30 Questions With College Of Health And Human Sciences Dean

(bright music) – Hi. – [Avery] Hey. I’m here for the interview
with dean Lise Youngblade. – Oh great, she’s expecting you. Come on in. – [Avery] Cool. – Right this way. – [Avery] Thank you very much. – Hi, Avery. – [Avery] Hey, dean Youngblade. Thanks so much for having me. I hope now is a good time for an intriguing 30 questions interview? – You bet, let’s do it. – [Avery] All right. What’s the first thing you
thought of this morning? – I need coffee. – [Avery] Where did you grow up? – I was born in Brooklyn, New York. And I grew up in Portland, Oregon. – [Avery] Nice. So what attracted you to Colorado? – Well, I should say CSU, but the honest truth is John Denver, and “Rocky Mountain High”. Heard it in seventh grade and
have been a fan ever since. – [Avery] Nice. What’s the best part
of living in Colorado? – Actually, that I get to live here. After 13 years, I still
pinch my arm sometimes. – [Avery] Awesome. What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you this summer? – This summer? Becoming dean of the College
of Health and Human Sciences. – [Avery] So what’s your
schedule looking like these days? – Here’s your calendar for the week. Just about 40 hours of meetings. – 40 hours. Thank you Lee.
– You’re welcome. – [Avery] Sounds like a fun week. – Yep, busy one. – [Avery] All right, so
what’s it like to be dean? – Exciting, inspirational,
truly never a dull moment. – Dean Youngblade, what’s the most rewarding
part of being dean? – That I get the privilege of working with such amazing faculty, staff, and students. Avery, it’s a beautiful day outside, should we go take a walk? – Absolutely.
– Great, come on, let’s go. – [Avery] All right. So what is one strength of the College of Health and Human Sciences? – Our commitment to impact. We engage in incredibly
world-class research, but always with an eye to application and how we can make the
lives of people better. – [Avery] That’s great. What’s the craziest
thing you’ve ever done? – Ever? In college I took the year off, moved to Alaska, lived in a van, worked in a cannery, taught preschool, and played in a bluegrass brand. – [Avery] That sounds like a good time. So what’s the most beautiful
thing in the world? – A smile. – [Avery] What’s the best weekend plan? – Spending time with family and friends. – [Avery] What’s your
favorite book of all time? – All time? I have a lot, but this past summer, I just reread a favorite, “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving. – [Avery] Nice. What’s the last book you read? – I just started “Flight
Behavior” by Barbara Kingsolver. – [Avery] What’s your favorite sport? – I’m baseball, baby. – [Avery] Nice. Kitten or puppy? – Puppy. – [Avery] Okay. What’s your favorite
animal that doesn’t exist? – Loch Ness monster. – [Avery] Who’s influenced you the most? – Ooh, that’s a hard one. I would say, currently, it’s the passion, and excitement of our students. – [Avery] Awesome. What have you learned from your children? – How deep and wide your heart can grow. – [Avery] That’s great. What is your greatest accomplishment? – Some days, it’s finding
a parking place on campus. But, seriously, I am so
excited about this new job and about the accomplishments
we’re gonna create together. – [Avery] Awesome. What dish are you best at cooking? – Chicken shawarma. – [Avery] I’ll have to try some. – Come on over. – [Avery] What’s your favorite dessert? – Ice cream, any flavor, any day. – [Avery] All right. What’s your favorite memory from college? – The day I actually figured
out what my major was. – [Avery] Which was? – Psychology. – [Avery] Okay. What’s the best decision you’ve made? – Professionally? Coming to CSU. – [Avery] Great. What is your favorite thing
to do in Fort Collins? – Spend time in Old Town. – [Avery] All right. Where is your favorite spot on campus? – The Oval. – [Avery] Yeah, nothing
else compares to it. So when people talk about the College of Health and Human Sciences, what do you want them to say? – That we’re an amazing college. We are dedicated to excellence, we’re dedicated to inclusion, we’re dedicated to making an impact, and that’s an amazing trifecta. I am so proud to be the
dean of this college. – [Avery] Perfect. So, one last question. What gets you most excited
about the college’s future? – Our potential. Our potential for making an
impact and making a difference. – [Avery] That’s great. Well, that’s it. Thanks for talking to me. – You bet, Avery. Have a wonderful afternoon
and I’ll see you later. – [Avery] Thanks, you too. Enjoy your walk home.
– Okay, thank you, bye!

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