5 Guaranteed Ways to Stand Out On Social Media

– As social media gets more crowded, it is harder than ever
before to stand out. So, in this video, Peter
Voogd's gonna be breaking down five hacks for social media
content, and automation. Comin' up. (smooth hip hop music) Hey, what's up, Think Media? Sean Cannell here, bringing you the best tips, and tools for building your influence
online with social media, and I'm super pumped to have Peter Voogd on the channel today. How's it goin'?
– Amazing, man. I'm excited to be here. – If your just meeting Peter, he's the author of 6 Months to 6 Figures. Over 400 thousand copies
of this book sold. By age 27, he'd done eight
million sales in his company, and now is helping other
entrepreneurs, business owners, millennials, olypmians,
really take their businesses to another level. And in the series, The Business Minded
Content Creator Series, we're gonna be learning different ways we can leverage social
media, leadership, teamwork. But Peter, for those that
are just meeting you, how you feelin', man? – Amazing, man, I'm excited to be here. We've done some content before, so this is the second go around, and some of this stuff I've
never really shared publicly, so I'm excited to give some value. – Man, I love it. Well, we're talkin' about five hacks for social media content
strategy and automation, and the first one is the biggest
mistakes people are making, and really just the importance
of social media in general. So, talk about it. – I think the first step
is you have to be sold that social media is the future. And it's scary, because
some of the companies that we've been founded upon the last 10, 20, 30, 50, a hundred years, are going out of business,
'cause they're not adapting. Like the big Microsoft, Sears,
Sony, Toys R Us, Blockbuster, all these companies that we grew up on, are no longer relevant
because they did not adapt. So, I think first,
people have to understand it's adapt or die. Like, this is 2019 going into 2020. If you don't get on social media, and understand these
things, it's a scary future. So, that's the first thing I tell people, is I wasn't sold on it till
I saw my results go down, and other people around me crushing it. I'm like, I better adapt
if I actually wanna thrive. So, why I wanna talk about mistakes first is 'cause I see a lot of people
doing this the wrong way, and I think if you do it the wrong way, you get a bad taste in your
mouth with social media. So, let's go through some
of the most common mistakes. First, people think their
business is different. I get a lot of time, Sean, that well, my business is different, it's brick and mortar, I
don't need social media. And that's a huge lie. Every single business can
benefit from social media. Making content for just them,
and not their audiences, and other things. So, not understanding
who their audience is, and how to create content
that actually digs deep, and inspires them. They're being selfish with it. Not being intentional, not being purposeful with their content, inconsistent content. A lot of people I see, they'll put out content
when they're inspired, and when they feel like
it, not consistently, and it's not streamlined. So, if you're just putting
out random content, you're not gonna get the
results that you want, you're not gonna get the audience to really love what you do, or you're not gonna get the
customers that you want to. So, that's one of the biggest problems, is inconsistent, random content versus strategic and purposeful. I think thinking that
you need professional, thousand dollar edits
when you're brand new is a big mistake. They're like, well, I
don't have a videographer, I don't have this team, I don't have all these different edits. I know a lot of people, as you do, that don't have crazy edits,
and all these videographers, and they still have great content. So, I think that holds people back too, the fear of what people think, and then, just not
adapting to the new times. I think a lot of people are still doing what maybe worked 10, 15 years ago, and they're not adapting
to what's working now. So, I would challenge people to figure out which one's holding them back,
whether it's inconsistency, the fear of what people think of them, maybe making content that's not relevant to their audience. That's some of the biggest mistakes, and I'm sure you've seen a lot of mistakes at what people make. You do a lot of research
when you put out content. I just think people are not
taking it serious enough, and not treating it like a real business. – Totally agree, man. It's adapt or die, and I
love that you brought up that you kinda just gotta dive in. And then, of course though,
there's a lot to learn. So, I know that people
watching, maybe it's like, okay, well, how do I get started? And so, your second tip
is to find your persona. What does that mean? – So, let me talk about the
importance of social media. Like, brand awareness, and relevance, it's super cost effective if done right. You get instant and valuable
feedback right away. It's great for SEO, increasing influence, income, and results,
and better positioning. So, as far as how to define your persona, you have to figure out who
you are in the marketplace. You have to figure out, not
just get to know yourself, you have to figure out
what you wanna be known as, and what industry you wanna dominate. I knew I wanted to impact millennials, because that's what I spent
seven, eight, nine years doing. I was running a team of
millennials, I was a millennial, and we were doing great
things, and we're all young. So, it wasn't just something
random, it was based on my past that I wanted to be the leading
authority for millennials. And now, when you put yourself out there, and say this is what I wanna dominate, this is what I wanna be the best at, people can't help but
associate you with that. So, I think the first thing when it comes to defining your persona is becoming the leading authority,
and positioning yourself, is the best thing you
can do in social media. Being just another is the worst thing. Just another video influencer,
just another photographer, just another real estate
agent, just another coach. Worst thing you could ever
be, just another salesperson. You wanna be the go to.
– Yep. – And in order to be the go to, you have to really, really figure out what your unique proposition is, what you're the best in the
world at, what you wanna master, and what's most congruent to who you are. So, I think, we talked about
