon already in the trap if you have one already in there the other pigeons are more
likely to come in what I learned is pigeons don’t all fall for the same trick trap or
technique you need to try some of these tricks and tips to get rid of pigeons some of them are dumber than others some of them are more leary than other s wrong
and then there is and you have to try a multi-faceted many pronged attack to
truly get rid of pigeons so I can finally say they’re all gone from my house for now try these 6 tips and tricks to get rid of pigeons learn more at alaska granny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

97 thoughts on “6 Ways To Get Rid Of Pigeons

  1. hi Alaskagranny, can you recommend a good way to get rid of mice from my home? I've tried the poison bait and the snap and glue traps already.

  2. When I moved here in 2004 the house next door was housing about 50 pigeons in their attic. How did they leave? A family of racoons moved in!

  3. I was having the worst problem with pigeons. poop everywhere. I threw uncooked rice out where they could get it. Had to do it twice but it got rid of them!

  4. Just trap them and wring their necks OR glue traps / glue boards work great as well for pigeons …they get stuck on them

  5. how to get rid of pigeons : 1.shot them with a rifle
    2. shot them with a pistol
    3. and just in case if that doesnt work set the roof on fire

  6. do not kill pigeons and than put it on youtube like for exsampol a rat trap do you now how to use a rat trap its for rat are you dum it even said it on the bag that it came in op in your eyes

  7. god did not make pigeon for you to kill tham.i em not a hater but its trow i do not now why you are killng pigeon . you even chrid to use a beach ball did you not read what you bot. beach ball is for the beach if you did not now that then you are not frum earth.and you use a plastik snake to get the pigeon out of on top of your home if anything it was trafid of you morn than that snake

  8. I'm just going to use a pellet gun. Only it needs to be the day before trash day so I don't have flying rat carcasses rotting in my trash can.

  9. Buy a Ruger elite black hawk .177 cal and shoot the sons of bitches . If your in phx I'll shoot them all for you . For a small price . Send me a message.

  10. Pigeon bring bad luck. Sign of pigeon laying egg in nest brings North node which can bring death, Sickness, Less money, Unstable employment. These are astrological proven facts

  11. Nice work for a granny but room for improvement. I am at the point that i miss eating pigeon soup, scaring did not work.

  12. My wife's cat does a great job of keeping them off the balconies. I'm still looking for a roof solution though.

  13. Thanks AlaskaGranny. Water treatment sounds harmless but a good pressure should send a message. I guess we'll see what 'my' pigeons fear most.

  14. You eat meat so you fully support Farm breed animals to go under the knife how could anyone have a issue with her killing a pigeon I'm kind of thinking there's a more peaceful solution pigeon pie must give that a try hahaha

  15. To all people saying don't hurt Pigeons, let me tell you you have not face the brutality of pigeons. They make your home so dirty and filthy that you have to wash your house from top to bottom twice everyday to clean their shit and still the bad smell doesn't go away.
    God pigeon are so stubborn, they lay eggs so fast and in anything (don't need nest)
    Edit : I am an animal/bird lover but now I hate pigeons.

  16. Well science fact because of pigeons
    Bird diversity is decreasing
    And you can observe lot of bird spices that You saw in your childhood days now you don't see them easily anymore

  17. you can easily get rid of pigeons, put a LOT of food out for them and poison it, you can bet it will get rid of EVERY SINGLE ONE.

  18. We have a house in India which have lots of pigeons in the roof but we just let it go instead killing of killing them


  20. Buy a remote control bird of prey. Or a drone to fly near them. Flick a towel from either a bedroom window, or outside. Get a big water pistol. Remove the food source from your garden that attracts them. Create a food source for them away from your garden. Using cruelty to remove them will harm your own inner being/soul. We are now living in a dying world because people refuse to live in harmony with animals and nature. People continue to be cruel. This behaviour harms the individual, the eco-system and the planet, no matter how small the incident. We are all the same consciousness/energy. Get clever and repel the birds without cruelty. Using cruelty means you are beaten, you resolved to human cruelty, not intelligence. Pigeons are scared of crows but the crows won't hurt them. Feed the crows, they are scavengers.

  21. In ancient times pigeons were revered as companions and they were extensively studied by Charles Darwin for his theory of evolution. In both world wars they were used to carry vital communications and have been credited with saving thousands of lives and honoured by the military.

  22. Interesting approach. They are pests and are to be treated as such i dont see anyone crying over mic then again i imagine that killing mic is looked down at in some weak peoples minds

  23. Go Granny Go! I'm going through what you once were, but can't get on a ladder. They wake me up every morning by a flock landing on my ridgeline, above my bedroom. My only weapon so far has been rocks which I throw at them. At least now when they see me coming they fly away. Someone mentioned moth balls so I might throw a handful up on the roof and see what that does. I like your water balloon attempt, but it only give momentary satisfaction, on the same thought line, I was looking for a strong rubber band gun.

  24. Get a life and you won't even notice these easy going chilled out birds who saved lots of lives in two world wars…goggle GI Joe pigeon world war 2… greetings from Ireland ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

  25. There are companys that sell pigeon food that makes them sterile …no new pigeons …problem gone forever..
    Pigeon droppings deface and accelerate the deterioration of buildings and increase the cost of maintenance.  Large amounts of droppings may kill vegetation and produce an objectionable odor.  A flock of just 100 pigeons can produce up to 4,800 pounds of guano, annually.
    Pigeon manure deposited on park benches, statues, cars, and unwary pedestrians is an aesthetic problem.  Around grain handling facilities, pigeons consume and can contaminate large quantities of food destined for human or livestock consumption.
    Pigeons can carry and spread diseases to people and livestock through their droppings.  Additionally, under the right conditions, pigeon manure may harbor airborne spores of the causal agent of histoplasmosis, a systemic fungus disease that can infect humans.

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