3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

All around the world, marijuana is being decriminalized, or even made legal. But is this really a good idea? In the online debate, the harmful sides are often downplayed. So let’s look at the three most powerful arguments against legalizing marijuana. [Intro – Kurzgesagt] Argument number 1: In the last few decades, Marijuana has been engineered
to become much more potent. Today, marijuana is so potent, that it’s actually a strong drug
that may cause psychosis. The main active ingredient of marijuana is THC, and there’s strong evidence
that THC is related to psychosis regardless of other risk factors. Marijuana also contains a substance called CBD, that seems to counteract its effect. It’s even being tested as a treatment
against psychosis and anxiety. But because it doesn’t make you high, growers have gradually decreased the amount of CBD in marijuana over the last few decades, while increasing THC levels. Sample testing showed that THC levels
have risen from around 4% in the 1990s to nearly 12% in 2014, shifting the ratio of THC to CBD
from 1:14 in 1995 to about 1:80 in 2014. It’s unclear how precise those tests were, however. Overall, recent findings suggest
that the more marijuana you consume, and the stronger it is, the higher your risk of developing psychosis. But how high is the risk of psychosis
for the general population? A study from Britain found that while marijuana use has risen significantly
between 1996 and 2005, the number of schizophrenia cases – a type of psychosis – remain stable. The risk of marijuana induced psychosis remains the highest for people who already have a high risk of psychosis to begin with. For them, it seems more likely that marijuana speeds up
the development of their condition, rather than causing it,
as far as we know right now. So the reasoning goes, if fewer people have access to marijuana, the lower the risk of marijuana induce psychosis. But actually, you could argue that precisely because marijuana is illegal, more people will end up with psychosis. Prohibition makes illegal drug stronger and more potent, because this way you can ship
more product in a smaller space and sell it at a greater profit. This is what happened during
the prohibition of alcohol in the US, where hard liquor became the norm. And the same is happening with marijuana now. Imagine a world where liquor
is the only alcohol available. You have the choice of either not drinking at all, or getting much drunker than you would like to. This is the situation for many marijuana smokers today. People didn’t stop drinking during prohibition, and the numbers show that laws
don’t deter people from using marijuana. We can’t make marijuana go away, but we can make it safer. If marijuana were legal, there would be more options for consumers, and regulators could, for example,
insist on a high level of CBD. Just like most people don’t drink
an after-work bottle of vodka, many people would gladly consume
the after-work beer version of marijuana. Argument 2:
marijuana is a gateway drug. If it’s legalized, there will be a spike in the use
of much more dangerous drugs. A 2015 study found that about 45% of lifelong marijuana users took some other illegal drug at some point. Legalizing marijuana could reinforce this trend: as more young people try legal marijuana, they might end up trying harder drugs. But it turns out that the real gateway
to drug use comes much earlier: cigarettes. One study showed that teens who started smoking before the age of 15 were 80% more likely to use illegal drugs
than those who didn’t. And a 2007 study found that teenagers
between 12 and 17 who smoked were three times more likely to binge drink, seven times more likely to have used
drugs like heroin or cocaine, and were also seven times more likely
to resort to marijuana. But if that’s the case, how could making more drugs legal
stop the use of hard drugs? At first, it’s important to acknowledge that people don’t use drugs because they’re legal or not. If you want to buy any drug, you’ll always find someone happy to sell. The real question is why do people develop an unhealthy relationship with drugs at all? Studies show that certain conditions make people especially vulnerable
