3 Easy Ways to Start A Conversation With Anyone

In this video, I am going to share with you three ways
to start a conversation with anybody anywhere. And I’m doing this because people often ask me for situational conversation starters. They want to know, “Charlie, how do I start a conversation at a networking event?” or “how do I start a conversation at a bar?
How do I start a conversation at a house party?” And the truth is, yes, you can have very specific ways to speak to people in each of those scenarios but if you get locked into that, what tends to happen
is you’ve got all these things floating in your head and the moment when it comes to speak and
there’s too much going on, you say nothing. I find it much easier if you’ve got three things
you know you can take with you anywhere, it just becomes reflex and you actually will speak up and you’ll
get in the conversation and maybe meet some cool people. So here are the things that you should be thinking about. The first one is more of a mindset and I call it Human Google. The reason I do this is because Google is where we go to ask questions nowadays. If you want to know how to get from point A to point B, you go to Google. If you want to know what restaurant is really good in your area,
you probably go to Yelp but maybe you type it in first on Google. The point is that we go to our technology and the power of this first thing is in taking all those questions that maybe we go to technology for or maybe we don’t even voice and asking the people around us especially the people we don’t know and not just a friend group
so a few examples of this just to get you thinking in this mode… I was out at the gym on the day of the Floyd-Connor fight and it occurred to me that I had no idea where I was going to watch the fight and so I just said to the person nearby me, “Oh, my god.
The fight is tonight. Are you gonna see it?” He said, “Yes,” I said, “Where are you gonna watch it?” Conversation started; we spoke for five minutes. Now, this is
someone that when I see him, I say hello and we can chat. Another example — I just moved to Santa Monica,
I absolutely love it here, it’s amazing and the question that I probably asked dozens of people was, “Do you live here?” first and if you were new here, “What would you go do and see to decide if he wanted to stay?” and I asked, like I said, dozens of people but probably met a handful of friends and I can’t even remember because there’s so many that I’ve come in and out but definitely one group of girls that were at a bar,
we asked them this they gave us some great tips and now they’re people that I see out probably once every 7 to 10 days. They tend to hang out in the same area, we can chat
and talk and we’re friendly with each other now. Another example — if I see people speaking or hear people speaking with an accent or foreign language that maybe I recognize, I might just ask
them where they’re from, if they’re visiting, or are they tourists. Now, you might be recognizing, “Okay, those are all
rather silly and dumb questions,” and that is exactly the point. What matters is not so much what you say first but if you want to have a conversation, it’s what you follow it up with. And that goes beyond the purview of this video but I don’t
want to leave you hanging I want to give you something so the second part of this conversation once you’re going — you tend to want to drive it towards the question, “How do you feel?” in all of its forms so take that first question where I asked the guy about the fight. We’re talking. Now, when we start having a conversation at the point where I say, “Are you excited?” or “how do you feel about this?” right?
That’s where the conversation goes The other example — I asked people about things I need to see.
We start really conversing at the point where I go, “How do you like it here? What’s your favorite thing?”
when you ask them a feeling question or even the people who are visiting, I say, “What are
your impressions of Santa Monica? Are you liking it?” When you get down to how they’re feeling, that’s when the ping pong starts back and forth and now we’re talking about
how to keep the conversation going, flowing and interesting rather than how to get it started in the first place so that is the first one — human Google. The second one,
very similar, is what I call Human Twitter. If Google is where we go to ask questions, Twitter is where we go to make statements so a simple example — I was out at the bar the other night and a dude walked in, and I swear to God, dressed in full cowboy gear — hat, bandana, and I think he might even had a lasso. And I was dumbfounded I just grabbed the person next to me and I said,
“Hold on. You need to see this. A cowboy just walked into the bar.” And that was it. Now we’re talking. We don’t even know
what we talked about but the conversation got started. Now, the point with this human Twitter and Google is that you’re not coming in with a pre-planned question;
you’re not coming in with a pre-planned line. And the difficulty here is when people go and they try to find, “Okay, what do I say?” and have one thing they know,
for instance, is they want to give a compliment to someone. The problem is, “Okay, I got to compliment, compliment…”
they walk up to someone dressed like me and they go, “Okay, I got to compliment this guy on his dress,” and there’s nothing to say; I’m wearing a black t-shirt
and it can come across as lack in genuineness. But when you actually put that to the side for just a second and think, “What are the genuine thoughts going on in my head?” There’s always something and while they might be silly and dumb,
I hope I’ve made it clear that it’s not the first thing that you say. People are starving to get in conversation believe it or not. So when you say something like, “Oh my god, it’s so hot out here.
I’m sweating like a pig,” — human Twitter — you’re likely to get three people near you to go, “Oh my god, it’s so bad, right?” and now you can begin and as soon as you get— Now you’re driving towards the field, “Isn’t it insane? It’s just sweltering out here. I can’t stand this. I don’t know if I can
want to continue to live in this area or maybe I’m thinking of moving somewhere else,” When you get into that feeling part, now you’re having a conversation. Again, I’m taking this off Conversation Starters but I want to give you a little bit more. That said, there is one more thing that you can use and this one is more of a line and it works really well in closed social settings like bars, corporations, like any sort of an area, so bars, corporations, universities, friend groups if you’re at a party with someone — any sort of thing where these people do kind of have a reason to speak
to one another — you’re expected to be social and this one is you just walk up to someone you say, “Hey, I don’t think I’ve met you yet. I’m…” say your
name and you stick your hand out for a handshake. So, “Hey, I don’t think I’ve met you yet. I’m Charlie.” This works wonders because it sub-communicates amazing things. First off, it sub-communicates that people are supposed to be mingling here. I don’t think I’ve met you yet; we’re supposed to have met at this point. Second, it sub-communicates that you are a social
person since you’re starting the conversation. They will follow you, stick your hand out right
away and they’ll reflexively shake your hand and again, dive into the feeling — how do you like it here,
what brings you here, are you enjoying yourself. That’s going to get the conversation going so I don’t need to make this more complicated than it is;
you take any of these out, you are done. You don’t need to worry about how to start a conversation. Now we’re talking about different things like continuing the conversation and I’m gonna link up some videos that will help you with that. If you are interested in more DETAILED stuff about this, like first impressions, we happen to have a course on the subject
and we also have a free video that we give away to see if you’re interested that covers the four
emotions that make amazing first impression. If you can create these emotions in the person that you’re speaking with, they will walk away with an amazing first impression of you. So if you’re curious what those are, go ahead click the link in the description below or the card or wherever we’ll get something to pop up here and you can check that video out after dropping your email into the little email slot. Second, I know that a lot of people were asking,
“Charlie, where were you? Who’s this other guy?” Ben, if you guys did not see the original announcement, is my best friend; he has been my business partner since the beginning of Charisma on Command. I am still doing all the Monday videos; we’re just adding a Thursday video now that we kind of had the business going to a point where he can step out from behind the camera and share some stuff with you so twice as much content; I am NOT going anywhere. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. If you did,
make sure to subscribe to the channel and of course I will see you in the next one.

