25 Brutal Serial Killer Families

when you think serial-killer it's likely a sociopathic and antisocial loner comes to mind but that's not always the case over the years there's been a number of brutal serial killer families working together towards one farías goal there's something even more terrifying about this fact it's one thing for a single psychopath to buy into their own insanity but quite another for several others to buy into it too yet that's exactly what happened I'm Mike with lists 25 and whether it was a couple agreeing to do a heinous act against their fellow man or an entire family conspiring to torture rape and murder these 25 brutal serial killer families were the lowest of the low fair warning this list is not for the faint of heart 25 loren herzog and Wesley Shermantine named the speed freak killers these two grow up as childhood friends in Lindon california doing pretty much everything together as adults they developed a serious methamphetamine addiction and may have started murdering people around 18 years old from 1984 to 1999 they went on a meth induced killing spree murdering friends and strangers and anyone that got in their way sometimes they'd go on a hunt merely from the thrill of it once apprehended their friendship disintegrated and they turned on each other Shermantine was put on death row and Herzog ended up committing suicide authorities believe they killed at least 24 people but Shermantine claims 72 24 John Duffy and David Mulcahy these two also became friends at a young age bonding together after being heavily bullied in school soon they became the bullies terrorizing others for sport and committing burglaries and minor arson as adults in 1982 they led seemingly normal lives however at night they would go out hunting singing the song thriller by Michael Jackson at first they preyed on women to threaten them with violence and rape them but the violence increased with each attack and eventually they committed it several murders they weren't caught until 1999 23 Kenneth Bianchi in Angelo Buono jr. before being caught these two men were known as the hillside strangler from 1976 to 1978 originally authorities thought the killer was only one man in 30 days they left the bodies of five women in the hills of LA and by the very end they had murdered 10 women and girls ages 28 to 12 it started when Kenneth Angelo's cousin came to live with Angelo as the older cousin Angelo acted as an authority to the wayward Kenneth but Angelo was no role model he convinced Kenneth to become pimps of teenage girls no one cared about this idea led to their infamous murder spree when the murders stopped in 1978 Bianchi left for Washington State and murdered two more women but was caught by police he gave up his cousin Angelo during the interrogation boo oh no died behind bars in 2002 Bianchi is still currently living out his sentence 22 Wolfgang Abel and Marco furl and part of the neo-nazi group called Ludvig which carried out ritual murders these two men became friends in Italy where they murdered at least 10 people though it's likely 15 their activities started in 1977 killing homosexuals prostitutes drug addicts and friars they were arrested in 1984 for trying to burn down a disco club 21 Inessa taro Verdi Ewa and family also called the gang of Amazons this family from Stavropol Russia led by NSA Oliver Deva and Roman Pope copyof murdered 30 people in over six years they brought their two daughters one that was only 13 years old on their murderous raids they were brutal often doing horrendous things to their victims like gouging out their eyes their killing spree lasted until 2013 they were apprehended 20 Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris these two started their murder spree around the same time as the hillside strangler in 1979 they met in California state prison and fantasized about kidnapping torturing raping and killing a girl for each teenage year while outside they acted on their fantasy roaming the area for potential victims in the end they brutally carried out their plans killing five girls ages ranging from 13 to 18 Norris bragged to a friend about his murder spree which led to their eventual arrest Bittaker was sentenced to death and the judge even put on a 199 year sentence just in case his sentence was commuted to life Norris was given 45 years for his cooperation with the investigation 19 Dean Corll Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks these three man lured teenagers and young men into Dean Quarles home in the 70s before he tortured raped and murdered them Coral was the ringleader known to many in the neighborhood as the Candyman because he would give out candy to the kids the murder has lasted for three years pending in 1973 when Henley fatally shot Coral while he was trying to rape one of his victims Henley confessed to 28 murders showing them locations of the unmarked graves he and Brooks were both given life sentences 18 Charles Starkweather and Caroline Fugate in the late 1950s James Dean wannabe Charles Starkweather and his girlfriend Caroline Fugate went on a shocking killing spree in Nebraska they went from place to place breaking into houses and killing anyone that got in their way when they were finally caught Starkweather claimed it was all his idea and Fugate was his captive authorities didn't buy it claiming they made up a story to help you get receive a lighter sentence Starkweather got the death penalty while Fugate was given life in prison she was released after 18 years and lived a quiet life afterward 17 Dave and Alan Gore and Fred water-filled called the killing cousins these two men committed a series of brutal attacks against women in the early 80s they kidnapped raped and murdered them before dismembering their bodies and burying them in unmarked graves gore was convicted of killing six women and he implicated water-filled as being part of all – despite evidence to the contrary water-filled maintained his innocence claiming to be a hostage Gore was executed in 2013 30 years after the murders and water-filled is serving a life sentence 16 the Briley brothers Linwood Briley James Briley jr. and Ray Riley killed 11 people in seven months in their hometown of Richmond Virginia unlike many of the other killers on this list these boys grew up in a well-adjusted family were treated well and overall were well-regarded in their neighborhood at school however when they weren't under the watchful eye of their father they bullied kids and didn't listen to Authority as adults they grew even more bold and violent resulting in the serial murders of course they were eventually caught Linwood and James were given the death penalty while ray was given a life sentence in 1984 they all led a successful escape attempt staying free for some time but were eventually captured and fast tracked to the electric chair Linwood and James were both executed in 1985 ray is still serving his life sentence 15 Emelia sac and Annie Walters also known as the Finchley baby farmers these two women in late Victorian era England offered to collect unwanted babies for mothers for a price they claimed the babies would be adopted but in actuality both sac and Walters murdered the babies by strangling them once caught and arrested they stood convicted of murder and were sentenced with the death penalty even though many tried to have their sentence commuted to life they were the first women to ever be executed by hanging in Holloway prison 14 Christopher Worrell and James Miller 40 year old James Miller and his homosexual partner Christopher world age 23 first met in prison and once they got out stalked South Australia for hitchhikers from 1976 to 1977 they kidnapped hitchhikers raped and murdered women by strangulation with a cord though it's thought one might have been buried alive when world died in a car crash the murders stopped and Miller fell into a deep depression and confessed to a friend about his serial killings the friend tipped off the police and Miller was arrested and sentenced to life in prison 13 Hart brothers michaiah big harp and wily little harp are considered the first recorded serial killers in the United States hunting people down for the pure enjoyment of it they got their first taste for blood in the American Revolutionary War joining a Tory rape game where they raped stole committed arson and murdered innocents after the war their murder spree only grew more violent and grisly not discriminating between man or child at one point big harp killed his own baby daughter by smashing her head against a tree they were eventually hunted down big harp was killed in action and little Harpe was executed years later authorities supposedly put little harps head on a pole as a warning 12 Ian Brady and Myra Hindley from July 1963 to October 1965 this couple proud the neighborhood of