to drugs and addiction. A difficult childhood, early trauma, low social status, depression, even genetic factors. Which drug they get addicted to
is more often than not a matter of chance. Addicts take drugs to escape their problems. But drugs don’t solve any of those problems, and instead become a new problem. But punishing people
for their unhealthy coping mechanisms doesn’t change anything about
the underlying causes either. So some argue we need to
take a completely different route. In 2001, Portugal had one of the worst drug problems in Europe. So it was desperate enough to try something radical: Possession and use of
all illegal drugs was decriminalized. You would no longer be arrested; Instead, authorities launched a major health campaign. People who were found with a small amount were referred to support services, and got help with treatment and harm reduction. Drug use was seen as a chronic disease, not a crime. The results were stunning: the number of people
who tried drugs and kept using them fell from 44% to 28% by 2012. The use of hard drugs decreased, as well as HIV & hepatitis infections
and overdoses. Making drugs legal might overall
help society much more than it harms it. Argument number 3: Marijuana is addictive and unhealthy. It needs to remain illegal
to keep harm at a minimum. While marijuana addiction is
more psychological than physical, it is still a real problem. The demand for treatment
for marijuana addiction has more than doubled in the past decade alone. In total, about 10% of people
who try marijuana will become addicted. This is also related to higher THC levels. A study released in 2017 tracked the potency of marijuana
and Dutch coffee shops over a period of 16 years. For every 1% increase in THC, 60 more people enter treatment nationwide. In terms of negative health effects, some studies linked marijuana use to
increased blood pressure and lung problems, while a 2016 study found that
marijuana use was unrelated to physical health problems,
except for a higher risk of gum disease. Some studies showed that
marijuana use alters teenagers brains, and decreases their intelligence; but when more recent studies
took drinking and smoking into account, the results were inconclusive. Overall, research shows that taking any drugs while the brain
is still in development is bad for you. But the truth is, we don’t know yet
how unhealthy marijuana is. We need more funding for research, which is hard to get while marijuana remains illegal. We can put what we know into perspective though. 16% of people who consume alcohol
become alcoholics, and 32% of people who try cigarettes
become smokers. We know for sure alcohol affects your brain, destroys your liver and causes cancer; while tobacco clogs your arteries, destroys your lungs and also causes cancer. 3.3 million people die from alcohol abuse each year, while smoking kills more than 6 million people. Nobody is suggesting tobacco and alcohol
are harmless just because they’re legal. Also, nobody is seriously proposing to prohibit them even though they are extremely dangerous. Legality is a way to exercise some control over them, especially when it comes to protecting young people. It’s often much harder to buy legal drugs
for teenagers than to buy illegal ones. Official sellers can get hefty fines and lose their license if they sell to underage kids. Legality creates incentives here
that drug dealers can’t exploit. So making marijuana legal doesn’t mean endorsing it. It means taking responsibility for the risks it poses. It could also open the floodgates
to tons of new research that shows us how harmful
it really is, and to whom. Conclusion: Marijuana is a drug, and just like any other drug,
It has negative consequences for a sizable portion of the people who use it. It is not harmless. The best way to protect society
from its negative consequences seems to be legalization and regulation. Thanks to our partnership with funk, this video has already been available on our German channel for two weeks! Check it out and subscribe to practice your German skills! And if you want to support the creation of videos that take months to research and prepare, and get a bunch of cool stuff in return, you can do that on patreon.com/kurzgesagt

