50 Dogs Rescued from Suspected Dogfighting Operation

We’re in Sevier County, Tennessee and we are
conducting a dog fighting investigation and a raid today
On July 2 I received a call from the Sevier
County Sheriff’s department pertaining to an alleged dog fighter in their jurisdiction
Fortunately we’re able to provide them enough evidence to get probable cause to get a search
warrant We found a total of 50 dogs ranging from approximately 4 weeks of age up to dogs
that are up in their teens the confinement was consistent with the manner that dogs that
are used in dog fighting are contained these dogs get these injuries on their legs because
look at these massive chains and they’re just constantly hitting the legs by a chain that’s
designed to haul a boat it was heartbreaking to see such a large amount of dogs on such
heavy, heavy chains their doghouses were blue barrels, many of them had rocks inside this
dog’s got fresh wounds on her face it’s alright she’s a pretty little girl this entire dirt
patch that’s his entire life that’s where they go to the bathroom that’s where they
sleep they eat this is their entire existence, this tiny circle some have never ever left
this chain spot I’ve been on well over 100 rescues and I’ve seen a lot of suffering over
the years but there’s always something that just really tugs at your heart and reminds
you what these animals are facing and what they go through These dogs are born into a
world of violence and cruelty they fight, or these dogs are killed most of the time
in very inhumane manners so the dogs here they’re survivors, they’re victims This little
girl was our most serious case today as far as emergent situations when we found her she
was very lethargic and she’s obviously emaciated so on a body condition scale she’s a 1 which
is the lowest you can be we’ve been feeding her every couple hours and she’s actually
perked up I really don’t know how she survived She’s a lucky dog every raid day is super long and it is really
tiring but that moment when that heavy chain drops from around their neck
That gives you a boost and keeps you going
Their future now is very bright They have a long road ahead but they are going to heal
and they are finally going to learn that human beings can be compassionate the transformation
with these dogs are incredible our goal is to get them in loving homes and that these
dogs actually be members of society and no longer be a victim it gets pretty emotional
when you see these dogs especially the old guys they’re just in such bad condition
at the end of the day when you walk around
you hear no dogs crying, no dogs barking you don’t hear those awful chains being dragged
its silence and it’s golden This right here is what keeps me going and carries me on to
the next case No other feeling in the world like it I want to take them all home!

100 thoughts on “50 Dogs Rescued from Suspected Dogfighting Operation

  1. Who would do this like my page on face book : stop animal abuse today if you don't agree with this

  2. I'll be honest I don't really like big dogs but this video made me cry tears of joy big dog or not I'm happy you guys did this

  3. I know half if these dogs were uthininized why would yo take them from a good home to kill them just cause u cant get any tax dollars from the sport yall make me sick i dont involve in it but some people need to mind their business sometimes and i hate when people say that the dogs are so sad ITS A DOG not people a dog is going to be happy as long as it's getting fed and have a roof over its head 💯👊🏻💥🔫👌🏻

  4. Thank you for keeping the tails wagging! Your team is amazing and the hope and joy that you bring them is so wonderful!

  5. This video made me so mad but so sad at the same time like how can a human do that to those poor pits bulls like humans are bad but at the same time I realize that for every 5 bad guys there are 3 good guys that are willing to help and do good things !!
    Thank you guys for saving the pits Bulls !!

