2019 Marching Band

We are scatter as
opposed to precision marching. And the reason for that
is, because like a lot of the Ivy League schools it’s a very small school and therefore it’s also a very small band. We take advantage of the fact
that since we’re so small, we probably won’t run into each other when we dart around the
field and are scattering. And instead we will make
small and simple shapes and impress people by
suddenly forming those shapes out of what seems like chaos of 30 people running around a field. The band, it kind of acts as the heart of the student body. It’s a place where anyone can belong. The students have a really fun time. But they’re also really
responsive when it’s time to stop and fix something,
correct something. It’s honestly one of the most fun groups I’m part of. Even aside from everything
that we do on the field, everything that we play, it’s also one of my main social groups and because we’re so small, it
becomes a very tight knit group. And even during rehearsal, during games, we’re still having a lot
of fun with each other. Enjoying the music together.

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