what is going on guys and girls my name is James I'll fix you up welcome back today to roblox how did everyone welcome back welcome back today it is time once again for some brand new alumi and legacy and today oh my goodness I've had like the craziest 20 minutes just getting ready for this episode it's been mad it's been scenes I'm gonna show you guys um but yeah welcome back everyone hope you are all good and all that stuff so today what I wanted to do is I wanted to try and get some really awesome gleaming evolutions sorted and I want to also do a couple of other bits and pieces um see what I did was I just logged in like oh I don't know about 20 minutes ago and yeah check this out so I just logged in I was like you know what I've got a couple of minutes left on a boost that I didn't finish yesterday so I loaded up into the game and then the very first encounter that we came across boom it pulled ourselves a shiny cath on a gleaming Decathlon even um see I thought that was kind of cool literally the first one and I was like oh okay so we've just pulled the gleaming I tell you what I'm gonna do a little bit more grinding here just for a few minutes just to see what happens and then all of a sudden I'm gonna try and get these in the right order dun dun dun dun duh we got ourselves gleaming pider Oh what my goodness look how cool that dude looks oh I love gleaming pider so I was like alright I've still got a few more minutes left on the boost let's keep hunting and the one that I was looking for super duper lucky boom we got ourselves the gleaming grubby oh look how amazing that looks i love the pie de and the grubby the colors on them are so nice and then i was like oh my goodness okay so I called this I tell you what I'll just go back to Route 1 and then boom we got ourselves a second gleaming cathode which i think is technically our third one I'm not too sure and but yeah that was my twenty minutes of madness for gleamings in 20 minutes now don't get me wrong they are hard to find and I feel like I was just super duper uber lucky but yeah that is literal what just happened to me kind of mad and is really good news because it basically means we can actually do a bunch of awesome grinding and we can you know go and get ourselves some cool stuff so yeah just take a little look at them once again this is the gleaming pider cool I love like the yellow and the purple on him really really nice and then this one the shiny grubby so yeah basically what I wanted to do in this episode was last time we actually took a look at cinema and we took a look at era fly now these are such cool models it's basically like the Butterfree and the Beedrill equivalents I guess in lieu me and legacy and oh yeah so what I want to do is I'm just gonna go and lie rest up a few of my main party because we don't need them right now so I'm gonna just chill my dust gear and chill and I've forgotten the name of it on me it's called Bri dim pyre yeah I'm gonna chill these dudes out get some extra space in here actually I'm gonna need you just for a second and there's there anything else we want to level up in the background oh yeah I went and bought this so this is just one of the starters and but I think we do need to go and look at the other starters at some point and so yeah the good news is grubby obviously evolves I want to get the gleaming version of that I want to get the gleaming version of the cap corn we can also level up the pider he evolved at level 22 and c is pretty close to leveling up as well this one is a gleaming as well he's called feta and yeah I'm gonna keep my pepper jack cheese my get low because the move I was talking about is spare now this is basically false swipe and when you hit alluminium it always leaves it with at least one health so super useful for catching stuff so yeah what I think we're gonna go and do is we're gonna go and head over and just do some power leveling and but the one thing well a couple of things that I wanted to show you just in case you don't know is if you actually go in between these two buildings yeah these two buildings here and then you go to the left hand side there is an item chest which I literally just found so I don't know what's in it okay three small meds see that's quite a sneaky little location and also there is another one of these quests which you need to come back to and you talk to this dude here outside the trailer in front of the bridge so I think he wanted to see a cinema didn't he hey though luteum trader have you ever heard of cinema I'm looking to study one briefly you see the mysterious dust that surrounds their wings and I can get a sample of their dust I could create antitoxins to counteract their effects I could invent some special potions to cure those status ailments if you have a cinema please show it I've got one dude hey cinema oh oh does it need to be in my actual like pi of 5 ah ok well I'll put it in number one just in case so yeah dude this has got to be one of the coolest models they've got so far don't you think I love it ok here you go yes I've got one it's right next to your sausage send them off dude yes there we go finally that's it let me take a quick sample ok thank you so much I can finally finish the potions I've been trying to create you'll be able to find them at shops in the Lummi entrainer stations see how what I think he does is he basically invents antidote and paralyzed potion so yeah now what you'll be able to do is you'll be able to actually buy them in the shops let me go check see you now once you've actually shown him the cinema if you go into any of the stores yeah there we go you can now buy antidote and you can also buy paralysis potion so yeah pretty useful stuff actually these are just in obviously like the in-game currency so let's grab a few of them yeah okay let's go and grab maybe a few antidotes as well let's buy 11 or 10 or whatever okay boom I'm gonna go and buy a few more capture discs as well just in case we bump into something extra spicy boom fantastic okay so yeah what I'm gonna do now is I am going to put back cinema because I want to use the extra space for something which we can grind up a bit and so let's go and put you here I tell you what let's go and grab back anything that we can evolve I kind of just want to level up the gleaming having said that XP as XP isn't it I'll tell you what let's put let's put you in okay so plan of action is to basically just go and do a bit of an experience grind and see I'm probably gonna get and head over to like route 3 or something and I need to go and check to see which one of the trainers is the repeatable I do know that there is