4’s Pet Project: Adopting animals with special needs

and welcome back to the morning show it’s time for forest fete project joining us this morning is Alison Abbott with Friends of Jacksonville animals and Holly burns they’re here to talk about adopting special-needs dogs and honey is here to win against this morning as well she seems to be in great spirits and she is a special needs dog tell us about adopting yes three years ago honey came into the shelters of stray and obviously had some special needs she has wonky legs and had some continence issues she’d been a long time or an overlooked Holly had seen her at the shelter many times and just fell in love with her and said I’ll go in foster her and while she was in foster she kind of want to know what was going on with Holly so you all got some help yeah so Joe stepped in and paid for the testing at University of Florida and she was just firm to have scoliosis which affects certain continents Holly had her home with her pack she immediately fit in she says I don’t care about the diagnosis that she’s mine and is that something that folks is willing to do help with the diagnosis while there while they’re with the shelter yes we do we do fun um testing and medical needs for the special-needs dogs just to see what’s going on that the shelter doesn’t the budget for and anything we can to help them out and find them special hunts for the special need so just don’t overlook the special-needs dogs they’re just as special as the rest of them indeed and Holly you were one of the pet parents or seeking pet parents who didn’t do that we decided to bring honey into your home what does his spirits been like you know she’s just like any other dog and I have three other dogs and when I brought her home it was like she was home there was no it was it was perfect and you just kind of just well yeah so she doesn’t know that there’s anything different with her she’s just another dog runs plays does everything she just looks a little different just that special and to be honest with you I could tell when you all walked in and walked into the city and I could tell that there was anything wrong with her and sniffing but she’s a wonderful dog and full of grace it’s honey it’s honey and that’s how she lays you know you make weight thank you all for coming in this morning I don’t forget to stop by the Animal Care and Protective Services at 2024 Street they are open from noon until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

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