#21 Do Influencers Influence Less? (ft. Harvinth Skin)

and welcome back everybody it is a new episode of Table Talk the podcast formerly known as a takeaway table I don't know why I say that every day today no the day Wow no way you can't just jump into it like that no we have to we gotta a this is our house okay hold on new week new rules how's everyone doing on this beautiful Monday slash whenever you listening today's write my weekend was great how was yours your weekend oh yeah that's right holding hands a lot of influences okay I'm not sure what is going I don't know peace okay let our influence be lecture far and let Klout be upon us okay I so that's what do the ritual if you guys don't already recognize that voice today we have a very special guest verse who you be what you do hi I be having skin I be influences that's right we've got the biggest the baddest good boy turn bats Kinnaman Kinnaman boy I'm gonna make t-shirts so if you can borrow we've got having in the indus toots – they're on probably our most reactive episode and we're so laid-back when it comes to like current topics dude I don't want to say that but we saw you yeah you hit a local you on top of it bro and you you on top of it we just like to see people go loco on good reasons I'm all about yeah but you the right local brew that's right look cool yeah yeah some people that's the wrong locota you don't mess all right we okay we one to try ok this law energy in the air today because we're all stoked about this this topic we're I know we don't want to come in this spilling tea we don't want it on guns blazing we because having already did that uniqua week we have a visual treat for you guys if you guys are tuning in to youtube no set looks there's that more golden e brown beautiful because i have been greasing the middle if any of the fans want to see some of his chesticles guys a day to get it on today we are up in the youtubes as well as Spotify and I've been working out yeah okay you know what so today we are talking about something just very recently happened yeah not even a week ago 24 hours ago at a time a recording okay who wants to paint the picture yeah penis a picture having are you doing yeah when I guess we need is this kind of stories on his Instagram right he's always sitting in his car he is always seemingly he is always on the same side of this same road how do you do this so consistently you think I don't I know yeah he's in the baby is set do a Best Buy is his set is only him but he talks as you there someone else in it yeah all right and he pans to show there's nobody deceptions so deep he falls for MJ we just won at the paint a beautiful picture what happened what's going on what happened in let's go I was minding my own business I was coming back from the gym right building the fire right anyway we're working that gun gun yeah driving yeah right right and then I stopped at the traffic light mmm mr. Braus basically you driving the day I saw you yeah yeah um so I was driving and mmm notification right and since I was at the traffic light the moving trip flight the no okay right right showers very much no motion you would be right I will repeat all right and no no I was in in ple you and then no Nick just breaking yep that's their one she loved section oh yeah the cheese for the chips which the choice yet oh I was what cars are you driving nowadays okay and then I see this this screenshot of my friends sending me this thing that says influences in Malaysia you are not as influential as opposed to those who are in Indonesia and Thailand right okay bro any picture the pieces there is the loop it's red you if I'm joked about it if they did a bit more research it's a shoe picture no yeah you did and you do need the dead okay no let's go so controversial and did he put my your face there I'm not okay you see influence this one found out that all the influences in Malaysia are at a decline okay okay so this was an article in you can say check him out on Instagram like I don't know yeah yeah yeah I'm Leigh yo okay this is not okay I do not want this num number one perk yeah I'm not a decline I'm just studying okay I just the support having blows up I your when when you choose to do something the whole internet knows it well even if the phone is off they know really III like I wake up because there is a movement that you know skinny man and I'm just like I need to check what what skin was doing and then I look at you and you are you're like hey I want to move boy and then I'm like okay this just needs to go right so for first for the first minute yeah I'm not thinking what do I do that I just straightway call my management I'm like guys these articles going on right what what can we do about it right and they were like Oh fine and I'm just dating Mike all right all right and I'm like what do I do do what you do best yeah I took my phone and I needed to say my piece about these pieces yeah so I did man while I was doing it to be fair it was it was more like why this is going to be so good mmm what I was minding my own business yeah chilling in my chill out gear right and they went put me a deal five okay no so let's take a like put a pin in that right now right let's talk about the emotions that ran through your head your head right then so okay first thing you undo is your reaction area yeah first thing was the anger that wasn't there was anger did we feel that there was a