5 év ZUP

5 Years
of ZUP ZUP was founded in the spring of 2007.
My brother, the singer and guitarist… …and the ‘master’ of other musical
instruments came up with the idea. We’ve played our first gig obviously in
Záhony which is our hometown. This small town can be found at
Hungary’s north-east edge… …at the Ukrainian border. We’ve started
ZUP as a joyful noise project. I thought there will be a bunch of shows… …and we are going to party
a lot with our fellas. There were no serious plans for the band. There was a guy on one of our
gigs who was so drunk… …that he couldn’t find the toilet, so he’s
eased his belly in the audience. We had all kinds of stuff thrown at
us during our shows… …but basically everyone was
pleased with our music. That was the main reason that
kept us going forward. And that’s where we are now. At the beginning we’ve started this as
an acoustic project with the main goal of… …covering songs of different genres
in our own special way. Everyone is trying to give their
100% to the work process. The atmosphere is really good and the
creative work is going very smoothly. I feel like I’m a part of
a professional team. The main reason for us to change our
name [from Záhony Unplugged Project… …to ZUP] was that we don’t rehearse
in Záhony anymore. And we are not playing unplugged music. And we don’t think of ZUP as a project
band anymore. Instead we are a Budapest based group
with their own songs in the repertoire. There were a lot of lineup changes,
but that’s the way it goes. It’s kind of inevitable. I feel the boogie in my legs.
I am a bit nervous. Now we are playing our well known
covers and our own songs during gigs. I think all the songs are great.
All of them have a high standard. In the end the audience will decide
about how catchy they are. We always loved to cover songs… …but after five years we wanted to show
what we can create ourselves. At the beginning it wasn’t a planned
thing that after five years… …we are going to write our own songs. We just feel today that we can better
express ourselves this way… …and we had a lot of creative ideas
what we formed into songs. And all that makes us very
happy nowadays. Vinyls are close to my heart because in
my childhood… …I have listened to them a lot, and these
days they are having a renaissance. Let’s make this clear:
the vinyl sound is the best. It sounds way better that anything else
invented in the last 100 years… …in regards of music recordings. And it
has a little romantic aspect as well. I keep hearing from a lot of people… …that they think of listening to
vinyls as a kind of ritual. It sounds very different and has a
different feeling to it indeed. And that’s why we thought of bringing out
our first EP on vinyl. We are trying to bring back the good
old days when people sat down… …put a record on and just listened to it.
Not like consuming a mass product. And by the way, it feels good.
And it sounds good. And looks good on your wall if you don’t
have a record player at home. MUSIC VIDEO DEBUTS ON

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