it before, being polarizing. Having a polarizing point of view that might offend some people, but it'll dig deep with
the target audience, and they'll really, really love you more because you're polarizing. You never wanna be just
boring, or be like, meh. You'll never meet a legend, Sean, that's like, he's all right. It's like, strong points of view. So, I think when you're creating a brand, you wanna be polarizing,
and have some points of view that might sometimes rub
people the wrong way, but it's truly what you believe. That's how you start becoming
kind of the leading authority, where people associate you
with a specific industry, or a specific niche. From there, you can charge
more, you can turn away clients, you can refer people, and
there's a lot of different ways to make money, but that's kinda the way to define your persona,
and I'm sure you've seen a lot of people do it the wrong way. So, here are some examples. Some people wanna be
like, the mysterious one, doesn't show a lot of their personal life, some people wanna be the no BS,
like, the no BS type person. Some people wanna be the
big business builder. Maybe they're the quiet, reserved type. The Elon Musk is different than a lot of other influencers, right? So, you have to figure out who you are, and what's deepest to
your values, and core, and go all in on that, and the right audience will relate to you. – That's super powerful. So, tell us in the comments,
what do you wanna be known for? You know, Zig Ziglar said, "It's better to be a meaningful specific, "than a wandering generality." And we always talk about that, you gotta niche down to stand out, and become known for one thing. So, tell us in the comments, and Peter, before we move on, what's your best advice for those that are feeling confused
about planting their flag, and maybe kind of wanna stay generalists? – What keeps you fascinated and engaged? What frustrates you,
and does piss you off? Where do you see gaps in
services, and in industries, where you're like, I can deliver on that? So, it's just digging deep,
and askin' the tough questions. A lot of people don't want
to sit down by themselves, and really think things through, and dig deep into who they are. They'd rather just kind of
latch on to somebody else. So, if you have too much group thought, you're taking advice from too many people, you're overwhelmed. So, I think it's digging deep, like, what would keep me engaged,
and fascinated, and excited to continue to scale and grow
the next two, three, five, 10, 20, 30, 50 years? I think that's a big key
is just askin' yourself the tough questions like that, and figuring out what you
have the most experience in, and where you've gotten the most results. A lot of people just jump
in industries they like without having any proven results. And then they're trying to
give all these tips and tricks without getting results, and
people see right past that. That's why there's so much
fluff and BS right now. And it's easier to move people, when you have experience and results in that actual niche and industry. So, that's another key
under defining your persona, and kind of figuring out
who you are, is move people. Find an enemy, sometimes
it frustrates you. There was a lot of
things that bug me, Sean, if we wanna give examples. When I was coming up in entrepreneurship, there was a lot of things
that frustrated me. I joined a lot of different
courses, and all these things, and nothing was tactical and relevant. I felt like I was being
jaded by a lot of the fluff, and that frustrated me. I didn't like speakers
when I was coming up. They'd give the same
speech a thousand times, and they would have the
same speech on YouTube, but they still charge 80k. Great for them, but I felt like they're
cheating the audience, because they're giving the same
speech over and over again, they're not improving,
and that frustrated me. Now, is that right or wrong? That's irrelevant. I wanted to give new
speeches, and stay up to date, and continue to master my craft, so I can be new and relevant, 'cause I felt like I
owed it to my audience. So, that's something that frustrated me, so I did something different, and I positioned myself as a person that wants to continue giving
new and relevant content. It's kinda like Gary V. He doesn't give the same content, but there's speakers that they
give the same speech in 1996 that they did last year, and I hate that, 'cause they're not growing. Yes, they're milkin' the money, but that just rubs me the wrong way. So, that's an example of
something that frustrates me that I did something about, and people know that I
don't like the fluff or BS, so I've kinda positioned myself that way. – It's adapt or die, you
gotta be on social media. You gotta define your persona, think about your polarizing point of view, and really stand out in the marketplace by planting your flag. But number three, you talk all about now maximizing each platform, and
differentiating your content. So, what do you mean by that?
– This is big, so figure out what the most relevant communication channel is for you, and you have to test, there's no guessing, like, I think it might be LinkedIn, I think it might be Facebook, or YouTube. Assumptions are dangerous,
especially in social media. So, test what your best
communication channels are, where your audience is hangin' out. That's a whole different
video, talkin' about like, figuring out your ideal
niche, their problems, their biggest ambitions. But test different platforms,
LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and see
where your audience is, see what kinda content
works, study the best, and then make sure that you're trying
different pieces of content. We talked earlier before the camera was on about all the different
content you can create, whether it's documenting your journey, whether it's short-form, long-form, and I know there's different
maximized content pieces on each platform, and this
stuff is all over online. So, do your due diligence, but a video length on YouTube is different than on Twitter, which is
different than on Facebook, which is different on LinkedIn,
and different on Instagram. So, figuring out each
platform's best practices is a game changer, and then
testing different platforms to see where your audience is. I know where most of my
millennial audience is, and I know where most of 'em aren't. So, you can change your
messaging and positioning for different platforms,
but too many people are marketing on YouTube