sense of injustice and unfairness to you 100% and represent had it be no why because it would have been it would have been okay yeah if I hadn't been working my butt off yeah right didn't bail out really think of ways to entertain the world always to spread whatever that is going here yeah yeah yeah he's pointing to his head by the way yeah I'm pointing to my head yeah fought for the last two years I am doing everything I can to make content and have it you know spread to the world and the world to enjoy it will vouch for that will vote for him work his butt off I and you know this credit all the work that I have done yeah yeah and just see Malaysian influencer mmm at a decline yeah yeah yeah oh yeah I'm I got it's rusty yeah because that's what you stand for you know making something up and making noise right back shine some light on his article this article came up by the same Malaysia knows it by the right policies oh all right so bull I've DS was didn't use your picture picture yeah yeah so basically the article was a the hit line was as you mentioned talking about how Malaysian influences have less influence in comparison to to other country in their markets right right where something we can do it but but I I guess something that we realized even as like some of our friends are influences in the marketplace like we saw people take pictures and attach them to these articles yeah for whatever reason right and because do you think that they also put your picture in because it would say babe bro yeah definitely definitely I also feel like the writers insists I have seen one of them give me hate before right I see right and this I knew because when I did all my stories and they switched it up yeah right they tweeted a video of me from two years ago when I just first started right I made a video with uh I think world of buzz right and I was in Brendon ho we don't know anyway so we were trying to they were trying to you know pin that the term you know yeah right and they used a lot of people in that video and obviously when I went in the video and agreed to do the video right because at that point of time in 2017 when the word social media influence I felt like just starting yeah yeah I'm a social media influence I put myself out there and I you know influence people right they took that yeah maybe give you a hot key so they were like that I sit that and say why well suddenly these guys not social-media influencer and that was a writer of this mm-hmm okay not say the word but damn unprofessional yeah all right okay I think this would be the time where instead of sounding like just a salty podcast right we are here to objective not to be objective about it and just put some facts yeah okay all right just so everyone knows right you've got a really pick your battles well and number one if you pick you're better having you already didn't do your research yes it's almost like picking a better way who is he from Singapore I don't do certain things because these guys are not influences yeah they know what they're doing yeah you know even having like I love the pattern you just say no you call your mini doofus as a sense of responsibility there yes because you are you attach to people you're attached to two teams hey you gotta be a responsible what you see definitely as opposed to people who write all these articles and are not responsible see ya all right so first up okay I'm gonna I'm gonna be devil's advocate for the podcast I'm gonna be I'm gonna be I'm gonna be voicing right what people who are probably thinking that sees might have thought right and now okay you guys matter so you just be having or anything my first one will be that we didn't we didn't call you all right actually did kind of was very strategically placed dude you were the first picture under you would a thumbnail can we go and see one of our friends who shared a picture you're still in a thumbnail like this yeah Facebook works like that it takes maybe maybe the thing I could say on behalf of light you know the publication would be we did it wasn't a attack you piece it was of this factual peace okay I'm gonna say it's a commentary piece on a trend right okay unfortunately you are someone who is quite big so yeah we do know one sense or you know what I have nothing you know what the bureau power is it's basically what I think they were just trying to some of okp ila someone need to Paulo needed to do a nice I needed to do so we all we all know a I just wanna just to anyone from any article site right now listening in we as part of this group of people we know y'all got a job to do yeah you're just like us we got a treatment the only thing we wish you guys would do is that do your research because if we come after you guys we've done our we're not hey again we got friends and says we got only good writers and say it as well if I ever you know okay let's let's hit it with the real deal we address the article yes right I think the first flaw in writing an article like this is understanding that Malaysia as opposed to Indonesia even don't even talk about toilet okay we've been able to do some book do you know how concentrated and dense yes those countries are so there's a big reason why influence doesn't work the same way again ah I want to use this words very very cautiously I do not like this this this big okay in Indonesia as opposed to Malaysia they have a unifying language meaning everyone