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  1. Fuck the animation in 1:32 I was soo focused on the vid and I fucking thought it was gonna eat my soul. That shit is fucking scary

  2. Well people go from a nipple to a bottle to sugar to soda as well as other messed up and partially addicted substances xD.. so when i hear weed is a gateway drug xD im like huh???? noo!, my moms nipple was the "gateway" for me ( secretly many others as well ) 🙂 ….. Not to even mention how alcohol is more dangerous than heroin and cigarettes contain cyanide? And what … Weed has cbd and thc xD hhhm maybe the big tabacco/alcohol company had something to do with this xD

  3. THC could actually ruin your life. From my experience, I would be dead now, if antidepresives would not exist, because THC started anxiety and depression for me.. Psychotic drugs are dangerous for SOME people. The best state of mind is your soberness.. If you open a bad door, as you have key with psy drugs, you will never be able to close them again.

  4. The failed ninety year war on marijuana has been the most deadly, destructive and costly mistake in America's history. Cops have focused their efforts on arresting poor people on marijuana/drugs charges. Because white collar criminals have money to fight, and they're more difficult and costly to indict.

  5. Here are the real facts it does not cause psychosis it does not cause you to hallucinate it does not cause brain damage it does not cause death it doesn't make you stupid it doesn't make you try different drugs weed itself shouldn't even be considered a drug in the first place there is not one recorded marijuana overdose other than fake stories there is no scientific evidence that it makes you stupid other than fake websites full of fake information about there being scientific research on it when there's not I've actually smoked weed I've never hallucinated never not once we need weed it's helping so many people with medical problems including depression PTSD cancer anxiety stress back pain pain from an injury and so much more

  6. Do people not see the last word of the title? It says “reviewed”. That sentence means that they are reviewing the 3 reasons why it should stay illegal, they are not supporting them necessarily. A review of something often offers counter points which is exactly what happened in this video but all you guys saw in the title was that Kurzgesagt hates weed.

  7. As one of the '10%' I wish you would just fuck off and mind your own business. I have been smoking it for fifty years. I am and have been, a respectable, gainfully employed family man and my main issues with YOUR sick, sad society all revolve around your inability to mind your own business and need to 'control' me.

  8. I used it and i loved it…

    Thats the reason.

    ILOVED IT! thats why it should stay illegal…
    People sees it as medicine, herbal medicine but the ugly truth is they didnt used it as a medicine. They used it as an addiction. If they make it legal most people will choose this over alot of things.

  9. any "drug" or in Marijuana's case a "helpful natural herb" will have a negative consequence on a person who uses it and it is NOT the right Medicine for them. Try Epinephrine if you are Not in having a life threatening allergy attack. Marijuana works just fine for many people as Medicinal Treatment. Our human brain, well it has over 20 different receptors designed to make use of THC & CBD. ALL DRUGS ARE BAD IF YOU TAKE THEM WRONG!!! Have a shot of epi and get back to me.

  10. My underage cousin has been drinking since 16, smoking pot and od'd on coke a wile ago at 19. I prefer to avoid it all.

  11. On the one hand you got SLS making people cope, and on the other there's polititians lying their ass off for momentary gain by making you into the enemy of the republic and you wonder why you can't just be normal.

  12. I used it about 50 years and i had stronger in 70s. Like anything dont like it dont use it but dont tell me what to choose.

  13. Marijuana should be legal, but only with higger levels of CBH than THC. And you can only consume a limited amount. (even though that would be difficult to control)

  14. They had very strong herb and even hashish for thousands of years it's been cultivated for thousands of years and used as medicine just like ethogens. Mushrooms cactus and herbs like marijuana have been used forever. you clearly are ignorant to the effects or are in favor of giving patients opiates and alcohol

  15. It’s only a gateway drug if your dumb enough to fuckin take the other drugs. Gateway drug more like lack of self control

  16. 38K potheads disliked this video…

    Also to be fair marijuana isn't the gateway drug, depression and being a lone is the gateway.
    If your doing pot, its either because you curious, depressed, have negative friendships or unhealthy family life.
    Its all about bonds, people search for bonds wherever they can, from love to friendships and even drugs if they can't find the previous two.

  17. Just don’t do any drug. It just makes you lazy, unmotivated, causes fatigue and makes you lose focus.

    Find something else to do with your time you pot headed leftist lowlifes.

  18. bruh i now people who smoke a half oz of pure thc hash thats around 90% thc every single day…. nothing is wrong with them… they might be really high though

  19. There is not one legitimate argument on why it should be illegal. There are only bullshit, unfounded subjective opinions from Bible thumping nutjob aholes. Those aren't arguments however.

  20. Who's ever against marijuana being legal should be tied up and beat within an inch of their life and I will sign up to throw the first blow

  21. It's a fucking plant. That has been used for thousands of years.
    I can name 10 plants right now that will kill you dead in hours that are 100% legal.
    The only reason why it's illegal is because of shitheads, and Republicans bribing the government to keep it that way.

  22. Inconvenient Question
    Are Governments, aka the people (aka tax payers) take legal liability for legalising use?
    Are they are saying "IT IS SAFE TO USE"?
    If not, then the question is are they knowingly have legalised an unsafe product that can cause long term harm to user's health and thus can be sued for damages?
    Remember "Big Tobacco?
    How they got sued when they said smoking was safe but not any longer
    Note that they are now protected from legal action because as the Govt put health warnings on the packaging and as a result buyers lost all legal recourse because they knew it would kill them when they bought it. 

  23. 1:40 you wanna say that the Ghostface guys from Scream weren't waching to many movies, but smoked too many pipes?

