3 WEIRD Steps TO Make Any Group LOVE YOU (WARNING: You Will Become the Center Of Attention)

Meeting one person is easy But when it comes to meeting a second person or a third person or a larger group it can become Really intimidating really overwhelming and this happens to my clients I see it happen all the time when they get into a situation And they don’t know what to do, and there’s people walking around How do you get them to even notice you? the awesome amazing thing is there is only these three simple steps that you need to follow in order to not only be Accepted into the group, but be loved by them be completely immersed and actually lead those situations What’s up, my name is Sarah and welcome to my channel I actually travel around the world coaching thousands of people on exactly how to 10x your confidence and to make your relationships your connections with people Deeper so that you can get the results in your current relationship with yourself with the people in your life And in your business, let’s jump into it What’s your experience when you first go and meet a group? I just flow with the vibe what’s going on you know What is it like for you guys when you meet a new group of people like how do you act do you jump straight in there or are you more reserved What’s your experience? He is more reserved I am more comfortable Okay, so you’ve got the confidence so when you meet them what do you do Do you go like straight in and talk to one person? Yeah What do you say like if you would give advice to somebody? What would you say then one thing you always do and it makes you feel more confident Just be yourself How do you be yourself? What if you’re like really nervous to get in there? I don’t know I talk about stuff I don’t know I was just asking a bunch of people in the square what it was like with their experience of going to a group and and how they showed up or who they spoke to and it’s crazy how many people just say Be yourself. It’s like the most confusing thing or just go with the vibe with the flow When you say that to somebody who doesn’t have the confidence or you don’t know how to just be in the flow What that even means it makes it really difficult So if the three steps are gonna be very very helpful just to give you a structure to make it Easier to get into your flow get into your vibe to actually be yourself And the first step is to engage the entire group now that doesn’t mean jumping in there being like everyone look at me It means go in and engage with just one person first and get comfortable Having a conversation getting to know that one person the way that you engage The whole group is you change your body language While you’re having that conversation with the individual you change your tonality as you’re speaking to them so instead of speaking to somebody like it’s just you and them You open your body towards where the group is and you continue having this conversation But as you’re sharing and speaking and asking questions Don’t be afraid to raise your voice just a little bit So that the rest of the group can hear what is going on? And that is a signal to invite them in so that they can also be a part of that and what you want to do Gradually is when you notice that someone is maybe being inquisitive or looking in What’s this conversation going on you invite them in you ask them the same question you just ask that person that you’re talking to and eventually the whole group is now engaged and now Familiar with you because ultimately you want to get that trust and rapport because you’re a new person yet. They don’t know who you are They have to build that trust and this is exactly how you do it Once you build your self esteem and confidence up what you can do is jump in there and engage the entire Group by asking in that same question and not just one person on the outskirts It’s a really great way, especially if you’re anxious in bigger environments with multiple people Step number two is create jokes. This is a superpower this takes the pressure off you takes the pressure off everyone in the group and you Suddenly start to connect on an entirely new level and you don’t know why this is when you have those experiences Oh It’s like we already knew each other or we feel like we’re best friends already because you put the work in and invest it in making these injokes these moments which will accumulate To how you feel around another person. This is what develops the substance in the relationship with the group Now you’re part of the tribe. Now you’re accepted in the tribe We like you because you made a funny joke when you first came here And that’s what we remember you for is the jokes and and it’s really hilarious When you get into this because it can be about something just really random It could be something maybe you see their shoes and you have the same color shoes and you bond about this and create a joke Like oh we we rang each other up earlier and we both told each other to wear white shoes alright Or maybe you’re wearing the same colors as the group or one person in the group and you make a little joke like that Then they get they’re gonna laugh and go. Oh, yeah. Yeah we did or they could say no we didn’t and it goes Oh, okay. Maybe it was just me. So either way you want to create these moments which are memorable unique Not perfect. You actually want to avoid doing what everybody would expect you to do in a group Otherwise you’ll fade