2019 Kia Forte vs Honda Civic

27 thoughts on “2019 Kia Forte vs Honda Civic

  1. The Forte beat the Civic understandable it’s 5 years old now but the Civic beat the Corolla and Mazda3 this is saying the Forte is the best compact car which it is far from the Civic and Corolla will always out sell the Forte everyday of the year and the Mazda3 is way ahead the Forte Autoguide have seemed to cater to Kia and Hyundai lately and people are catching on

  2. The whole oil-dilution issue that's been seemingly swept under the rug would help make up my mind, though. Which is a shame.

  3. Excellent comparison !! I like the driving dynamics of the Civic, but the Interior of the Kia looks modern. Options in the Kia like heated steering wheel, blind spot monitoring which is NOT available in the Civic , makes the Kia a good choice. It is close, probably need to drive the cars back to back to make a decision. Motor Trend has the 0-60 MPH times. Civic 6.8 sec, Kia 8.2. The Civic needs a refreshed interior.

  4. Their both good but I believe the Honda's more expensive and will last longer due to reputation also the corrola is hard to be beat. I love my 19 corrola it might not be fast but its gets up and goes has sport mode comfortable ride, great firm steering very safe and suspension is much nicer than hyundai or kia. This is my opinion but I had a 2015 hyundai elantra which started giving me warranty issues at 44k……yea stick with the more expensive option. Sometimes when you go for cheap you'll pay more in maintenance in the long run. When you pay more for quality and an awesome reliability rating over the years its worth paying more for piece of mind. Also you get what you pay for.

  5. So…..which vehicle won? I hate comparisons where a winner isn’t announced. Only Redline reviews does it right…

  6. Feels like a Honda Civic infomercial. Kia is cheaper and is generally way more willing to discount than is Honda. At this car segment pricepoint price actually matters way more than was emphasized in this video

  7. Stop with the cookie cutter reviews .. we come for the jokes and laughs no matter how cheap or expensive the car. Idk who complained about the jokes and laid back vibe of auto guide but I need the old mood back please and thank you.

  8. Dhog, Honda's LaneWatch is so much better to use than any traditional blindspot monitoring. You're a dumbass if you think it "doesn't work well", it's deadass a camera aimed at the blindspot….. 🤦‍♂️

  9. The US News and World Report review aggregate shows that the Forte has a leg up as well. It is currently rated first among compact sedans.

  10. I know everyone here is like “OMG a Kia beat the Civic this must be rigged!” but clearly none of y’all have actually been in the Forte. It just feels… better than the Civic. The Civic is a good car don’t get me wrong but AutoGuide got this one right.

  11. Anybody hating on the CVT needs to take the Forte for a test drive… I have driven both, but the CVT on the Forte is simply amazing. Don’t take my word for it, watch SavageGeese review on the Forte.

  12. Civic is easily best in class especially as a driver. The current Forte is a step backwards for the company and worse than the Jetta as far as a value and tech proposition.

  13. I recently got a loaded 2008 Amanti, and I’m officially sold that Kia can make an amazing car. Would make me more like to consider one as a new car. That says a lot from a Honda fan.

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