speaks the majority language compared to earth English is the minority of the minority language yes language yeah there's no country so I think the first major flaw is comparing the demographic it's a very different thing like like example we I was very fortunate to witness the birth of the u2 committee in Indonesia yes these guys in one year keep is a known thing you can hit a million subs that's right just like that and then get a movie deal because in Indonesia saltier but I'm in Indonesia even if the minority of the population likes you you're still talking about almost a few million people yes the size of the country is just it's massive you can't compare it to Malaysia so right off the bat I mean it's you can and I'm just sorry I'm just gonna be because I need a degree that revolves around research I want to look up this this site that they use it's called influence at DB which I'm guessing stands for database and you know Allah these sites don't I mean I I mean I'll cut some slack okay yes it is an absolutely reliable sake I would say that number one the first problem is there is we do not share anything in common with Indonesia and Thailand when you're talking about this crab apples and oranges yeah yeah you all can see how in the same region it's great but it works so differently in each of the countries then we don't even need to research to find out we have friends yeah and you can just ask your friend Instagram works definitely YouTube works differently influence works differently . that's the first point understand what what and and in your in your stories you definitely wanna with went out with more things than just this what else let us move on to the next one I think the wood influencer yeah first and foremost I feel like when you say Malaysian influences yeah yeah what do you mean yeah who do you mean because in this is what I write in this day and age when when the wood social-media influencer first came out okay they obviously targeted people with the following yes right whether you were a comedian rapper or an artist you've got a few hundred people have a few wannabe and brands want to work with you Dada influenced into where there is a influencer right but when you paint a picture like this like how they have and when they see influences hmm I feel like you are also adding into account all those other people from 2016-2017 until now yeah yeah yeah all right correct every day and see I want free product I want free stuff I want to be an influencer one Sammy hashtag yeah and you people you can these is like different generations of quote-unquote social media citizens yeah literally that's why the whole connotation of the word influencer has been absolutely damaged its budget it's honestly not how its first started off or how it attended no okay anyone get grid let's do that how it first started off rice here's some facts we're gonna put it down for everyone listening in you gotta listen to this I'm pretty sure nobody we we started in 2011 you doing great we never I nobody from the scene called ourselves influencer I raised you guys that one more it was not even influence I influence outside agencies marketing agencies everyone in that corporate side the world they needed a term to call people like us right it it was Kol which was it sends four key opinion leader right which was then I mean it was simplified into influence you guys got influence you're an influencer yeah here's the thing the nature of this term was never the current quote influences it was a term given by corporates who needed to label this demographic of people with a following and and here's the thing that we even we we experienced if case study example you have a product you give to having a having you go influence we're gonna sell this product right to you yeah which I'm guessing is the point of this because they're saying like you know they're not as influential meaning that for for a brand they don't give you any return of interest ROI right they give it a product and if you don't sell their product you have no influence yeah but in essence that is not the influencers fault because if you're an agency and you approach the influencer the influencer has an asterisk yeah having just doing his thing you have not as an agency done the research as to what happens demographic is yeah to engage their project right and we are just living our lives and like we get blamed for not like oh our prayer didn't take off because of you I'm like okay he's your problem maybe is the maybe is the research for for example Under Armour right they're a sports brand and the they went up to the rock right who is a gym freak right right now is the Dwayne Johnson yes okay so the rock and they meet they meet him right an influencer for their brand right and what did they do they made shoes and him the rock right and he promotes that to everyone yeah why is she still doing the rock Johnson wrestler tooth fairy and actor mmm but not influencer right right funny and let's talk about a bit further the brand Nike Nike has built its status globally because they believed in giving their shoes to athletes who fit yeah who fit the the direction issues ie the Jordans the sports shoes we never called any of these athletes influences yeah but because of literally Michael Jordan the brand became what it was yeah why where was that that gap between these people and like oh yeah you guys are like maybe small