off and they’ll kind of be like hey get out of here because you’re doing the same thing that everybody else is Doing so there’s nothing of interest to them. You want to create the intrigue. This is different. I remember the in jokes I remember the funny moments like with my own team. We have this running joke for a while, which was pack your bags So it’d be like oh Like if someone did something wrong in a way or said the wrong thing our group would go “pack your bags” and I’ll be like Okay, I’ll go pack my bags I’m leaving and jump off the tour which was hilarious for us and it would bond us every time we made a joke about this You can’t tell where they’re from? Why? Wait wait wait ok Canadians and Americans There is a wall between I love it. Ok so if you would have to give someone a tip when they meet a new group of people besides drinking what would you suggest? Be yourself So say you speak to that first person and you start an injoke just with them Then you can invite people in and tell them what that injoke is if it’s about the shoes and oh we rang each other And we both decided to wear these white shoes. So go Oh really? And they might be wearing white shoes now they’re in on it You can be a part of our group to actually make your own segregated tribe within the group that you’re meeting now Suddenly people are interested and they start to gravitate towards what’s going on. What’s the action? Yeah those inmoments That’s really the action the engagement that people want to be around and then you can start to build on that and one Massive tip that I use personally is I draw back to the very first moment So that very first joke you make that very first moment when you make that first impression Throughout the interaction with meaning and and growing the relationship with them You want to draw back to that first moment mention look, we already bonded because we’re wearing white shoes together even if that’s half an hour into that conversation Now number three is extremely important number three step number three define who is the leader of that group Steps one and two are there so that you can really have an awareness and figure out who is leading this group So not the people that are quiet and hanging back. They’re not so much in the leadership role It’s the person that’s making the decisions like the CEO in a company. All right, they’re like boom. This is what we’re doing execute they delegate so there is always a leader in a group or it might be like one sometimes two but there’s always a Predominant leader so you want to be open and just be vigilant of the group and figure out okay This person is obviously making the decisions and what you want to do is build rapport with them build connection with them it’s crucial Why because soon as you build rapport with the leader? Everybody else likes you because they already like the leader. They’re already taking direction from that person And if they now see that the leader respects you and is having an injoke with you suddenly They’re like, oh we immediately accept you and they start to love you they’re like oh they see the value in you because now you’re friends with their leader, and they Like you because they like the leader now, you’ve got three actual steps that you can go and implement straightaway So make sure you do it as soon as possible if you can go out today Go and do it today because the more that you build up real-life Experiences the more you can solidify a new way of approaching people and a new confidence because you’ve done it You’ve actually done it. You haven’t just watched it on a youtube video and you’re like, oh, yeah. Okay, that makes sense Oh that doesn’t make sense. You actually gone out and applied it and I would love write in the comments You know, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to groups? And what’s the one thing that you actually are really really good at you’re like, okay Yeah, I’m confident in this type of situation and if you’re loving this content Make sure you hit the subscribe button and leave your feedback I really love getting your feedback because that’s how I put more and more of this amazing content out And if you’re someone that does want to take this to the next level and actually wants to get this Executed wants to get it handled then click the link in the description and that’s going to take you through a completely free Application form where you get an assessment of where you’re at and what would be the right track for you to really Get a handle on your social abilities so that you can go out and get the results that you want with your relationships again Thank you so much. Love putting these videos out and I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. Hi RSD Sarah! My biggest challenge when it comes to approaching groups is the energy level to come into it with… would you suggest to be above the energy level you feel their at?…and I'm still going out solo so far so I tend to allow people to draw toward me more as I'm self amusing and transferring positive emotion…i feel at this starting point going into groups still feels validation seeking for me. But I will push myself more to go into groups tonight and say something funny…but this freakn ego is like a defense mechanism keeping me from doing that. Can you drop a vid on that a bit, I know other RSD instructors touched on it some would like to hear from you as well if you could. Peace Princess!

