2019 experiences ការចែករំលែកបទពិសោធន៍ដែលបានឆ្លងកាត់ឆ្នាំ២០១៩ (ស្នេហា)

Hello everyone, I am Sereyroith A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook regarding the end of 2019 whether there are any interesting topics that you would like me to share about my own experiences to social media Actually, every the end of the year, I always write a note with my experience I had been encountered to my social media but this year is a bit special as 2019 to 2020 it will be a new decade so I wanted to do something new and it have been 10 years I have been using Facebook So I should a make a video as a souvenir for myself as well as my friends on Facebook I posted 5 topics on Facebook 1st is travelling to other country 2nd is living in the other countries 3rd is looking scholarships 4th is depression and 5th is love If you ask do I have enough experiences to share? Why did I post like this? So far, I have been to 26 countries during I am living abroad Now I am 27 and I’ve been 26 countries with Cambodian passport I feel good As Cambodian passport is not powerful passport like Japan, US, or Singapore I feel proud to share it to my friends how I could visit the other countries For living abroad I spent 2 years in Europe and more than 1 years in Japan So I think I have some experiences to share to other who just started living aboard how to deal with their struggling when we are living in the other countries For scholarship I think I got so many scholarship s Since 2010 until 2019 Likewise, I got scholarship from Harpswell foundation ASEAN scholarship for exchange program in Thailand ERASMUS MUNDUS Joint degree and nowadays, I also got scholarship from JICA to study in Japan For depression, of course I had nothing will always fall into places I wanted it to be so I want to share especially my students who are studying in their bachelor how to overcome depression or how continue In the transition change between teenagers to adult life is quite difficult sometime we have depression sometime our family doesn’t understand us but it turned out a lot of comments to ask about love but I still have very little experience about love for love, I am not different from other I have love, crushes, broken heart Anyway, it is Ok if you want to hear from me even if I don’t have so much experiences or having a lot of boyfriends being sweet like other but I have some idea to share Currently, I am in relationship I have the person that I love I think he could be the one I don’t have many criteria for my right one it seems I am very selective but I am not I look at only 3 points 1st is how much he loves me 2nd how much he wants try to understand or scarify for me 3rd is his attitudes and my attitudes whether we can be together I know my attitude is not easy to adapt but if we love each other we will try to understand each other I have only these 3 points The more important thing is how to live happily Even if we are single or in relationship how to live happily If you ask me about love I think I had more experience regarding being single How to get less pressure from society How can we live happily? I am now 27. In Cambodian society, I am considered I am old enough to have a family my friends already have few kids Their kids already started school, but I am still a student But I am not sad about it I think my time is different from other my experience is also different from those who have marriage My happiness may not less than those who got marriage so how can we deal with those social pressure? everyone has their own choices women nowadays shouldn’t depend on husband for happiness or travelling abroad, or living in the society we have our job, dreams and our specific future goals we should focus on our works and what we want what do we live for? Do we want to have a good job? Being famous? Or do whatever to help the society Let’s find the happiness from inside ourselves what do we like? For examples, we like travelling but we afraid to go alone because of insecurity base on my own experiences, I did a lot of solo trip Maybe in Cambodia we have this idea and I can say because I live abroad but it doesn’t mean you go alone You can join the group tour if we really want to for those who think travelling is their favorite For other people, reading is their happiness so they would look for their favorite books to enjoy And some people like going to the cinema or shopping We can like whatever that we think it is our happiness And we are capable to do it and we do not anything illegal it is our happiness. Don’t be afraid to do it alone. I’ve been to the cinema alone to a gorgeous restaurant alone I went to the romantic city alone For example I started my first solo trip in the most romantic city , Venice, Italy Why did I go there? I was just alone. But for me it was not important to be with partner or not The most important was I went to the city I wanted to go. The place in my wish-list It was my wish since I was in junior high school. I learnt about the city from my English textbook. So it inspired to be there. If I waited until I have a boyfriend, maybe I would never be there. Because when I visited there I haven’t had a boyfriend yet. I didn’t think I would have soon either. I waited, maybe it would never happened So I would like to tell my friends or my juniors or seniors who are single or marriage Happiness starts from us we should not depend on other people to make us happy We must focus to make us happy doing thing legally and live independently We must think living without someone is Ok. We still be able to keep our life balance for our own standard we focus on ourselves and stop caring about other peoples ideas We can be single forever or whatever There will be no problem. Please comments if you have any questions Thank you

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