fries are we call it influences instead if you see these were never self-inflicted terms they were always given by a cop body to label something and this is literally well we're looking an article which is literally literally along the same line that I think it so if we look at the article and see some other pictures of people that did they kind of called out I didn't it to a lot of thing I mean there's definitely there's definitely cause for conversation about what each and every individual on that list does right and represents but I think the thing with with you at least s Kinnaman right I'm you've made it you've stopped case so we've known you for call quite well now one of my one of my earliest memories of you is that we were all meeting together and you did a and and to see that that person and the person sitting next to today yeah dude there's so much growth in terms of what you've done yeah there is I can see the growth like that it's you have a full sense of where you throw a growth there's a career growth and I see that you have direction yes I'm just pulling up my socks yeah yeah but but I think one thing that tsunami synonymous with your brand is that you've always wanted to entertain people influencing people has always been a by-product yes you've never seen you guys I want to influence all y'all the day like yes does that who nobody does that on a daily basis I don't okay I'm switch over right now we we've been talking about a sales article I'm gonna guys okay guys we're gonna we're gonna team it okay we're gonna up empty I'm over at ad-rock yet post right now and they have an even more aggressive title right okay study Malaysian influences mostly fake and can't really influence people anymore yeah who asked okay so first thing I wanna say is I'm not going to see the the article or the headline is wrong right is I agree with it there's a lot of faith in yes we've kind of micro nano influence is my number once that wake up everyday I want to be I wanna I want a hashtag blast yeah right but I think it is also it is a whoo let's go this is what we're gonna do we are going to objectively go through this report sorry article yeah people need to register articles to different in article he saw entertainment because this is literally under fun law okay revelation one influences can't really influence people anymore I see the wrong one yeah that's right that's see that's right have you guys seen the work bed let's say I have in does with JD off the shelves crazy and then like Jenny when Jen does something I got him even if it's not Pete right right people empty the stall do it alright I want to flip it back on these people saying this okay number one the influences didn't ask you for this why you we they never say it like we influence people yeah they were just doing the thing okay there are I'm talking from back when I guess do we agree on this revelation one is that sorry what was the revelation one is influence can really influence people anymore I say it depends on who quality of influence policy okay fifty-fifty because if you choose the wrong people yeah it's not going right so I think okay we're gonna give this up yeah I however I really would ask this question from what angle are you seeing this alright yeah are you seeing this from someone running a campaign and indeed correct because hey that's on you you didn't do your research you didn't look for the demographics you chose the wrong people for your campaign and then you blame them okay you know what I will say this though because influences are influences sorry I have to do this every time three influences are popping up like mushrooms right yes the more influences there are we're still looking at a fixed market the numbers don't increase yeah so do they hypothetically then influence less because there's still a fixed amount of a market that's my choice there's a lot always online now yeah I mean it depends on how you want to influence your product or so because if you want to go for people like I would say you guys because I remember the Dutch lady video that you oh yeah that was amazing that was that was Dutch lady saying what this is great content and our names out there and we'll think it actually did right it's people easy people were taking pictures of themselves drinking chocolate milk right I didn't know why I had people I think I did they had a lot of influences yeah we're doing coffee scrubs yes I recently wanted gardenia walnut bread from Singapore right and I was talking there was an amazing story I remember this one and everyone so you get people who actually produce good content surrounding the thing and you get that but if you're if you're just going for people who are just gonna write wouldn't lean on some facts there's a followed up okay right here it says we're looking at numbers the inner scientists discovered the engagement rate for influenza pause I've got on a mere 1.9 percent when this number was a loftier 4.5% 2016 also newsflash since 2006 d-algorithm oh yeah have you not read what literally is happening on on Facebook you know do you guys know I shot out to the agencies out there right Facebook throttles the reach of quote-unquote influences account to a point where some of some of our friends have been cut their numbers have been cut up to 90% of their reach is that the influence is fault so the platform's everyone yeah it's basically noise the the evolution of