Manchester England for unsuspecting children they kidnapped tortured raped and killed five children in total ages 10 to they were caught a year after the death penalty was abolished in England so both were given life sentences Hindley died at the age of 60 in 2002 and Bradley died in Ashworth hospital at 79 in 2017 11 Gerald and Charlene Diego this couple terrorized Sacramento California from 1978 to 1980 killing a total of 10 victims they kidnapped women kept them as sex slaves and then wooden before moving on to their next victims they were caught after Gerald kidnapped Craig Miller and Mary Elizabeth sours with a gun forcing them into his van Miller and sours friends saw the kidnapping and wrote down the vehicle license plate unfortunately Gerald murdered both before authorities could not pretend him Gerald received the death penalty in both California and Nevada while Charlene received a lighter sentence of 16 years for helping the police investigation against Gerald she was released from prison in 1997 while Gerald died of rectal cancer in 2002 10 Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka these infamous Canadian serial killers did absolutely deplorable acts together feeding off their evil desires surprisingly Karla grew up in a loving family and showed no sign that she had disturbing and psychotic machinations once she dated Bernardo things took a turn for the wicked she assisted him in kidnapping women and helping him rape them eventually Homolka offered her little sister as a surrogate virgin for him they spiked her drink and Bernardo raped her she died from the drugs afterward they continued kidnapping drugging raping and killing their victims when Barnardo's violent acts against Homolka put her in the hospital she left him and went to the police leading to his arrest controversially she got a plea bargain of 12 years in prison while Bernardo got life she was released in 2005 nine Delfina and Maria de Casas Gonzalez known as la spooky on she's a nickname they hated these two sisters ran a brothel called Rancho Erica in San Francisco that are in Seoul in Mexico they developed a scheme where they put out ads for maids and waitresses enticing young girls to come and work for them many of these girls were then forced into sex slavery beaten and eventually killed when they were ill lost their looks or didn't please the customers wealthy customers would often be murdered as well if one of their slaves got pregnant they would force an abortion when the sisters were finally caught the authorities found the bodies of 11 men 80 women and many fetuses they were both sentenced to 40 years in prison ade Leonard Lake and Charles know these two are some of the worst on this list committing horrendous acts and then videotaping them Noah was born in Hong Kong to wealthy parents and became an antisocial loner consistently expelled from any schools he came to the US on a student visa in 1978 there he met Leonard Lake and they grew an instant bond over their common malevolence they built a bunker behind Yuans cabin to kidnap people they knew and to do despicable things to them many of their victims were young families they would often force the men in children to watch the torture and rape of the women before killing them all when they were caught lake swallowed a cyanide capsule and died days later na led to Canada but was eventually extradited during the trial the jury had to endure watching the many horrific and depraved videotapes they made no was sentenced to death however due to loopholes and repeated appeals Nall remains in San Quentin authorities believe they murdered 25 people or more seven Chung Chien Miao and Chong Shan who see shortly after World War Two in Chong Chou China these two men ran in in off the Yangtze River over time friends and family started noticing their loved ones missing and realized the connection that many of them had stopped at this Inn eventually police led investigation and eventually arrested the pair they admitted that they both agreed to kill one victim a day that came into their in authorities found 79 bodies and both of these serial killers were executed in 1945 six Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole these two were not only serial killer partners but also lovers they both have brutal childhoods with mothers that abuse them in unspeakable ways when the two met they had many things in common including being murderers together they traveled across 26 states kidnapping raping and murdering hitchhikers prostitutes and migrant workers at times they would cannibalize the bodies or keep the heads of the victims in their backseat for days it wasn't until Lucas was picked up for possession of a deadly weapon that he confessed everything to the police this led to their eventual nickname the confession killers Toole admitted to killing a hundred eight people but Lucas exaggerated the number saying it was more like a thousand five Sawney bean clan growing up in a poor Scottish farming family in the 15th century Alexander Sawney bean hated work and hated Authority being married a young girl named Agnes Douglas and they ran off together robbing and murdering people as they went to not leave a trail and to dispose of the bodies both practiced cannibalism eventually they lived in a nearby cave on the south shore coast there they grew a family of eight sons and six daughters all raised to live a murderous and cannibalistic lifestyle often their family would travel in packs and hunt people together Sawney wanting to increase his family encouraged his children have incestuous relations with each other eventually the cave was full of 48 serial killer cannibals it's thought they killed over a thousand people during the 25 years of their raids of the 48 26 were captured bound and executed by disembowelment for the Kelly family in 1887 the Kelly family owned an inn in Kansas that regularly took in cattle ranchers and weary travelers the family included our members William Kelly his wife Kate their son Bill and their daughter kit when people came in for the night some didn't leave the Kelly family built a trapdoor underneath a chair at a table a trap would be strung and the person would fall to their death if they didn't die from the fall they'd go down to finish the job eventually the Kelly family took off heading from Mexico authorities found several bodies beneath the house the stable and by the barn it said that a posse hunted them down shooting Kate and KITT and hanging William and his son Bill three the staffel back family this family of killers from Kansas was led by the mother Nancy Staffel back the killings thought to have started when their son Zedd in Mike Beaton killed two women that lived at their brothel after that they robbed and murdered people that came into the brothel while they were only convicted for murdering a minor and dumping his body in a mine shaft it's believed they killed at least 50 people to Fred and rosemary West this couple both endured severe sexual abuse and trauma as children by their parents they married on January 29th 1972 but Fred encouraged rosemary to have sex with other men for money and he would watch through a peephole rosemary eventually had seven more children and with their growing family they moved to 25 Cromwell Street the place of their heinous crimes over the next six years they tortured raped and murdered at least eight women that came there either as an employee or a customer Fred also sexually abused his daughters when they started to tell their friends about the abuse Fred strangled them had their bodies dismembered and buried in their garden they weren't exposed until 1992 Fred hanged himself at Winson Green prison and rosemary is currently serving her life sentence 1john bender and family notoriously named the bloody benders this family also murdered people in Kansas from 1871 to 1873 in their bed-and-breakfast when more and more lost travelers went missing rumors swirled about the area and a town-hall meeting in the area was announced to figure out if anything could be done two of the Bender's also attended the town hall realizing their jig was up the Bender's took off and the townspeople soon realized they were behind the missing travelers when they searched the property they discovered several bodies like the Kelly family the Bender's also used a trapdoor to hide them though stories spread of how the Bender's were caught or killed no evidence was ever presented and many believe they all got away enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button on the bottom right and the notification bell so you don't miss out on new ones every Monday through Friday share them with friends and help us consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want even more lists check out these videos here or just head to our website at lists 25 calm