100 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Start A Conversation With Anyone

  1. I struggle with starting conversations. I will try these and if I remember I will let you know if they worked for me

  2. I found that the more I talk to new people the easier it is to keep the conversation going (though eventually it stops because I run out of things to say). The only problem I have that prevents any of that is talking first.

  3. im an introvert but im not gonna lie, these were some pretty helpful tips! The hardest part is starting a conversation: most people with social anxiety have to deal with this problem called "overanalysis paralysis" and they can just never get themselves to come up with an opening line, although they have so many things on their mind.

  4. Usually I see guys like u on the bus or train and I like them but they would be wearing earphones and looking into their mobile all the time!

  5. The guy I like told his friends he likes me but I’ve always been a paranoid person so I’m scared that he won’t like me if I try talk to him more, anyone know wat to do ?? 😅😅

  6. I advise against asking people where they're from, as you're labeling them as "other" by doing so and for all you know they were born in the same country/city as you or have lived in it for so long that it's home to them too.
    Just ask what the language they're speaking is, and if they speak any other. If you're a polyglot yourself, volunteer that information, it will make you relatable to them.
    Chances are high that they will end up telling you where they're from if they are indeed foreigners, and you wouldn't have offended anyone.

  7. nice body signals dude, every phrase was made creatively in the moment you said them, you know… eyes tell so much about someone intentions.

  8. Me: What about friday?
    Her: what Friday?
    Me: To go out, are you down!
    her: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Turns her back and walks away.

  9. Dude! I really like talking to beautiful girl. But it seems like if I just walked up to her instantly, she would know that I was about to flirt. My point is I don’t want any girl to think that I’m flirting. So, do you have any tips on this ?

  10. I am watching this with my wife in Taiwan. There are two French girls in front of us and we want to befriend them. We keep waiting for a time to attack.

  11. His unnaturally broad mouth and way tooo perfect smile/teeth weirds me out a bit. Am I the only one??😬 Edit: me scrolls down the newest comments: haha..nope, not the only one.

    I definitely know I'm not the only one weirded out by myself, by watching videos like these in varying seriousness 😅

  12. Im starting at a new school today and I'm super nervous.
    I've kinda seen the situation in my head and it doesn't end well…
    I say hi to the people showing me around and stuff, then I die. Or then it's really awkward………..

    I just don't know what to do after hi! (It's 7th grade… It's hell)

  13. What works for me is "how's your week been?" Works for people I know and people I don't. People like talking about themselves and opens many roads to keep conversation flowing. Works like a charm!

  14. There is something wrong with me. I have no problem talking to boys but with girls I always struggle. Why??? Please help.

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