the social media platforms because they want to earn money now they want to be paid for us to get rich yes and apparently dispute these people I know know influences but when Instagram first started there was no option of boost your posts yes and that was in 2006 60 sorry 2016 when your your data scientists yeah but now previously they are gonna screw up your correct algorithm so you pee and earn money to you here's a fun fact for everybody though it isn't just influences normal people normal people also have their reach cut I don't even see my friend Laurie yeah let's move on to revolution yeah no no did I hit her because some of our friends are here like DIY Josephine right and I'm like what does she do travel influences are hit the hardest as it does the like follower ratio drops – what influences I guess people who travel majority or their poster I don't know I don't know no that's not all the hashtag sponsored posts are getting less okay you know what this I'm just gonna see right now yeah the hashtag sponsored posts are getting less like this is absolute obliviousness Facebook has an algorithm or Facebook knows when they are brands involved all right that's why they purposely put working with yeah yeah and they purposely will make sure that this is a branded thing oh okay I was trying to be objective but at this point I feel yeah we're just being very specific on things and I think you're gonna go off Malaysian influences have a lot of fake followers yeah not so many Falls a hundred seventeen hundred eighty hundred ninety some three hundred hmm go engagement number one needs to really tele yeah it needs to yeah so the base rate like even among the hey among the court unquote influencers we know that if your engagement is in ten percent Oh following something machines women is just for really good fact right the ten percent ratio is this ratio that we usually update based on how bad the algorithm that clear economist 7:10 15 update yeah sometimes when you see some people in your sometimes when they like so many random pictures like a rabbit words and Ethel's and Middle Eastern men probably bought their likes yeah that's right it's true no it's 100 censure yeah so are we agree we agree on this yes I mean this by see right you see right here's the funny part all revelation number two if you have the audacity to dig this up you can't have done your research about the influence you were using before you go and say that there's no influence because there are some people who have never bought followers out there and I I always remember one I dunno where to go to buy I wanna spend some money hey homie we have no money we have see the point is right when when you buy your followers you already know like are you trying to cheat okay this is shout out to the people who bought your for those who achieve all your names at the bottom we do know brands meat okay it didn't dug that up right yeah shut up – sis why put my pitch today and okay yeah yeah how can you how can you confirm that I have bought my followers who are you to say they're bought my followers you you really gotta go and dig deep yeah and it's so plain like trying to make me look bad yeah and now if brands saw my picture day and then having ski body John Lewis so if some of you guys are thinking but they didn't say how we know it's still there because it's implied reasoning that's the brain is basically Commission yeah you're defaming someone again a revelation of a tree is the only area of to revelations oh and there's a happy that's a hoarder know if they put here so they put our friend Jaisal here Jesus again again I just want you guys to know like we're not trying to defend our friend not trying I just I just really can't see what is it her picture here have anything to do with whatever talking about okay I don't know you know what you know what I am also done heating influences who want to be influences okay and just think about the fact on why okay these are all right is there such a negative connotation yeah influence okay yes I I admit I I can I say the B word I don't know what go well I don't know what I bitched about these people okay what do they do nothing right right right but in hindsight I'm like why do I care right right why do I see that right and and then I stop namely you know what they're living their life they want free stuff and they're hustling their way in you're acting it okay they wanna buy followers let them buy followers but the majority of people who are hating on this thing and I have to mention are people with 95 jobs right who don't get the experience or the luxury of getting these things for free yeah who will never probably experience that because they don't know how or you do because this world must be a completely different world from what they are living in there and that's why I think they hit the hole influencer market so much they thing is easy yes yeah they also think is easy but it really isn't especially for those who want to put proper content out there surrounding your order yeah okay it is really not easy to get free stuff like we hear three of us have probably worked for so long now I have probably had to wait two whole years three four I don't know me seeing hey bro here two free movie tickets for you warum yeah yeah here is free lunch on our restaurant and it started from these little things do you like we wanna sponsor you quotes for the rest of the