a repeatable trainer on route 2 and they have level 7 lunians but the thing is I'd rather grind in the wild and just take down wild Lumia nande yeah it's gonna take a little bit longer but we do also have a chance to do some encounters and so yeah I think we're gonna go over to root 3 gonna do a bit of a grind do a bit of a power level see if we can get some of these guys to evolve in this episode yeah it's gonna be fun oh here we go okay so first evolution we've got our cheeky little gleaming cathode and Stan let's go and see what he looks like I love this bit I just like seeing the different colors and stuff um yeah here we go three two one and old purple prope alright I love the purple in the grey man cool okay well there we go there's our first one that was probably the easiest one to do but we've got a few more coming oh here we go okay evolution number 2 its little grubby oh oh you little sausage oh man it's a shame to lose the colouring on that it kind of reminds me like a little bit of us like a robot or something I really really like the blue but it's gonna look really cool when it's fully evolved anyway so I don't mind here we go here we go we go here we go it's a whoa dude kuna copia wow that looks cool okay I love it that's actually really nice as well okay no let's not learn briefs yeah well there we go so it seems like on route 3 this lady here is the duplicate trainer so you can like train with her time and time again so she's got a bar bar and a prope so it's not bad experience it's definitely much quicker than driving in the wild but I think what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna do a bit of the wild grinding because I've got like a gleaming thing on and so once that's finished in about five or ten minutes time then I'm like just grind her out a bit but yet already we've had two really awesome evolutions which is good we're gonna find right okay so yeah I would indeed like a little bit of gaming hunting we didn't find anything again but to be honest we've have we've been pretty lucky already today so I'm not gonna push my luck too much and be yeah what I want to do and for today's episode to finish this off is I want to actually go and evolve our gleaming antsy so I think it falls like a level 22 or level 23 I can't quite remember which one but we're super close and the really cool thing about antsy is when you actually evolve it the evolved Pokemon the evolved Lumi and even and like the the bit of the back of it I'll show you it when we actually evolve it but it can be a random color so this is kind of cool actually some people were saying that like it depends on what mood the loonie in is in depending on the color other people are saying it's kind of just like random depending on you know what color you get it's about six to eight different colors maybe six Abbey I thought that was a really cool little thing so I think it's level 22 not too sure but yeah I'm gonna do a bit more grinding and we should be able to get him evolved even pretty soon oh here it is it's time Oh little Fett is evolving I'm gonna miss you a little pink sausage okay well here we go I can't quite remember the name of what this Lumia niz we're evolved into but I think it looks pretty mad so obviously this is gonna be the gleaming version so it's gonna look hopefully nice and colourful Florent is the name of it oh my goodness he's trying to learn the move sap plant that sounds a bit like mega drain so I think we should definitely learn that 90 accuracy 35 energy plant a special flower that slowly saps the foes health and restores it to you so take root is a pretty good move as well but then that one actually takes the enemies attack away ah I'm going to see this is good as well and it prevents them from escaping which stores half the healthy yeah I don't know I'm gonna get rid of bug bite I'd see the thing is I want to have like a variety of moves and the one thing that I've noticed from this so far is that a lot of the moves you learn are kind of within the same system I got the white bit oh it's a flower dude look how pretty that is so yeah you see like where mine is white at the back I think this has looks like a random chance of being different colors but I think with the gleaming one that we've got the white works really nice I love it I wish we could ride you are you happy puppy the cheeky blue sausage is ecstatic oh there we go look at that yeah I think unfortunate that's gonna be about it for this episode however pretty good haul we managed to evolve our see a gleaming antsy we call a gleaming pider which I think involves around 20 as well we got gleaming prope evolved we got gleaming Cooney copia evolved as well some reason that keeps hashtag in the word brie now I don't know what why does lumen legacy hate cheese that's what I don't know and yeah anyway we also powered up and bit quite a bit level 16 it seems to start as level up much quicker from what I can tell and a little pepper jack down here level 20 he's gleaming as well there we go so I'm gonna continue on I think next episode I don't know when there's gonna be some new content updates and stuff but I still got loads more gleaming evolutions they want to do there's still a few more gleamings that I want to find as well so yeah we'll see how things go be anyway thank you very much for watching really hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did please remember to put me in that like button and if you're not yet subscribed go for it because we do roblox done fun but until next time thank you once again for watching it's been such a pleasure as always thanks

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  1. I know no one will read this but if you do…

    Have a great great day😁
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  2. Please evolve Twilat
    Twilat has 2 evolutions if you level him up at level 22 at day he evolves to a light loomian
    And if you level him up at level 22 at night he evolves to a dark loomian.
    Please evolve them.

  3. In Silvent City, if you go behind the Battle Theater and head behind the shipping containers on the right, there is a chest there

    The flower on my Florant's flower is a lovely dark blue.

  4. James you are most likely one of the luckiest people , i have been trying to find a gleaming one for about a week now and still havent found a single one

  5. Hi I know I haven’t viewed your content in a while and I feel bad saying this but I love when you played Minecraft so I just wanna say is that if you do or don’t go back to Minecraft I’ll still watch your videos

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