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  1. Ok, let's get something out of the way – when you say "serial killer families", every single person in THAT FAMILY has to be a serial killer down to their pets for this to count. Your 25 list is as per usual, null and void.

  2. Working on farms in rural South…. I've had vegans call me a serial killer and family ran farms for them should be on this list….. Oh the irony… I've never wanted to hurt or end a life out of anger/joy until the insane amount of abuse and assault I've experienced first hand by these psychos.

  3. It would of been better if you used the photos of the people instead of random one's also it would of helped if you translated the Mexican part.

  4. They aren’t family … they are just buddies… tons of those … I thought it would be like the benders and families like that. I was surprise there was 25 until I watched. Every serial killer or bunch are friends, that’s how they find each other But families are different and harder to find so it’s misleading

  5. Although I found this list very interesting & gave it a "Like", I couldn't help but notice that 12 of the 25 on this list weren't "families" as stated in the title of the show.

  6. It's pronounced "Charles NING" spelling in Charles Ng. Those weren't loopholes. He fired 10 attorneys and filed malpractice suits against them, before representing himself. His trial didn't begin til 1998 because of these reductions tactics!

  7. me please don’t let the Manson family be #1, I mean call me a hipster but I want something not obvious to be #1.
    #1, The Bender Family
    Thank you List 25 man

  8. It's crazy that woman only get 16 years while the men get life/executed… The law is soo sexist. Stupid morons. The jury and Judge are evil just like the murderers for only giving the woman 16 years. Evil bunch of assholes. Both the jury, judge and murderer deserve to burn in hell!

  9. I guess if I'd waited till the end of the video instead of commenting on number four I would have seen that the bloody benders were number one. Sorry

  10. It was a good video, but number four, that Kelly family sounds like the bloody Benders of Kansas I don't know why you're calling on the Kelly family cuz I thought they were the Bender family.

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