6 Side Effects of Toxic families

Actress Angelina Jolie had a chaotic relationship with her father growing up. As a result, she became estranged from him and even changed her last name to disconnect from all her painful memories. She says, "I don't believe that somebody's family becomes their blood, families are earned." Titles mean nothing when you never felt close to someone who was supposed to be there, but offered little to no support. Does this sound familiar? Here are 6 side effects of growing up in a toxic family. 1. You have a fear of being manipulated. Toxic families often involve some sort of daily manipulation between 2 or more family members. Manipulation is a serious form of mental and emotional abuse. Whether you've been directly manipulated or watched someone you love be a victim to it, this can cause you to grow fearful of this toxic behavior. As a result, you may become avoidant of others in order to protect yourself. 2. You struggle with developing your self-identity. People who come from toxic families often struggle with image and low self-esteem issues because they weren't nurtured to have confidence in themselves. You might have grown up with parents who never respected your boundaries, often verbally abused you, or didn't allow you room for you to develop your own beliefs, dreams and interests. Consequently, you begin to see yourself in a negative light. Instead of having nurturing parents who helped you except your flaws, mistakes, and failures, you faced harsh criticism on a daily basis. Without a healthy sense of steam, one can miss out on fulfilling their talents and potential. 3. You have difficulty trusting others. Children first learn how to form relationships with others from their parents. Toxic parents often give children a reason to close up, and they become distrustful of the world. When you learn to put walls up out of fear of being vulnerable, it makes it hard for you to connect and relate with others. 4. You have trouble interacting socially. Studies from Texas Woman's University shows that adults who were raised in dysfunctional families reported struggles maintaining romantic relationships and overcoming their insecurities because they feared losing control. As a result, many of them would deny reality and their own feelings. When you grow up in a household that exposes you to neglect, abuse, and mistreatment, the last thing you want to do is get close to people who might let you down or betray you. 5. You have anxiety overload. According to a study published in The Journal Of Behavior Therapy And Experimental Psychiatry, people who were raised in a dysfunctional household are more likely to be diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. As a result, children who grew up in a toxic environment are at risk of developing problems with their academics, social life and impulse control, because their brain is continuously exposed to cortisol, the stress hormone. Systems of Generalized Anxiety Disorder include headaches, irritability, muscle tension, sweating constant worrying, and feelings of restlessness. 6. You deal with the trauma by going through emotional cutoff or estrangement from your family. Once children from toxic families grow up into adults who can financially support themselves, they often experience emotional cutoff or estrangement to disconnect from their unresolved family conflict. Emotional cutoff, coined by American psychiatrist Marie Bowen, is a process that involves either physically distancing oneself from a family member or avoiding sensitive topics in a conversation to reduce anxiety. Some people choose to disconnect from their family members because it's better than drowning along who hasn't changed or been treated for their unhealthy behavior. Have you experienced these side effects? We know that sometimes it might seem impossible to recover from them, but were here to offer a safe, judgment free space where you can talk about what you've faced. If you're feeling brave, please share your story with us down below. Also, don't forget to subscribe for more content from Psych2Go and check out are Patreon Thanks for watching! Hey everybody! I just wanted to give a personal thank you video for you guys for always supporting Psych2Go and making this all possible for us. Our vision is to make psychology as accessible as possible so it promotes self awareness and it helps you guys grow. However, we want to make more content for you guys and would love your support in buying one of these bracelets from out partner Introvert Palace. Check out the bracelet, it's pretty cool and it even includes Pluto. The link to purchase will all be in the description below and I hope you guys have an amazing day. Bye! <3

42 thoughts on “6 Side Effects of Toxic families

  1. There’s times where I contemplate running away and just take on a new identity so I never have to see my parents again, I just can’t stand my life anymore I’ve resorted to drugs at 13 and I’ve become an alcoholic I keep asking for my mom to take me to a therapist and she just won’t listen neither of my parents listen even my little brother treats me like shit and when I tell my parents that he talked badly to me they laugh about it and it’s hurts because they just don’t care

  2. Or ur just a child in the miltary not being stable facing the truth that you will lose all your friends because you move too much and had to deal with bullies and never beloved your parents loved you because you didn’t understand that they couldn’t control the moving and had to face a child predator trying to make friends that you could keep online.

  3. I only have mother and a young sister
    I love my mother she's kind she's nice… She's fine …
    'Twas my relatives my mothers siblings shit

  4. Yes! I never understood why I didn’t stay in touch with my family until I watched this video! My parents always give me a hard time because I disconnected from the family, and I could never pinpoint why. I always thought there was something wrong with me, yet every time I did reconnect I would pay a serious price. This video hit the nail on the head—why sink with someone who isn’t ever going to change?

  5. My dad always thinks I’m unfit because of my constant worrying, headaches, and the other side effects but it’s not :/

  6. I come from a family of runners. My mom was very good at track and cross country. She won 3 state titles in both. She forces me, my brother, and my sister to run. It would’ve been fine because running used to be the only thing I’d ever done, so I was forced to enjoy it. But when I started learning an instrument in 5th grade, I wanted to focus and music. As you can probably guess my mom wasn’t happy about that. She keeps trying to pry me away from music. I am in 8th grade now, and I want to be in band in high school. She is angrier than ever, and she constantly puts me down and says I’ll be a loser if I don’t run in high school. She is trying to find every negative thing she can about band to convince me to stop. I’ve grown more and more distant from her because I don’t want to bring this up. Almost every night I end up crying from an argument. The worst part about this is that she blames my bad mood and low self esteem on my band friends. I’ve grown to hate running even though I am talented. I love music so much more. It’s taught me more than athletics. But she thinks I don’t know what’s best for me. Now I am aware I am young, but I don’t want to end up forcing my kids to do what they don’t want to do. I know what I want to do in high school. She thinks I only want to do it because my friends are doing it. But I really love music. Anyways, she always forces me to run early in the mornings and do a workout program every day. I’ve been feeling drained, so I wake up and just go on a walk instead of running. I try my best to avoid it because it brings me a lot of stress. I also can’t sleep at night because I have frequent nights where I lie and bed and get paranoid that my house is going to catch on fire and I will burn to death. Some other nights I feel depressed and have suicidal thoughts so I stay up to 2 watching YouTube. It helps take my mind off of things. I honestly just want to end myself, but I’m too afraid to. My mood keeps getting worse and worse. And if I cry in front of my mom she’ll tell me to grow up and that my problems and feelings are not valid. So yeah. That’s my life right now and I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

