2019 Honda Civic Review – Mid Generation Upgrades! [4K]

21 thoughts on “2019 Honda Civic Review – Mid Generation Upgrades! [4K]

  1. I have a question! I have 2016 honda civic ex! Is it worth it to upgrade on this new honda you are showing?!? Pls! Need your advice!

  2. those who changed their look to type r wouldn’t even mind with these minor changes aside from the volume knob. i wonder if the new front bumper fits exactly with previous one coz hell i would love to change mine kinda hurts to know this after buying one last week of dec. cmon hah but still the car looks sleek everyone’s breaking their neck for it

  3. I have an 18 sport hatch, and this vid basically shows that the 19 is slower, and nowhere near as nice looking xD

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