like it's Facebook, and marketing on Instagram
like it's LinkedIn. And they're like, I'm not getting
anybody to actually apply, or anyone to actually see my stuff. It's 'cause you're not thoroughly
thinking things through, and understanding which platform relates to what type of people. So, that's what it is, is find the most relevant
communication channels. I don't know what your specific niche is, but with research, you'll figure it out. – Pick that right channel. Man, think if you're gettin' value, smash the like button, and let
us know in the comments below what platforms are you
focusing on right now for your niche, your topic. Now, you also talk about
differentiating your content. What do you think? I mean, a lot of people
just do the same thing. They see somebody else doing something, they're throwin' up quote cards,
they throw up quote cards, or they see somebody else
doin' a certain style. One thing that's really unique is your Instagram, for
example, is just different. You definitely are self aware, you've figured out your
own brand, your persona. How do people figure out their difference? As Sally Hogshead is famous for saying, "Different is better than better." But how can you really
amplify your difference? – The difference is be one
thousand percent yourself. That's the only thing. If you're a thousand percent yourself, no one else is like you. There's just too much regurgitation. And when you're studying 15 people, you don't even know it subconsciously, you're kind of becoming them. And you're like, hey, wait,
you sound just like blank. So, when I stopped fearing people, and this was the big breakthrough for me, I get chills thinkin' about
it, 'cause I remember the day, I realized, 'cause I was like,
oh, I look bad, I don't know, and it's not about me. It's about the audience,
it's not about you. So, if you don't feel like doing it, if you feel like your content, who cares? Get over yourself. Be on purpose, and off yourself. So, I think being one
hundred percent yourself, if you're aggressive, if
you're a little more loud, and you like to call people
out, and you like to really, really get a little more
controversial, that's you. If that's not you, then don't do that. But Mel Robbins, all these
people that really blow up, they blow up because they were absolutely one hundred percent themselves, and that's the best thing to be longterm, 'cause you don't have to change. You can change when you
grow, but too many people are trying to put on this persona online, and then, you meet 'em
offline, you're like, wait, that's you? What? And that's just like, it's the most frustrating way
to live, and it's exhausting. It's exhausting to not be yourself, and I think I just kinda
gave up the need to be liked, and I'm like, I'm just gonna be myself. I might get some haters,
people might not like me, but hate won't affect you
if you're fully authentic, and you have good intentions, right? So, that was really me. I was just like, I wanna be myself. So, I tried a bunch of content. So, talking about content,
there's snippets, and swipe ups, there's visuals, there's
audios, and videos, there's polls, surveys, there's
lifestyle and documentation, there's like, tactical value and tips, there's contests, giveaways. Figure out what are the most effective on different platforms, and just test. I think the common theme here
is do your due diligence, test, test, test, test. Don't assume, just test. And I've done that for years, and I found out my voice and my niche, and it's the most refreshing
way to live and be online. – And that's a powerful tip, because sometimes, we get stuck
in ruts as content creators, where we're only doing
talking head style videos, and we haven't thought that
we could go kind of vlog, or do day in the life, or
we haven't actually done maybe some other like you listed. Experiment with different
content formats, super powerful. Which brings us to tip number four– – But think about what
you just said, though. You go sometimes we're in a
rut, film that you're in a rut! People are so like, I can't be vulnerable. People see me as I'm always motivated. Like, I'm intense, and I'm energetic. You can talk to my wife,
I'm like this a lot. But if I'm in a rut, I'm
not like, I'm still focused! I'm like, damn, I'm not feelin' it today. But I know this feeling will reside, and I'll be focused again. And they're like, when you
said that you weren't focused, it made me feel like
you're an actual human. So, when you say you're
in a rut, film that. People wanna see the tough days too. They'll relate to you more,
do you know what I mean? So, be authentic. – Number four is the
power of streamlining. So, if we're diving into social
media, defining our persona, picking our platforms
because we're testing, and we're doing our due diligence, then, it's the power of streamlining. And the way you do this
is super inspirational, so get ready. I hope you're already taking notes, but this is something really map, because this can accelerate you faster. So, how do you do this? – I'm only doin' this 'cause it's you, and I like your audience. I've never really shared this. So, once you pick your platform, you have to pick one
platform that's consistent, that you're on every week,
and put a system in place where it's not based on moods or feelings. If you're business at all is
based on moods or feelings, you're done in the next couple years. Whether it's a Facebook Live every week, whether it's a specific
YouTube video every week, whether it's a podcast every week, pick a platform, and do a
piece of content every week. Then, what we do is, so for us, we have a
couple different ones. We have a podcast every week that we film, and we also have like, a millionaire guest
speaker for our academy. So, we'll take that
millionaire guest speaker, or we'll take the podcast content, and then, we'll streamline it. So, we have a 30 minute video. We'll create a 60 second snippet from that video for Instagram, we'll create a two or three minute highlight video for Twitter, we'll create a five
minute video for Facebook, we'll then push it to entrepreneur.com, they'll create a video
and a article for it, we'll also do swipe ups for Instagram, we'll also send it to the guest speakers, and we'll have them promote it, as well. And sometimes, we'll do
an article for it too, in Success, or different
publications we have access to. Of course, we didn't have
that at the beginning, but once you do these things, you'll start having these
