24 HOUR HOMELESS Challenge (Social Experiment) | Habib Edition

hey guys so today habib is gonna do a 24 hour challenge so if this video gets 5,000 likes I'm gonna do the challenge myself so right now it's 10:00 a.m. in the morning Bobby was gonna start off with just this Cup and 25 cents and this sign as well and he's not allowed to use his phone to talk to his friends or family so here's the sign let's get this challenge I don't have mine for your ID thank you sir it appears small machee the spot people pee here stinks sorry you pony got a butcher there I have someone after move I said I gotta move I can say it's a rich book where you I can't sit in this far there's a lot of it I hope things get better for you big fingers I really appreciate she's so nice she's the nicest lady I'm just gonna give that homeless $1 been sitting there he didn't get anything so far of us all day and you're gonna come here brother I just gave you a dollar should appreciate who take it out back I'm keeping nice I'm sorry if I'm taking on your spot so what's what's the bothering a young guy what is the problem you say you're not going to get too much right now why what's gonna find out are you threatening me sir whatever you wanna call it you are threatening me whatever you want go to town so I just gave you money what um I don't want it off no I don't want the dollar back listen I know your struggle I'm feeling the same thing today why can't you understand my struggle is this a business for you sir where are you then why was it Bobby I'll move to them another block is that gonna make you happy is that gonna make you happy sir I don't feel comfortable you're threatening me I could report it to the cops but I'm not a dude eyes on the sky so messed up now I have to go to another Street I love this miss miss miss miss I cannot you she just acts that cat for a dollar and I offered to give her money but she said no because she what I will have money it's pretty good over this I don't have it again thank you so much what would their neighborhood business investing to them thank you skittles give this back soon and I'll give him the $10 of the lady good I can't guess I'm sorry say to this it's yours I want you to keep such a nice one of the guys thank you so much god bless your name really hungry to someone else a guy I knew water I do water I've worked the first rule of this challenge not to borrow money or take money but I really need the water give it up I give you I give you money once or this guy's an asshole really I walked 14 love stops on 53rd Street I want talking that you came because it will help a whole stupid things sorry I don't want money I just want to talk ha I just but I'm not a talk to hunson air voice sleeper I never spent the night without my mom the first time still innovations at him you're an asshole you're an asshole what's your problem you're selling candies to the head of some baby ducks are inherited the birth this is really depressing there's a general sense Oh

23 thoughts on “24 HOUR HOMELESS Challenge (Social Experiment) | Habib Edition

  1. Please SHARE this video!!! We worked really hard on this video. Sorry for uploading late – but this was a really hard video to make. We love you guys!!! Keep Smiling! Check out YESTERDAY'S VIDEO::: "KISSING STRANGER'S HAND" —– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg1tt5on90k *click on the bell next to the subscribe button to be the FIRST TO WATCH OUR VIDEOS* Love ya!!! #physacs

  2. Yesterday I helped 2 homeless woman’s with food and it was the best feeling I could ever fell as a young teen…💔

  3. Y Americans so rock hearted even indians give food to such people and some will even give job , it's so suprising to see it happen in a developed country

  4. Dang these homeless out here threatening and with attitude!! Sheesh! What did that woman mean by “NOT YOU” ? Poor guy just trying to help her and the old guy in a wheelchair!! I’m in shock

  5. People do not sympathize with the homeless so they do not get used to taking money easily … and to work .. This teaches displaced people to rely on themselves

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