  6. OMG … vicious, evil "bully" breed dogs. Heaven help us all. ;( Every one of those dogs had their tails wagging and were more than happy to see friendly humans. Anyone who feels that these type of dogs need to be destroyed, need to go out on these rescue missions and see what human beings are doing to these innocent creatures. Yes, these breeds are predisposed to being "vicious", but guess what, we made them that way. Anyone who is a true dog lover, knows the original purpose for many breeds of dogs (eg. poodles were originally hunting dogs. Ha, didn't know that, did you?). Mossulus-type dogs were originally bred for war (like a couple thousand years ago), but more recent, pit bulls and the type, were "nanny" dogs … THEY LOOKED AFTER YOUR KIDS. I have met many more "friendly" dog breeds in my life that I would not have trusted with my kids than I have pitbulls. I have had 2 mixed breed dogs since I have had my children (both have been German Shepherd cross) and they have both be the most lovable animals on the face of the planet (your only fear was being licked to death or throwing you arm out tossing a tennis ball), but heaven help anyone who would even consider threatening their "babies". This is not something I had trained them to do, it was something that they knew from the beginning because my kids were their family and needed protecting. People need to be more accountable for their actions. In my honest opinion, people should have to have licenses to have animals of any kind. You should have to go through a screening process to own an animal, the same as you would have to to get a loan for a house, and feel free to let the world know what your pet is for … show animal, guardian, only out to make money on them any way out can. Anyone issuing license should be willing to go out to someone's property and see exactly what the person/people are offering in the way of basic nessessities of life needed for the animal they wish to have. I am not saying that only rich people should have pets, but for people who know what it takes to raise and properly look after an animal and know that their needs come first (I have almost starved to death in order to feed my dog and my horse … should I have had them then? Probably not, but at least they were taken care of). Feel free to flame me, but I have a thick skin (I drive an 8-axel truck in Northern British Columbia … and I am female) so there isn't much that you can say that would make me cry. Please, for their sakes, put the animals' needs ahead of your own.

  7. are u serious, DOG FIGHTING. what the heck people are sick, NOT U GUYS I MEAN THE PEOPLE WHO FORCE DOGS TO DO THIS AND ABANDONED THEM

  8. It is so incredible how these animals can go through hell and back, but still have so much love to give. You guys are absolutely incredible for the work that you do

  9. Godbless you guys.. Praying that every puppy mills or pets farms will be closed and the owners will be arrested..

  10. I hope you took pictures of the dogs chained up like that and you took the chains and all the vet reports to court to help your case against those who did this and I hope they get punished to the full extent of the law per dog and I hope they get a huge fine and never be allowed to own any animal ever again I adopted my pitbull from the SPCA he is my baby I love him so much we do everything together and he's so loving and fun I couldn't imagine my life with out him and it kills me to think about the life he had before the shelter helped him I seen his picture on line and I went there and put my app in and I got him I was going to foster him but I fell in love with him and he has his forever home dogs like this aren't broken a shelter dog appreciates a good home

  11. Oh my god….I am almost speechless at how cruel people can be to such, obviously, kind and loving animals. Look at how happy they were to be petted, to be spoken to with kindness. Just beautiful, you guys do beautiful work. Thank you so much.

  12. Thankyou Thankyou so much. It's people like you who keep my faith in humanity. It's incredible how u guys dedicate your lives saving these poor animals <3 Though I'm far away from USA, I'll try my best to help and save animals as well

  13. Hi!! I live in Brentwood tennesee and I really want to save animals and do these type of things but I'm 12. Anyway I could ever help?

  14. I'm so glad that you saved those dogs! One question: why do you not remove the chains on the properties? When the yerks are free they take other dogs and use that chains again and again. In my opinion it will never stop. There must be laws against dogfighting! Greetings from the Netherlands. ❤💛💜

  15. give me a thumbs up or reply so that if i get at least 20 i can have a pet dog because my dog isnt with me anymore and my parents arent letting me get a new one also i will be adopting one so please help i love dogs so much.

  16. I live in a country where there's a lot of dog fighting and a lot of homeless dogs in awful conditions I'm 12 years old, and in the future me and my family are going to do a shelter and save all of this doggies that are in bad conditions….

  17. You guys are amazing I can't imagine how these poor poor dogs feel I feel like people should go to jail for this and I feel like they do I'm just so glad they get homes!😃

  18. I wonder if they added up all the combined weight of all those chains what the final weight would be. They should put the same weight on the perps & make them drag that kind of weight around 24/7/365. While living outside of course in the elements.