year yeah we want to sign you up for this deal we want you to be the face yeah the amount of work it took to get here is no joke and I think yeah and even I I have to say like even my siblings still think what I do is a joke and they make fun of it because they're both doctors they do not understand this whole process Yeah right anything I know we don't go in hating on doctors it is so easy you don't see people firemen again money yeah right who does that I think just to wrap it up I think a lot of people just I would say definitely what is a very big misunderstanding of proper work like the word influenza the would that tongue has downplayed a lot of the work that some of our friends do having literally and physically works his ass off to make it look good yeah and the work that he does do it's not without risk to it like a percent it's not you you risk your image every time you try to make an impact right the thing is they already a lot of people out there already have this right like when okay question here's a simple question who anyone else I feel like any streamer any any person out there but if they ask for donation it's not a it's a thing yeah is it thing youtubers have links like picture yeah but when I did it you got amount of heat and the model comments brother when why you can't earn your own money why you asking for free stuff why you asking for handouts yeah that connotation changed because yeah y'okay if you guys hit on it and if you guys think that I'm having the easiest and the best of my life you know yeah why don't you guys do it as well yeah I think it's because like the generation now do what we call the thumbnail view the thumbnail readers they look at the title they look at a picture and they made a judgment yes they don't go in and see like what you've done you've done before what you we might do know people a keyboard or aslha right and and I think that is the premise of even the Articles that just came up yeah because they just take a look at this always like this it's like this you must be this the irresponsible thing that's happening right now is if you are writing a personal blog go ahead yeah but if you're using a news article site a publishing site to do this where other people's jobs are a state that is where you should have put a bit more cuts not even that when you use me you know you want to mess with me you didn't change the picture how are you guys credible for that if you guys did your research and you know okay if I really messed up and I did this thing and you're called me out okay there I am not seen you cannot post or Ebro yeah yeah I cannot do can we beg them to remove this yeah yeah whole different issue yeah but the thing is you've done nothing else saw it um and I feel that that is a mistake I'm gonna just kind of like bring a very good point that you will brought up about why there's so much negative emotion I'll just heat to the influences in general it's it's it's a very straightforward thing that it's been said there is an expectation of us as human beings right that when not enough what is put in you don't deserve a reward right it's a vegetable mechanic right if you don't put in the input your output would equate to that and through the lens of an influencer that's all this very little input that's being put right there's very little effort and they get the maximum reward right they're getting the free creams the free trips food and everything so all this is deemed as beneficial as rewarding you know what yeah and normal people like for me if I do have a 95 job my 95 job I'm putting the hours and I have to earn money to get there I'm seeing you post that up because you're getting it for free of course there's gonna be a bit of what I see there's jealousy there is also a feeling this I'm sure there's emotions of man I wish that was me yeah and you know here's the funny thing guys we feel the same thing I think as content creators we're not influences content creators right there are so many times where we put in so much effort and work into a project that we've you this all my heart is all my so this was blood sweat and tears and then that happens and then we turn around we see someone else getting like a freaking jet plane yeah you know what Fred yeah right you will always envied those who are doing better than and and I think there's a really good point they're gonna be kind of floated out about is that you you look at a people and you compare them for what you know you compare for what now you say laughter well we we hate on people we idolize economy poll that's their life bro yeah you're in your own lane you run it man I think I think the social media sphere would do would do well if everyone just took the time to to do a bit more of a reading before they react I do like like you cuz you whole sites like this accountable yeah like it's like okay you don't take people's word like you know as law and read and see the picture like correct you know which I'll see I'm ashamed of my friends on someone friends on Facebook a lot of you guys out there maybe if you guys out there would just take like 30 seconds do we love you written read to just do the read and and and okay if instead of reacting and hitting the share button right away if you just took 30 seconds to read to find out what's going on I think the war will be a very good use of brains when you yeah yeah okay I'm gonna give us a kind of like ending