  24. Thank you for being clear and concise on every aspect of info here. Marijuana really isnt as bad as the media proclaims it to be. Although its not for everyone. Stay strong on your personal choices people ^^

  25. You know why marijuana is a "gateway drug"? Because of all the misinformation surrounding it. Kids get told that it will destroy their lives and make them go insane. Then they smoke some and think "hmm, it's nothing like what they told me, wonder what else they lied about". Weed can be a good thing, better than alcohol certainly, but people in general and parents specifically need to be honest with their kids about it. Also moderation is key, the whole 420 lifestyle wake and bake thing is ridiculous.

  26. But ciggarate and alcohol is the point isnt it ? Look at we at now , we cant control ciggarate or alcohol , if we regulate them people will always find a way to sell or use them , so if we legalize mariuajana , its just adding fuel to the fire , plus some people would smoke it on the streets , since its more potent than ciggarete , some people would get high smelling it from passing smokers .

  27. Your member all the cool shit that people made in the 1950s cause crack was in everything, I want that too
    Make the drugs legal

  28. Schizophrenia is caused primarily by an allergy to dairy. At least 40%. Smoking Marijuana is harsh. The flame destroys/chemically alters the the compounds. And butane and its byproducts in your body? Anybody reasonable can see how that's not a good idea long term. Even though cooling it through water cleans it some, the CBD and other beneficial compounds are mostly still destroyed/degraded. Canabutter does not involve high temperatures nor flame, and thus is healthier. Interestingly the effects last much longer, do not create lung/breathing complications and is viewed by many to be a more pleasant experience. Drinking moonshine is both dangerous and not that pleasant at all, but drinking beer is safer and much more enjoyed by most. Not a perfect analogy, but perhaps how we consume things is important and worth discussing.

  29. It's been shown that loneliness, primarily fueled by our move away from healthy in person social environments to secluded solitary online spaces, is the main reason people use drugs. It's a substitution for what we really need. Mice in a cage slam that cocaine water until you give them company of other mice and then most all of them stop. So programs that helped people get up and go out of the house and into the company of others would help fight the loneliness epidemic and the drug epidemic at the same time.

  30. Lol I got some weed rn that has zero cbd n that’s how I like itttttttttttt👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  31. I don't even know why this is even something to debate, if someone wants weed, they will get it, but just smoke it when the police aren't there.

  32. 1/3 of the people, who try cigarettes become addicted?! I had no idea they were that addictive. I always taught it was about one in ten. Indeed I didn't think anything was that addictive.

  33. If marijuana is legal, I’ll finally be at peace while the world keeps on fighting and causing chaos while I’m in my happy place.

  34. Been smoking marihuana 2 years straight everyday. Never been tempted to try other drugs. Don’t blame weed because of your mental state, blame yourself 😂. Also, we all know that the only reason marihuana is not legalized is because of the huge impact it will make on pharmaceutical industries/companies. It’s way cheaper to smoke a joint than taking 10 pills a day because of a fucking back pain.

  35. I hate people who smoke because once someone smoked right in front of me and my mom was past her so I had to decide to walk through it, or not. I chose to walk through it and I coughed more often for a while.

  36. Both alcohol and marijuana are confirmed gateway drugs – if you potheads think otherwise take a look at the drug addicted kids on the street in such high numbers most OD deaths those from good homes

  37. People get addictived to the feel of weed not because it’s additive,weed has no nicotine or any addictive chemical

    And I also wouldn’t consider weed unhealthy I would consider it more as a pain relier but putting any thing other then oxygen in your lungs is unhealthy

  38. No One Care about your Voice, Stay with yourself, Marijuana Should stay Illegal and No Human Beings shall make the Use of Plants for Their Entertainment Purposes, It should be used in Medicine and not wasted on Some Filthy Human Bodies that does not know how to Use it and shall never Use it on their Own

  39. I’m tired of the stereotype that only lazy and unemployed people smoke weed. Most of my close friends are doctors, engineers and dentists, and all of them smoke weed. I think the majority of people who smoke weed are simply normal people that goes about their day just like any other person.

  40. Bruh this is so funny he’s so fucking wrong cannabis should be legal everywhere it’s a wonder plant that helps thousands people need to stop being pricks and let people do what they want with there body Jesus Christ

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