4 Ways Mistakes in English Help You Improve Your Fluency and Confidence

Hey naturals, what's up? It's your favorite American English teacher Gabby here to help you with your English fluency confidence and in this video your mindset What does mindset have to do with learning English it is? the most important part of learning English and most lessons Don't even touch on it, so if you want to learn more about this Extremely important part of learning anything that will also help you to have a successful More positive and happy life, then keep watching. I'm gonna share something with you today that has helped me immensely a lot just before I share the Concept with you. I want to let you know that I have an email group that you can join It just takes about five seconds and you are in the group for free you can click on the link up there or the link in the description and In my email group I send you my best email lessons to your inbox and you can reply Email me easily and I read all those emails so that's the best way to get in touch with me as well Okay, now. I want you to close your eyes For just a moment and imagine with me that you are in a small group of people They're English speakers and you are speaking English maybe you're telling a story and You're not sure about which word to use in this situation Everyone starts laughing Everyone starts laughing a lot, and it was not a funny part in your story, so you know that they're laughing About your English and you know in that moment that you made a mistake With the vocabulary word that you chose how does that make you feel? You can tell me in the comments actually how does that? Make you feel? imagining this situation and yes You can open your eyes to type in the comments now to tell me how that first situation makes you feel? now I Want you to imagine the same situation, but I want you to realize that in this situation you are using English and Making that mistake is the first step to knowing which Vocabulary word is the best to use in that situation? So yes you made a mistake, but let's look at the good side Let's look at the positive side the silver lining of the situation You're using English you're trying you're taking action And you're using English in an everyday conversation with new friends That's amazing you made a mistake Which gives you more information about whether you chose the right word or not? So now you have more information You know you didn't choose the right word so that's good because now we're learning we have more information To improve your English skills so that the next time maybe you can use the correct English word also third You have a story to tell You can tell all of your friends now about this funny situation where you use the wrong? Vocabulary word instead of the right one and fourth you know that you won't forget this Situation and the information that you learned from it you won't forget this vocabulary word the wrong one or the right one because you suffered a kind of embarrassing traumatic moment but that is a good thing because That helps us to remember the situation when we have some experience with Emotion even if it's negative emotion it helps us to remember So look at all the good things that happen from that situation That you thought was bad making a mistake is actually a good thing And for ways that making more mistakes can help you are It helps you to realize that You made the mistake and to know okay, that's not the right way Let me find the correct way it means that you're actually getting out there and trying and using English which is the first? Step, that's so important. You can't just think about English you have to get out there and use it and see where you make mistakes third you're going to remember what happened because it was kind of an embarrassing moment or a Memorable moments and a fourth you have a great story to tell so in my own life I've made a lot of mistakes when speaking foreign languages so there have been times where for Example in Spanish or in Portuguese. I made a mistake, and it was really embarrassing In Spanish I remember one day. I was talking with a man, and I wanted to say that I was embarrassed about something well the cognate for embarrassed in Spanish is in – ah de and that means to be pregnant so I told this guy I was pregnant and I just wanted to Say I was embarrassed so that was definitely even more embarrassing, but I'll never forget that in Portuguese I was supposed to be translating a song or the lyrics were let's have fun and Instead of saying let's have fun. I actually translated into Portuguese Unknowingly I made the mistake I chose the wrong vocabulary word and I said Let's have an orgasm and that was completely wrong and everyone laughed at me and when I realized What I had say I turned bright red and I was mortified Mortified but I will never forget that vocabulary word in Portuguese Which I won't say because I'll probably turn right again if I say it But the point is making mistakes can actually be super helpful for you in your English Learning journey so think of it as a helpful Beneficial thing in many ways so if you enjoyed this let me know What you think in the comments make sure that you are subscribed? Here to go natural English by clicking on the big red box that says subscribe and as I mentioned you should join my email group if you want to learn more with me and get my best lessons in your Email inbox you can click up there on the card or the link is also in the description Thanks so much for watching now down there and make some mistakes bye for now

46 thoughts on “4 Ways Mistakes in English Help You Improve Your Fluency and Confidence

  1. you are inspired.
    l trust my English will improve if l still practicing and make mistakes.
    thank you a lot

  2. In English fun situation appear because of wrong positions of words in sentences.
    I meet to like you.

  3. Hi…my teacher Gaby please i need that you help me because i dont speak fluency english…God bless you.

  4. I believe the important point that we have to be attention is the accent of the words !!!

  5. I know that most mistakes non-native speakers make are funny, so in a way I'll be making people happy by making mistakes, lol.

  6. Olá Gabi, seu português é muito bom, fiquei muito feliz com isso! Seu canal é ótimo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  7. Thanks a lot Gabby! I agree with you, to embrace your mistakes is very important. But I have a question Gabby for you. I can understand and write a little bit English, but it is difficult to speak for me, so what can I do to speak English? Could you give me some advice My dear teacher.

    Sincerely David

  8. Wow! This is my video … I think you made it for me, I'm afraid to make mistakes because people Lough and/or look at me weirdly! I'm really shy.

  9. Hey Gabby! This video is awesome!! But the way you sound is a bit weird! Not so comfortable for my ears :/ I mean probably the microphone or the room you're in makes it sound like this, i dont know.. could you take a look at it, please? It happened in other video of yours, so I thought I would let you know! Have a nice day and thanks so much for the video!!

  10. 🍏 Some great points in this video. I made a video about mistakes 5 days ago on my channel if anyone wants to wander over. Hint Hint. haha 😜 The challenging but necessary lesson that we NEED to learn is that making mistakes is NECESSARY for forward progress. Uncomfortable and awkward? You betcha. But completely necessary and our self-confidence with be boosted as well! I believe this is one reason that children pick up languages so quickly: they’re not afraid to make mistakes. Adults think too much and worry too much about what others think. The empowering thing is that we can CHOOSE to be more like children and really focus on our goal: progress in our language ability. Thanks for the great video and great energy! 👍🏼😄🍎

  11. It will be embarrassing only for that particular moment but afterwards it will be a part of source of laugh…

  12. I'm feel so good in this situation because I'm in the center of them attention and laughing too. It happens to me a lot in the English lessons.

  13. That's the worst moment ever,, but it's also a good time to know and not forget your mistakes,,, I normally try to narrate the story to myself so that it sticks to my mind, This will help not to forget any single word of the story, and I'll be confident…. Thanks too cz your videos are awesome and very helpful to me

  14. My favourite English teacher good morning. About your question in misuse the correct word. That will give me a signal to be biggest red embarrassing man ever . Huh

  15. Hey Gabby! I fully agree with those points :). I admit I've been following you for a while (online obviously ;)) and you actually really inspired me to start a YouTube channel. I know you were one of the earlier YouTube English teachers. Do you still have your other channel on which you give/gave advice to teachers?

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