  19. thank you for rescuing all the 50 dogs and your organization is the best and powerful. I truly thank you for being so kind.

  20. The dog at 3:25 is smiling becoz of u thanx even I want to be a rescuer of dogs Ik everything bout them I love them I can die for them well I have got injuries while reviewing a dog

  21. The people think that the bars must feel awesome to get the chains off but the dogs are probably terrified when the chain comes off because the only time the chain has been off Is when they're going into the fighting ring so the are probably really scared

  22. thank you so much this must stop I just watched two YouTube videos they are throwing dogfights out on YouTube videos I reported it

  23. 4:11

    She wants to take them all home however then she be hoarding the dogs too and they wouldn’t have another chance.

  24. Thank you guys for helping poor babys , you are really an angel for them , thank you , thank you guys and Gbu , amen 😊🙏😘😘😘

  25. Omg I cannot believe how cruel some people can be, but you guys are awesome. Some of my best friends have been adopted at Humane Society keep it up

  26. we must sets the owner rings and their customers into the rings too.. so we can watch they fight each other…

  27. The dog he was petting at 1:48 was so sweet I don’t understand how they can go through so much and still be so trusting and loving

  28. When I grow up insane work for these guys these dogs are mostly pit bulls. Is that all people are pits as?

  29. Que.maltrato.tan.grande.asen.esa.jente.maldita.con.los.pobres.perritos.rescatistas.los.felisito.por.el.gran.trabajo.que.asen.y.los.polisias.tambien.

  30. Tennessee must be full of psychos. They also disgustingly sore horses for the Big Lick shows. Call in the drones….
    I hope the people doing this to those poor dogs are now in chains themselves.

  31. I hate when people state that all pitbull type dogs are dangerous, and should be put down; when the bad reputation they are giving them attracts the attention of bad people. Giving them a even badder reputation!

    I've met many pitbulls who won't hurt any body. And my cousins family owns four, while a friend of my dad's own three.

  32. We are donors on board here in NYC. It is 2019. God bless HSUS and all the brave, active, dedicated agents and rescuers. I know the dogs are plenty happy about it, too!!! Woof and tail wags…

  33. it's incredible how even though they had been put through all of that suffering, they still were so excited to see people

  34. Why can't they stop this dog fighting it's so sick and disgusting there bastard's give these dogs a bad name pittbulls are the most beautiful dog's OMG stop this cruelty

  35. The world disgusts me. These animals that are full of love and almost all of them wag their tales even after what scum bags do to them. I hate my own race which are humans in general. Grotesque mass of human genetics

  36. So many snowflakes🤣🤣 I hope all you dumbasses realize that more than likely most of these dogs will go from those chains with about 300 square feet, to a kennel with about 60 square feet.. you think they’re being rescued, but most of them will most likely be killed. They were all at a healthy weight, yard was very clean, and you can tell it’s tended to daily. That person actually CARED for his animals(I know hard to understand{just like you snowflakes who probably stuff cow in your face}), its very hard work to house that many dogs successfully. Only dog that looked unhealthy was the runt, who probably wasn’t getting much food because of its siblings. They stole a bunch of dogs, like disgusting criminals.. took them from the only people they knew.. disgusting.

  37. How could people be so heartless and watch dogs destroy each other, how can you be so cruel to anything!? What is wrong with these people!! We dont need them on this earth.

  38. I just pray that the old dogs who may be aggressive……do get the chance to live a normal life. They can totally be retrained…….it's been proven many times. Also, there's a great song called……""DOGS CRY""…….by Kim Nolan. About puppies chained from birth to death. Heart breaking song……..if you listen to & like…..let others know. So we can educate those who don't know……peace!!

  39. Pero I am humble, for tonight I understand,
    Your royal blood was never meant to decorate this sand
    You've suffered great injustice
    So have thousands before you
    We offer an apology, and it’s long over due

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