point here the reason why I feel and we feel and I guess Kinnaman feels this sense of injustice right it's because just as like I said about the effort and reward system right we don't we haven't been taking the shortcuts buying numbers is a shortcut right and that's not something that we do it he puts in the world we put in the work and so I think it's unfair to clump people who put in the work and effort with the people who just jump to the end line with the guns blazing yeah with the cheap quotes yeah but again I want to reiterate that don't just discredit everyone who puts in the world yeah no don't you see what this guy influencer we oh yeah perspective okay is the same thing like let's let's put an example of Jeffrey zoom oh my gosh he endorses brands you and all that right but nobody because they respect he's right you know right they don't go around Colleen influencer you know and just because my work is online based yes influencer so you need to know what we are who we are like content creators youtubers you know we are different from people who do nothing yeah all I want to say yeah they also can be influences but they do nothing and that's fine it's fine yeah we have a bit of respect and don't misuse his fiercly please is basically all right guys I think I think I think we're gonna play a game we're gonna play a game I think just a word out the article sites the people who do this the writers yo first stop we understand this is a job we understand that it's your responsibility to make sure your article works and we are calling it out we know clickbait we know that we we could have not done this and we could have not responded we know we also know that if we respond if I having response do your article will blow up definitely know I work this is how it works like you know people people enjoy this online but I think and when it when it starts to when it starts a borderline into just irresponsible reporting I think that's that's where I feel we should be talking about it because if this snowballs into into things you're gonna neck I'm just write simply article earlier tomorrow I just say oh yeah Skillman was seen eating rabbits I mean you wanna life you're not just going to you know at the risk of a clickbait title you're gonna discredit a lot of hard work yeah just saying just saying I don't know what you guys thoughts on this I wonder what anybody do with you okay uh sister contractors are rubbish okay it's a bit of a general okay stop buying numbers yeah why you have to bluff yourself yeah I've been but those who are actually win-win-win the numbers don't matter like if you if you under numbers you're owning it Oh doors numbers you know everything you have lottery yeah I think I want I think I think I just want to say to everyone listening here open your eyes yes okay open your eyes and actually see who are these people calling out the influences it's never the influences it's always a cooperation and agency someone trying to do work someone in this project you didn't sell well and you gotta realize that it's really all about making the money for this unless you're wanna see us call our yeah yeah something we can arrange your skin yeah it's never the influence is bashing your own kind it's never about like a havin you got your people to buy hominid product it doesn't matter to us because our focus is creating content and entertaining yeah right so realize the fact that these terms were all created by people who want to do what with influences right and if it doesn't go if it doesn't in a go south influences get the blame who blames the agencies nobody who blames their shoddy research that's right who so this is just a popping noise something fun no me fun I'm gonna leave this before we go into the game right I will leave your with this there is this thing called the hypodermic needle right in media studies it's called the hypodermic needle and it's a theory and model that basically is whatever the media injects or puts out is injected straight into our brain because we don't question it it's like nobody agrees with this but if we are all just jumping on this article and asticus like this and just sharing it because we're not thinking about it it's basically what's happening we're just feeding there's the feces that media puts up for you it's a hypo dyed hydroponic game it's the hypodermic hi it's a theory I draw thank you so much for being here today if you guys enjoyed it hit us up I hope you guys took away something right from this podcast man there's so much emotions going on oh that's why it's called the tegu yes welcome hope you guys took away something if you guys are listening in taggers to show that aid this is getting out there and is reaching more people in an article right we hope you enjoyed this thank you so much I've influenced you hey that's right follow hopping up on his socials it's at Harvin skin namond bone justice Kinnaman skin and bones have a great day guys see you the next one guys peace

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  1. Harvinth Skin Social Blade numbers is kinda legit.. no big fluctuation that is show's that he bought followers 🙂

  2. SAYS have been slacking recently; Spider-Man: Far From Home came out, and then they released an article which can be construed as a spoiler without any spoiler warning. Their editor is not doing that their job…

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