companies at your disposal, where you can reach out to anybody, and get your content streamlined
through their platform, and their audience. We also do quote pictures, and we do all kinds of different things from that one piece of content. So, now I spend 30 minutes on
a video and create content, it's now 10, 11, 12, 15 different places within a couple days. Now, there's a lot of tools online. I have a team now. When I didn't have a team,
it's still not that difficult to edit a video, and simplify,
and maybe make a article. You can pay someone cheap
to like, transcribe. But that's the power of streamlining is you take one piece of
content from a platform that's systemized and consistent, and then you take that, and you
put it every other platform. So, now it's streamlined. And it seems like you're
doing a lot more work than you're doing, but it stays
consistent on each platform, and you're reaching a lot more people. – I agree, that's a big
mistake we see people make. Some people are trying
to make too much content, and they're moving past stuff that they should be maximizing more. – [Peter] I did that for a couple years. – They're always trying
to create the new stuff instead of chopping it up, putting it more places,
letting it almost breathe more, make a greater impact. Put out that one YouTube video, and then hustle and
grind to get views on it, share it different
places, cut out snippets, before you move on to the
four or five videos later, and you haven't really
spread across platforms. – Huge key. – Now, we're gonna get to tip number five in just a second,
but if you're enjoying this Business Minded
Content Creator Series, smash the like button. And if you wanna see other
videos in this playlist, we actually have covered topics
on teamwork and leadership, growing faster, we'll link up the playlist on the YouTube card, and post it in the
description below, as well. And make sure you're subscribed, so you don't miss any of
the videos in this series. But tip number five, Peter, is leverage other proven platforms. What do you mean by that? – Now, it's gonna take you a long time to build your audience by yourself. If you leverage other
people's proven platforms, you're gonna grow exponentially
versus doing it by yourself. So, find accounts similar to
you, cross promote, big key. Find podcasts, you don't
need to go to the big, some people are like, I'm goin' homerun, I'm gonna go for the biggest podcast in the world right away! You might get on if you have
some unique positioning, and you really give 'em a yes, yes, which is like, value for
the audience, value for him, and value for you. That's a whole different subject, but leverage other people's platforms that have a similar audience that you do, so you don't have to reach
out to a thousand people. They already have done that. So, for me, when I was newer, I was getting on as many
podcasts as I could, and the goal is to deliver
so much value, that podcast, the fans, are like, oh my
God, this guy's the real deal. They listen to so much content. They listen to probably 300
episodes of that guy's podcast. So, if you're gonna be somebody
that takes that audience, and brings them over to your audience, you'd better be polarizing and different, and not just something
super simple or boring. So, make a list of five
or 10 different podcasts you can get on, reach out. Make a list of five or 10
different publications, make a list of five or
10 different accounts that are similar to you. Now, if you have three thousand followers, and you're reaching out to someone with 400 thousand followers, hey, let's do a shout for shout! They're gonna be like, what's goin' on? Now some might, also, you
can pay for shout outs, you can pay for people to
promote you, that's fine too, as long as they have a proven account. But that's what I mean by leveraging other people's valuable platforms. Like, I leveraged the
entrepreneur's platform, I leveraged a lot of the
big podcast platform, so I was reaching, let's say
five thousand people a month. I get on one podcast,
like a John Lee Dumas, they reach I think a
couple million a month, there's my message to a
couple million people, and I'm only a year into entrepreneurship. There's no other way you can
do that besides streamlining, and actually reaching out
to other big platforms. So, that's what I mean by that. So, only you know what your
ideal target audience is. Only you know who's already reaching them. Be strategic. The radio station everyone loves, Sean, is WIFM, What's In It For Me? So, you can't reach out like, I, I have a great, I! They don't care, they don't care. Hey, I have an audience that
I think could really add value to your message, I'd love
to share your message, I'd love to figure out a congruent way where we can both help each other. I'd love to do a shout for shout, I've already reviewed your book, I've already done these things, and doing something where
it comes from a value point of view, that's how you do it. You get turned down a lot, but it just continues to scale up. You can in engagement groups on Instagram. There's so many ways,
if you do your research, to leverage other people's platforms, but make a list right now, and then start reaching out to people. That's how you grow fast. – Powerful. Think Media, if you're
ready to grow your business, don't miss other videos in this series. So, again, we'll put a
link to the whole playlist in the description below. Definitely pick up Peter's
book, 6 Months to 6 Figures. Peter, if people wanna connect with you, where are you at online? – I'm everywhere online, Peter J. Voogd. V-O-O-G-D. Of course, if they reach out, and say they heard about it through this, I'll definitely give 'em some time if they have any questions. 'Cause I remember I was new. Everyone that has an
impact now once didn't. Everyone that has big
influence online once didn't, and I definitely was there. And I'll leave 'em with this, Sean, don't forget the power of one. Like, the power of one
person sharing your content. I see people, they have one, two, three people on Facebook Live,
and they're like complaining, like, I only have three people on Live! That's three human beings that could actually share your stuff. Three gets to six, six gets to eight, eight gets to 20, 30, 50. All of a sudden, you have
a thousand people on Live, 'cause you treated and respected the one. So, yeah, I'm excited to
connect with 'em, @PeterJVoogd. – Man, I love it. Hey, thanks for checkin' out this video, and we'll see you in the next one. Peace. (smooth hip hop music)

