+41% ENEMMÄN LIIDEJÄ – Meltwater kerää Leadoon avulla myyntiliidejä ja rekrytoi parhaat osaajat

Meltwater provides companies with tools for better communications and marketing. Originally, we chose Leadoo so we could — — better convert our website visitors into leads. But once we started working together — — we noticed that Leadoo actually works in more ways than we could have imagined. Especially from a recruitment perspective, Leadoo has worked really well. Now that we have used Leadoo for some time — — Miia, who is responsible for recruitment, has said that we have gotten very good candidates via the bots — — and that we’re interviewing them and negotiating when they could start working at Meltwater. So, for recruitment, Leadoo has been a very nice solution. Also from the lead generation perspective, it has paid itself back nicely, so we’re happy about that, too. And what comes to our customer support, we want to be available for them as much as we can — — and Leadoo is a good addition for ensuring that. I’m really happy about our collaboration
with Leadoo MT. Every time there has been an issue or challenge,
I have been able to ask — “Hey, how would you solve this?” And each time we’ve gotten great solutions
from the Leadoo MT team. The onboarding process went really smoothly. With Leadoo we have been able to catch
those leads that we wanted to. In general, they have been high-quality leads for us.

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