2032 Seoul-Pyeongyang Olympics to bring co-prosperity on Korean Peninsula: Moon

president moon attended the opening
ceremony for the 100 national sports festival there he speech he’s delivered
a speech and emphasized a need to use sports to establish peace between the
two koreas packagin takes us there president Wu Dean has reiterated his
vision to bring peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula by join the hosting
Li 2032 Summer Olympics with North Korea in as commemorative remarks during the
opening of the 100th National Sports Festival at the tunxi Olympic Stadium on
Friday he said sports have always opened the door for inter-korean dialogue even
in times of tension and stalled exchanges chilly manga yourself a fudge
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goal he changed PI Yong Chun Chun illan TV
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even company some bandages original Shiro tiny Turkish president moon also
sat in next century of sports in South Korea will be centered on fairness human
rights and peace without full government support so that all athletes can realize
their dreams while they’re provided with equal opportunities and their human
rights protected this year’s National Sports Festival was held in Seoul which
was also where the very first festival was held in 1920 also invited to the
ceremony were descendants of independence fighters and patriots as
well as veteran athletes who helped advance South Korean sports around
25,000 athletes are set to take part in the biggest aesthetic competition of the
country across 47 different disciplines the festival will continue for seven
days until October 10th packagin era news

5 thoughts on “2032 Seoul-Pyeongyang Olympics to bring co-prosperity on Korean Peninsula: Moon

  1. President Moon has been doubted to have dementia lol Anyway, whole country should be doubted to have dementia and hwabyung….

  2. Will you hold Olympic with the terrorist? How can you possibly invite the athletes from all over the world? It is ridiculous. Olympic is not the event for your political propaganda.

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