  2. I think when people say "just be yourself", they really mean – don't put on a fake front, and maybe show a bit of vulnerability

  3. That's why you have to have a wing man, I trouble to open up a mixed group where there is dudes in it. But I am ok with bonding with girls

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  5. Since working with you, making inside jokes and vibing with mixed sets has been one of my favorite things! Just on halloween I had a group of about 7 random people doing a kick line in the middle of the dancefloor about 15 minutes after getting there. The last 20 minutes at the venue felt amazing because I was in a circle with a different group just vibing back and forth showing off our best moves. Still in contact with someone from that too!

  6. Vanilla pudding ..Sarah is the wackest of rsd by far 10x? Ok grant cardone thanks…speak loudly so the group can hear us in the loud club awesome my vocal chords are already getting shit on to scream loud enough for anyone can hear me over the music…I’ll stick to Jeffy and Tyler

  7. FEEEEEEDBAAAACK!!!!: WOAW!!! SARAH YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! The way you teach is describing the thing that you teach while teaching it!!!! *PWOOOSH (Mind Blown) WE WANT MORE!!!! You are a emotional freaky sexy master that just is the best in what you teach. EMOTION 105 BABY!!! (gta radio, your emotion*scratch sound). As a logical man, that's what I am, I can finally understand, emotions where in my hand… (shakespeare drops the microphone)

    That was just for me. Let's rewatch this video and show you what I mean. (this will be a long explanation, because every word YOU say is worth the breakdown) We know that when we walk on the street people enjoy the sun. That can be that giant gas ball in the sky, or just a person. https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=18. Till here it's summer time. But then a dark and grey cloud comes… (you take away what you just gave) "Where is my sun?" A voice inside of us says "IT'S LOGIC, BRO" (We understand what you say and teach at that moment LOGIC) "But I wanna hear bill withers sing that chocolate voice?!!! Gimme gimme!!!" https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=33 "oh, the sun was never away, it just keeps on shining every night and day" (shakespeare drops his mic, knowing what he just said is what he just said. "Indeed I can do this night and day") https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=50

    For anybody new to these concepts watching this, please take a seat, you are in for a treat. (At this point shakespear does a ninja flip). Till here=> https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=57 Props to the editor. He understood not only what was thought, but also that we want to hear what that girl has to say next.

    Next on the stage our brave man from a country far away, that will show you how to lead the way. (Shake said I AM THE SPEAR!!!)! https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=67 After that part we get something special, something ALL people need, EMOTION 105 BABY!!! (We can finally let loose and put our logic aside and learn from our emotions) https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=106 At this point it gets tricky. There is no way through youtube to fully understand what you are about to say. This is a call to action. But you do it anyway => https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=115 Something we all can relate to and you teached it through a 2 dimensional screen and some speakers. Fucking amazing.

    https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=127 Here is something you are good at doing but then you are a guy. You use logic in a guys way. NOOOOOOOOOOO I see you loose it. "Where is the sun????" It comes down to this video that changed lives (face to face) but not through the camera =>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsHtBEsaBIc

    Personal note to anybody: Sarah is THE master in emotions, but you can't experience it through a screen. Just like porn. (yep I also like greasy hamburgers, like ron jeremy, but at one time you don't wanna eat anymore. You wanna be it)

    Moving on…

    So we get a guys explanation through a woman's mind. (Shakespeare looks around the corner… He knows what's about to come, he shakes the people up, you even think it's a song) damnnn
    Just for Sarah: THAT RIGHT THERE!!! Is something none of the guys can teach at RSD. Your strength is in the mind-fuck that you can see through a guy and let them empower you!!! Cause you are a woman!!! And WE ARE MAAAAN!!! till here => https://youtu.be/v26jnT9vcmo?t=140

    2:25 till 4:00 even till the end Is perfect. You get that gimme gimme feeling that we need to learn how to pace. It drives any guy nuts. In a good way. In an EMOTION 105 BABY!!!! (alright I'm just gonna send the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTBP3yGzJqE&t=263s, ow it's fever 105, the irony)

    The dark side of the moon:
    Gotta talk logic here. What I've learned from this video is that I gotta make a choice. What is really important? Going out of my comfort zone and get socially super smart OR keep on doing what I do and fuell my addiction for knowledge. Point 3 in the video. I always choose both choices in such a case because the best things I learned are from people. Except dogs, dogs are f-ing amazing. Really cool what you do so I wanna give something back in this way of explaining your weak points and strong ones. Please do the same for all the other people you meet as a professional dating or life coach. Because there is one thing I know how to do. Because the real person is you. You gotta tune it like I do. But every guitar has six-strings and some rhythm and gangster style too. Yep, it's shakespeare, peace out, peace to you.

    Sarah her instagram is: sarahsocial_
    (if it is cool that I share this? Cause it's not in the video description)
    Also learning about social media in the bootcamp's she does is an eye opener. She got it down and anyone can learn it to.

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