  7. the thing is, now that i’m an adult, my mom is way more encouraging than when i was a kid. it’s hard to take that now encouragement when all i ever got was the complete opposite. people can change but with my mom it’s a lot harder to take. 🙁

  8. I can relate to 3 out of 6 of these.. it's so difficult to keep going when you have so many obstacles in your way…

  9. Both of my parents were abusive…my mom hated girls and my dad hated me too because being born a girl made his home life hell!! After repeated attempts to kill me didn't work at 15 I left never to see them again…my life has been hell with 2 abusive marriages under my belt…and now I'm alone.

  10. My parents love each other, but they can be too much for me. I’ve developed an addiction to going on the internet, close off in my room, lying, and feeling depressed and trapped. Nothing like physical/ sexual abuse has ever happened to me, but I feel like running away, dying, or just everything around me to seize to exist that I have to wonder if this in turn is being abused. Inside I feel like I should be thankful, and that I’m lucky, but there are times where I hate everything around me and feel stressed and anxious. I hate it when they take the small petty things I love away. Even my room isn’t safe when I lock it and they have a key. I keep lying about my addiction in hopes they would actually believe me for once instead of always assuming the worse out of me. Sometimes I think they’re so simple and narrow minded it hurts so much. I wish they could understand. I’m still trying to find the answer of if I am depressed or abused or not, so if anyone has any information, that would help a lot.

    I decided to go to my aunt to San Francisco for a weekend in August, and I feel ecstatic thinking about it. I think that will be a great way to separate and breathe. What do u think?

  11. My parents change so quickly one moment they're great, accepting and friendly next they never believe me for what I say, they hate me and blame me for their attitude I have had depression and anxiety for so long and they have said I make this all up and it's all in my head. My mother has said many verbally nasty things to me and they always take eachothers side. They tell me one thing and mean another. I see that this has affected me with being so aggressive and just never trusting anyone it has impacted my friendships and relationships I don't know what to do I am planning on moving out but It seems so far away

  12. Thank you so much the info was my experience growing up in a toxic family 💔😔 I'm learning how to channel my anxiety and frustration and anger everyday it is a process it does not happen overnight!

  13. I grow up in a family with ubuseve brother, 15 years older than me sister with no interest in me, sick mother ,dead bit father and no grand parents or Uncle

  14. I come from very toxic family, my father kicked me, my mother threw the screw driver just two inches from my eyes, they also argued with each other. I am lucky and get out of this shit hell , but I need to see the councilor every month.

  15. My parents make it hard for me to be who I really want to be. I want to be a famous singer *like Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish* But I struggle with wanting to sing in front of them because I have the fear of them starting to laugh at me. And they want me to be like a “real girl” they compare me to other girls that they see. I have always told them “I don’t like makeup dresses pink things or anything like that” I was always into boy things like wrestling playing sports with guys wearing big baggy clothes and not doing the weird poses most girls do nowadays (most of my friends are boys). I want to be someone to inspire others to feel free to be whoever they want to be and this is their decision they decide who they want to be. Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish have always inspired me to be me to not be afraid of embrace who I am. It’s just I have some problems still but I know one day I’ll get over them.🖤

  16. 3:30; Marie Bowen is a woman, so since you are the ones who drew this animation, why did you put a man with a speech bubble saying her words? Why not draw an animation of her saying her words? Obviously women are good psychologists too. You wouldn't quote her if she wasn't. Drawing her words coming from the mouth of an older man is pretty weird I think.

  17. My mom was friendly and such, but overtime, she'd manipulate and become just as bad as the other side of my family. She's become what I hate and she doesn't care as long as I'm there to babysit and mother my youngest brothers.

  18. SKSKSKSK I remember one time I was playing upstairs and I fell down (didn't hurt at all) and my mom rushed to me and asked if I'm alright and I said yes, she slapped me and told me not to lie. Like damn calm down woman I said it didn't hurt. SKSKSKS a fucking mess

  19. Recently I thought about the first time I felt true happiness & freedom. Then I remembered that it was the day I moved out from my parents, to live in a different city…

  20. Actually have grown up with an emotionally abusive father and a manipulative stepmother and stepsister. My father would constantly make me feel worthless, like I wasn't enough, like work was the only thing I even /existed/ for. He had such a short fuse that I barely ever even said anything around him for fear of setting him off. My stepsister and stepmom, while nicer, did guilt-trip me into doing a lot of things and were constantly making me feel like I was the one who needed to help them with their emotional issues while I had plenty of my own. Luckily I've escaped from that toxic household and moved into my mom's house, and I'm doing much better.

  21. Well my dad was great… my other family members not so much. Mom wasn't around, which was fine. I honestly never even think about the fact she isn't around unless someone else mentions it. The problem lies with my grandmother and uncle, I've never met anyone else half as toxic as those two, and It really kills me.
    So yeah… I qualify for all 6.

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