5 Children Separated From Society

5 Children Separated From Society. Number 5. Vanya Yudin is also known as “the Russian
Bird Boy”. It is said that when he was found by Russian
caseworkers in 2008, he was 7 years old and unable to speak. He did nothing but chirp and flap his arms
as if he had wings, and exhibited a lot of the behavior that you would expect from a
bird. He was kept in a two-room apartment with bird
cages filled with dozens of birds that were owned by his mother. Galina Volskaya, one of the social workers
taking part in the case stated that even though the boy lived with his mother, she never spoke
to him and she simply treated him like another one of her pets. When Volskaya attempted to talk to the boy,
he didn’t speak, just chirped. While he was never abused physically, the
boy was still treated with similar methods to others on the list due to the lack of human
interaction. He was put into an asylum where he received
treatment to allow him to become more human-like. Number 4. Dina Sanichar, named “the Indian Wolf Boy,”
is one of the oldest known cases of a feral child. He was believed to be about 6 years old when
he was found by hunters in 1867. The hunters saw a pack of wolves enter a cave
followed by a human who was running on four legs. The men smoked the wolves out of the cave. The men then went into the cave and found
Dina. He was rescued from the jungles of Bulandshahr
and put through treatment, though not much existed during his time. People worked with him to rid him of his animalistic
behaviors, which included eating raw meat, ripping off clothing, and eating food that
was on the ground. After time he was able to be fed cooked meat,
but he never did learn to talk. Number 3. In 1991, Oxana Malaya was found at the age
of 8 years old and is said to have lived amongst dogs since she was 3 years old. She was kept in a kennel in the backyard of
her home. Because of this she picked up common behaviors
that dogs exhibit: barking, growling, and even protecting the pack, so to speak. She even walked on four legs as a dog does
and sniffed out her food before she ate it. When authorities came to rescue Oxana, the
other dogs growled and attempted to attack them while Oxana barked and growled as well. Because of her lack of human interaction,
Oxana had no vocabulary except the words “yes” and “no.” She was of course put through intensive therapy
to attempt to help her to learn necessary social and verbal skills. She was able to learn how to speak, though
therapists say she has deep issues with attempting to communicate and express herself emotionally. Number 2. On January 23, 2007, a Cambodian woman (the
Cambodian Jungle Girl) came out of a jungle located in the Ratanakiri province of Cambodi
after spending more than 19 years living in the jungle. A family in a close by village announced that
the Cambodian woman was their daughter and that her name was Rochom P’ngieng, a girl
who had gone missing in 1979. When she was found she was naked and terrified. She was discovered after food from a lunchbox
went missing and a man went on a hunt to find out who had taken it. The man gathered friends and found the woman
in the jungle, captured her, and called police. Coincidentally, it turned out that the head
policeman was her father- he recognized a prominent scar on her back. At 8 years old, Rochom P’ngien and her sister
got lost in the jungle while herding buffalo (the sister has never been found). After she was discovered, many worked with
her to try to get her to adjust back to a normal lifestyle. When found she could say the words: stomachache,
mother, and father. Her psychologist noted that she seemed to
be speaking other words, but that they were unrecognizable. She also crawled more often than walk and
refused to wear clothing. Despite being captured and treated, she has
often tried, and sometimes succeeded to escape back to the jungle. Number 1. For 13 years Genie was locked inside a room
and strapped to her potty chair, other times she was bound in a sleeping bag and put inside
a crib. Her father, the one behind the abuse, would
hit her with a stick if she ever spoke and he would bark and growl at her to keep her
quiet. He also forbade his other children and even
his wife from speaking. Because of this, Genie had a very small vocabulary,
consisting of about 20 words. The phrases she did know included “stop it”
and “no more.” She was discovered in 1970 and today she is
considered to be one of the worst cases of social isolation known. She was often thought to be autistic until
doctors found out she was really 13 and was a victim of abuse. She was taken to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
where she was treated for years. After some treatment, she was able to answer
questions in one-word answers and she learned how to dress herself. However, she still held onto her learned behavior,
including a “bunny walk” where she held her hands up in front of her as if they were paws. She also scratched and even clawed at things. Though she was moved around a lot, she found
home with her therapist David Rigler for 4 years, who worked with her daily. He and his family taught Genie sign language
as well as ways to express herself without speaking. Genie then went to live with her mother, and
then abusive foster parents, which then caused her to become mute again and afraid to speak. Today, she is living somewhere in Southern

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  1. With #1, WHY didn't the mother just have an abortion?! Abortion is far more humane than what they did to this poor girl!!!!

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