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  22. WOW! This is really helpful! If I had to choose what platforms Iโ€™m actively using to create my brand, they would have to be 1.) IG 2.) Twitch 3.) Twitter & 4.) YouTube (from most to least consistent). Thanks for this! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  23. This is all great info. My downfall I believe is where the heck do I start? Iโ€™m on FB, I have a YT Chanel (that Iโ€™m not doing much with right now), I barely use instagram and I think itโ€™s because it is all so overwhelming and itโ€™s hard to find where to start. My huge issue is consistency because I donโ€™t have content. I own a nanny service who provide nannies for onsite childcare for large events down to individual families in their hotel rooms. We are spreading date nights across the world. But yet I canโ€™t figure out ALL of this online stuff because I get too overwhelmed. I am 38 and tech savvy but dang guys…. what do first? Thanks for all your work!!!

  24. He is nervous but he gives good advice. I hope that you guys keep going on and inform us more n more. Good job both of u

  25. Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram are the triad in the biggest amount of reach that I am trying to get started on!

  26. Do you guys know of a "hack" when all the social media looks down on your craft… Youtube won't monetize knife making or it is "limited". Facebook & Instagram are banning hashtags related to anything with "knife' in it… Look up knifecommunity, knifesales, or knivesdaily all "may not meet Instagrams guidelines" Now, knifesales, maybe, but to shut down community??? Come on….

  27. Sean, my whole entire shift toward thinking entrepreneurship began one night in the One Towers in Vegas when I bought Peter Voogdโ€™s 6M6F eBook…

    That lead me to being one of the first 5-6 people in Las Vegas on Periscope. I began seeing how powerful my authenticity was to others. Today, I continue to follow and DEEPLY respect Peter for his bold raw presence. Without 6 Months to 6 Figures, I wouldnโ€™t be so dialed into the power of original content.

    Itโ€™s SO GREAT to see yourself Sean with Peter! Two strong influential leaders in their field forming together in one platform. Excellent work, Sean! Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ

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